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How to Break Free From the Unemployment Trap

by Luke Landes

As we may be currently living in a buyer’s market in real estate, it’s also a buyer’s market in employment. With employers cutting back due to the economy over the past few years, companies are surviving with fewer employees. For any open positions, employers have the luxury of being very picky about who they hire. ... Continue reading this article…

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Life After Salary: Structure and Motivation, Five Months Later

by Luke Landes

This is part of an on-going series about my life after salary — my thoughts and concerns pertaining to my resignation from my day job to focus full-time (and more) mainly to the website I created in 2003 and has grown into a business with a life of its own. I’ve previously looked at structure ... Continue reading this article…

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5 Legitimate Work-From-Home Options

by Michael

This is a guest article by Michael, chief editor of DoughRoller.net. DoughRoller.net helps consumers figure out the best Netflix plans for their home movie experiences. There is a lot of bad information online about working from home, with scammy and spammy websites offering ideas about quick ways to make money without doing much work — ... Continue reading this article…

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Baseball Statistics for Player Salaries

by Luke Landes

If you love baseball, you might also love statistics. I suppose analyzing players’ performance numbers gives spectators something to do during long at-bats. Very few other sports engage fans by providing scorecards, and learning how to score a game is like learning a language or a code. I enjoy baseball, as much as a Mets ... Continue reading this article…

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Potential Doctors Attracted to Primary Care Physician Jobs

by Luke Landes

The Health Insurance Reform Bill was signed into law a year ago. It’s already having an effect on the state of the medical profession. Thanks to some incentives, general practitioners or family doctors, typically the best choices when one is selecting a primary care physician, are becoming attractive jobs. It’s easy to see why, for ... Continue reading this article…

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Tax Tips When Looking for Work is Your Job

by Leigh Mutert

About the author: This is a guest article written by Leigh Mutert, CPA. Leigh is the manager of the H&R Block Get it Right Community, a blog that focuses on breaking down complex topics for taxpayers, and the manager of social media, corporate relations for H&R Block. Leigh was a recent guest on the Consumerism ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Be a Good Boss

by Luke Landes

Bad bosses come in many flavors, and they’re usually easy to identify. There was the workaholic who worked in the office until 3:00 AM every night, falling asleep as his desk, and expects everyone else to stay, as well. There was the micro-manager who didn’t communicate with his employees. There was the director who delegated ... Continue reading this article…

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25 Top-Paying Companies

by Luke Landes

It’s clear that if you can work for a company that provides a valuable service to major corporations, you have the ability to earn millions of dollars of income for that company. That’s the only reason I can determine that a Senior Account Executive at SalesForce.com would earn an average annual total compensation of $318,233, ... Continue reading this article…

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More Responsibilities With Less Pay

by Luke Landes

When unemployment remains high, companies are making the most of their staff without hiring or promoting. They don’t have to in today’s job market. When they are dissatisfied with the added responsibilities, employees are unable to find new jobs or believe that it’s not worthwhile to spend the effort looking right now. Employers have the ... Continue reading this article…

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Series: Life After Salary

by Luke Landes

In December 2010, I left the day job where I had worked since 2002. My intent was to focus on Consumerism Commentary, the blog I started in 2003, and other related projects, without distraction from a nine-to-five day job. By that time, the revenue generated by my projects significantly exceeded my day job salary — ... Continue reading this article…

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Life After Salary: One Month Without a Paycheck

by Luke Landes

About a month ago, I celebrated my imminent departure from my former employer with a lunch with my co-workers. They’ve been spending the past few weeks trying to get through the year-end reporting period, and from what I hear, I should be glad I left when I did. I know, however, that I should have ... Continue reading this article…

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4 Ways to Retire Early by Cheating

by Luke Landes
GMC Motorhome

Save for the last few years, the extreme early retirement movement was gaining momentum. If the American Dream was homeownership, saying, “See you!” to your boss with a more colorful word choice was the American Daydream. Who wouldn’t want financial freedom at age thirty, spending the best years of one’s life doing only what they ... Continue reading this article…

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Goldman Sachs Will Tie Bonuses to Long-Term Performance

by Luke Landes

A big criticism of Wall Street bonuses throughout and after the collapse of the financial industry has been the idea that executives were awarded over-sized bonuses while their companies fell apart. Wall Street fought back against this criticism, usually with the explanation that bonuses were paid in accordance to contracts that were signed before the ... Continue reading this article…

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Life After Salary: The Human Connection

by Luke Landes

Working in an office on a team with other employees is a social activity. Although there is work to be done and goals to accomplish, and although most of us stare at computer screens all day and spend most of the time in a cubicle or an office, many tasks require communicating with the people ... Continue reading this article…

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Life After Salary: Structure and Motivation

by Luke Landes

Time management has never been my strength. I like working at my own pace, and the certain working structures, like deadlines, tend to annoy me rather than motivate me. It’s no wonder I’m excited about leaving a job with a typical standardized nine-to-five schedule. I allow myself distractions and breaks and often procrastinate. Despite this, ... Continue reading this article…

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Performance Reviews: Useless or Worthwhile?

by Luke Landes

As the end of the year approaches, managers and supervisors throughout the corporate world will begin having conversations with the employees who report to them. These conversations usually involve tools like a self-evaluation form completed by the employee, feedback forms completed by the supervisor, and possibly peer evaluations completed by co-workers. There isn’t one part ... Continue reading this article…

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Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Birds

by Luke Landes

If I have to define myself by my productivity tendency based on the time of day, I would have to say I am not a morning person. I imagine my mother is nodding in agreement as she reads this article, as I didn’t make life easy for her while I was a teenager. Though I ... Continue reading this article…

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Being Evasive About Your Salary Can Backfire

by Luke Landes

If there is one thing you can expect in any job interview, it is to be asked your current salary. Even if your current job shares little in common with the one you’re pursuing, hiring managers want to get you pigeonhole yourself. Most companies treat employee salaries as confidential information, so it’s unlikely what you ... Continue reading this article…

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Laid Off, 2010 Edition

by Smithee

Last Thursday I lost my job without any warning. The small web design agency I was working for lost a couple of big contracts and they decided they couldn’t afford to keep me on as their only full-time User Experience Designer. This is extremely frustrating, not only because I liked most of my co-workers and ... Continue reading this article…

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Ten Tips for Entrepreneurs

by Luke Landes

I don’t like the term “entrepreneur.” It’s not because it comes from French, though the word does have an interesting etymology. The first time the word was used in English, borrowed from Old French, it meant a “manager or promoter of a theatrical production” (source). The word has a different meaning now. Anyone who runs ... Continue reading this article…

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