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Unemployment Checks at an All-Time High, Dilbert Unemployed

by Luke Landes

As the economy continues to trudge along, more people are submitting claims for unemployment benefits. In the week ending January 17, more than 4,776,000 Americans received checks from the government to cover job loss, an increase of 61 percent over the same week last year. This number includes 588,000 individuals who filed for unemployment for the ... Continue reading this article…

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Keep Your Job Amidst Layoffs

by Luke Landes

Despite the fact that my company is squarely within the financial sector, we have so far been immune to massive layoffs taking place around the country, particularly in this industry. While I have something to “fall back” on — and actually, in terms of pure numbers, I could probably do better by leaving my day ... Continue reading this article…

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Goldman Sachs and UBS Executives Will Forgo Bonuses

by Luke Landes

One of my concerns about the original bailout bill was that the money paid to financial institutions would be used to pay for outsized executive bonuses. While companies must offer outrageous compensation to attract and keep the best executive talent, the market place has forced the price upwards. That worked well when the financial industry ... Continue reading this article…

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Why Put Your Money in an Investment Earning 0%?

by Luke Landes

Yesterday I mentioned that the U.S. Treasury was able to raise $40 billion in a one-day auction of 35-day Treasury bills. When you bid for these investments, you could either compete with others by offering to invest at the lowest interest rate you’re willing to accept or bid “non-competitively,” accepting whatever the Treasury Department determines ... Continue reading this article…

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Choosing Your Major and Your Career For Earning Potential

by Luke Landes

If your goal in life is to earn as much money as possible, then you need to determine before you graduate high school what high-earning career path is best for you. You’ll need to weigh your skills and aptitude to decide the collegiate degree that provides you the best chance for professional success as well ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Deal With Unpredictable Income

by Luke Landes

One of my concerns with the possibility of leaving my day job and pursuing self-employment through writing and managing websites is the unpredictable income. At the extreme, my biggest concern is the idea that it’s quite possible that the income could drop off permanently due to forces beyond my control. But even if that doesn’t ... Continue reading this article…

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Twitter Poll: Do You Work in the Same Field as Your Degree?

by Luke Landes

While I haven’t decided whether I’m making a habit of this, earlier today I asked Twitter users whether their current job is related to the field in which they earned a bachelor’s degree. The unique thing about Twitter is that responses are limited to 140 letters and spaces, so it’s a challenge to condense a ... Continue reading this article…

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The Envelope at Work: Do You Give (In)?

by Luke Landes

Perhaps you have seen this. It may take the form of a manila folder containing a list of names on the front and a card and an envelope in side. Some of the names have been crossed off and perhaps even there’s a dollar amount written beside those. The card has is a generic “get ... Continue reading this article…

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Advice From Dean Kamen: Work in Something You Love

by Luke Landes

Many Consumerism Commentary readers don’t know this: I was a band geek. In high school, I played clarinet in wind ensemble and marching band. This continued into college, where I decided to major in music education. In college, I performed in a variety of ensembles on a variety of instruments ranging from trumpet to percussion ... Continue reading this article…

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Can You Be an Entrepreneur in Your Spare Time?

by Luke Landes

If anyone should be giving advice about how to become a successful entrepreneur, it would probably not be me. While I am earning money on my own outside of my day job, it’s not consistent or reliable. Part of the reason for this is that I never intended on becoming a business owner of this ... Continue reading this article…

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The Four-Day Work Week: Is it a Good Idea?

by Luke Landes

I’ve noticed a few public employers, like Howard County, Maryland, the Hobart, Indiana Police Department, the State of Oklahoma, and the Winston-Salem Housing Authority, are implementing or discussing the idea of moving to a four-day work week. The most popular options seem to be replacing five eight-hour days with four ten-hour days and replacing ten ... Continue reading this article…

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Rich People Spend Their Time Stressed

by Luke Landes

The American Dream in terms of being wealthy, is to work only four hours a week, outsource your tedious chores to those whose time is worth less than yours, and to put your feet up and relax while being pampered from all sides. With more money, you’ll get there, right? It turns out that wealth ... Continue reading this article…

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Guide to Starting Your First Job

by Luke Landes

A reader was kind enough to forward to me a helpful article published by the New York Times, guiding new graduates in the right direction as they take on their first real full-time job. Many graduates have had experience in the work force before, but it’s not until graduation when they can truly begin focusing ... Continue reading this article…

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Question of the Day: How Much Vacation Time Do You Use?

by Luke Landes

I’ve been at my current company for six years now. That’s quite an accomplishment as I intended to work for this company for a short time while seeking out something more meaningful. As I’ve stayed with the company while moving around to a variety of departments, I’ve accrued to privilege of taking an increasing number ... Continue reading this article…

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Passive Income: Real Estate? Blogging? I Don’t Think So

by Luke Landes

There is a certain allure to the idea of “passive income.” After all, who wouldn’t want a continuous stream of income without having to trade your time or effort for it? But true passive income is quite elusive. True passive income can be defined, and is defined by the Internal Revenue Service, as “cash flow ... Continue reading this article…

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Wall Street Journal Podcast: Professional Blogging

by Luke Landes

Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Tech News Briefing podcast includes an interview with me about the growth or demise of professional blogging. Here are the Wall Street Journal’s podcasts and the RSS feed to subscribe to the Tech News Briefing. My interview starts at about 7:40. I share some of my experiences with blogging particularly ... Continue reading this article…

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Where Is the Place for Irreplaceableness in the Work Environment?

by Luke Landes

Yes, irreplaceableness appears to be a legitimate word. Even if it weren’t, there’s a good chance you could infer its meaning without doubt. It wouldn’t matter if the word actually appears in a dictionary. Now that that’s out of the way… My former boss was laid off last week. It had only been a matter ... Continue reading this article…

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Your Job as Your Identity? Not For Me, Thanks

by Luke Landes

By the time I was in third grade, I knew the answer to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question is always formed this way, with these particular words. The object of this question is to determine not the philosophy of the individual, but the type of ... Continue reading this article…

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Top Career Choices in a Recession: But is This How We Should Be Selecting Jobs?

by Luke Landes

There are a few obvious ways the economy effects the job market. In times of recession, large companies often cut back on resources, offering fewer opportunities for movement. Smaller companies suffer as well, particularly those without the flexibility of large companies. The economy has a psychological effect on careers, as well. While the economy is ... Continue reading this article…

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The Recession Won’t Hit Generation Y (And Take Advantage of That)

by Guest Author

About the author: This article was written by Penelope Trunk, columnist at The Boston Globe and author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. Penelope is the CEO of Brazen Careerist, an online career center for Generation Y and network of over 50 bloggers. Maybe the recession is here, but do you want to ... Continue reading this article…

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