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College Costs Rising

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It’s no surprise that college costs are rising. This year, tuition at private colleges increased 5.9 percent while public institutions increased 7.1 percent. Why are costs rising so much? Here are a few reasons:

* States are tightening their budgets, so public universities are feeling the pain.
* Colleges offer health care to students, and the cost of these benefits is rising.
* As we’ve ridden out a downward trend in the economy, charitable gifts to colleges have dropped.
* With the slow recovert, investments held by the colleges are generating less income.
* Scientific (and other) fields require the latest technology to remain competitive, and these resources can be expensive.

There are more reasons. The lifetime salary benefits of a college degree may outweigh the debt stigma, and advisors seem to suggest putting your own financial goals ahead of saving for your children’s education, so it pays to consider scholarships and grants when attempting to afford the degree.

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This is one of the reasons that I’m starting to save so early!