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College, The Social Financial Equalizer

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The cost of higher education is huge, and I don’t see how middle class families can afford to send multiple kids to good schools without sacrificing their own finances. Take a look at the ten most expensive colleges in the United States.

1. Landmark: $37,738
2. George Washington U.: $36,400
3. U of Richmond: $34,850
4. Sarah Lawrence: $34,042
5. Kenyon: $33,930
6. Vassar: $33,800
7. Trinity: $33,630
8. Bennington: $33,570
9. Simon’s Rock College of Bard: $33,364
10. Hamilton: $33,350

Even though most colleges aren’t this expensive, the only way for most people to afford college is to go into debt. Those who pay full price subsidize those who can’t. College tuition is a little like Social Security with respect to redistribution of wealth: the more you pay in, the more funds are available for the needy.

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