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Completing the Media Feedback Loop

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An article in the Wall Stree Journal Online mentions the buzz surrounding a book I’ve been sharing, The Number, by Lee Eisenberg.

As part of a carefully planned marketing campaign, thousands of advance copies were distributed to select people in the book industry. It didn’t hurt that the author is a media-savvy former editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine. Few of the approximately 200,000 books published this year will attract any notice; “The Number,” from Free Press, has powerful word-of-mouth buzz which ought to be sending potential buyers to bookstores in droves.

I know that by writing about the book, I’m contributing to the market buzz. I don’t mind so much as it’s a product I enjoyed reading. They’re not compensating me to say anything about the book (see note below), and if I thought it was crap, I’d be saying so. (Even though I’m not highly opinionated on issues, I do love calling crap when I see it.)

Note: While I don’t get paid by the publishing company, I joined Amazon Associates so that if a reader buys the book after clicking on a link to Amazon.com located on Consumerism Commentary, I’ll apparently get a small kickback. I don’t expect this to be significant in any way.

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avatar Hazzard

I was contacted awhile back and asked if I would read the book. They are supposedly sending it to me for free and are hoping that I’ll blog about it. I will, but just like you, I’ll tell it the way I see it.