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Readers might be aware that Consumerism Commentary offers an RSS Feed of recent entries, so all readers can stay up-to-date by reading partial entries in their news readers.

The RSS Feed includes only a short excerpt. However, if you are a frequent commenter (that is, your name is on this list), I’ll send you information on how to subscribe to the full RSS feed. That will allow you to read the entire entry (except any reader-submitted comments and trackbacks) without leaving your news reader. Contact me if you’re interested and you qualify.

Updated February 7, 2012 and originally published December 19, 2005. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to the RSS feed or receive daily emails. Follow @ConsumerismComm on Twitter and visit our Facebook page for more updates.

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avatar jim

This is a great idea… I think I might steal it. :)

avatar Luke Landes

Please do!

avatar Alex Givant

Why not to give it for everybody?
I don’t click to any ads on you page anyway, so you can save my and other people time by providing full-text RSS.

avatar Luke Landes

I’ll accommodate anyone who puts forth the effort to email…

avatar JR

C’mon man, I already have to program my ad-blocker to block half your site just so I can read it without going blind. Now I have to qualify?

Just kidding, but this strikes me as more than a little silly. It’s a testament to your content that I even bother.

avatar Luke Landes

I’m glad you’re reading, JR. I did remove some ads over the weekend, but it’s hardly noticeable. I know, I know. There’ll be fewer ads in the next redesign now that I have a better system of figuring out what’s worth it and what’s not.

avatar JR

Thanks, Flexo. After I submitted the comment, I regretted it because it sounded harsher than I intended. Keep up the great work!

avatar Luke Landes

No worries. I suffer from post-comment regret ocassionally, as well.

avatar Neo

Thanks for putting together this great blog. I make a point of visiting it regularly. Rather than having a separate RSS reader, I find it easier to just use My! Yahoo which displays just the title of each posting.

Keep up the great work!