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Consumerism Commentary’s Prospective Staff Writers

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Over the past few weeks, Consumerism Commentary has been auditioning six prospective staff writers. I am looking for an additional writer to add to the team in order to complement the articles I write and those written by Smithee. Although the intent of Consumerism Commentary has always been to share my thoughts about money and related topics in addition to keeping myself accountable for my own financial decisions, I think the website can benefit from occasional voices for others.

Although I will responsible for making the final decision, I would love to hear readers’ civil opinions about the twelve guest articles featured recently. When I originally indicated I was interested in adding a writer to the team, I received about thirty responses. I narrowed these down to the six summarized here:

V.C. McGuire is a regular contributor to the New York Times and other publications. Recently, she has written about real estate, insurance, home improvement, and personal finance. She lives in Philadelphia. V.C. offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: How to Do Your Holiday Shopping Through Rebate Sites and Lifestyle Creep and the Self-Employed.

J.J. is a consultant for employer retirement plans and works with credit unions as a financial adviser. He works with individuals and businesses every day as they make important decisions about their money. J.J. offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: 2010 Roth Conversion: Good Idea? and The Trouble With Target Date Funds.

Kelly Whalen is a mostly stay-at-home mom to four kids. She writes about personal finance at The Centsible Life. Kelly offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: Triage Your Finances and How to Spend Smarter This Holiday Season.

FruGal currently serves as a Professional Development Consultant for a prominent online educational program and as a Social Media Specialist for a Luxury Real Estate company in Atlanta. FruGal offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: Living It Up… At the Library? and Couponing Makes Cents.

Debbie Dragon is a full time freelance writer and co-owner of ReliableWriters.com. Debbie offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: Is a College Degree Worth the Investment? and The Economy Triggers a Rebirth of the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Ray is the owner and primary author of Financial Highway, where he discusses investing, saving and practical money management concepts. Ray offered these two articles to Consumerism Commentary in audition: Thanksgiving on a Budget and 4 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Bill Every Month.

I’m inviting readers to leave their thoughts on the above contributions. Again, the responsibility for the final decision rests with me, but I would like to receive feedback from those who read Consumerism Commentary every day or every week. Feel free to leave your comments here, contact me privately, or if you would rather be anonymous, you can use this form to contact me directly without leaving your name or email address.

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avatar Peter

My vote is for Ray, although they all had good submissions!

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avatar Dubary Brea

My vote is for J.J., I really enjoyed his articles but all the other contributors had their pluses as well.

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avatar Mr. ToughMoneyLove

Do any of these writers have any grey hair? If so, I vote for that one. The PF blogosphere is already saturated with 20 and 30-something writers.

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avatar Luke Landes

Though I don’t know their ages, I would guess not a grey hair among them. Sorry :-) I think there’s a big opportunity out there for someone who fits that description though.

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avatar Ray @ Financial Highway

I do have grey hair…..but not really in the 40′s :)

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avatar Kelly

Obviously I like my own stuff ;) but if I have to pick someone else I’d choose V. C. McGuire. Her articles were both through, and fresh.

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avatar Emily Martin

I vote for V.C. McGuire. I always read her real estate articles for the NY Times. She may not have grey hair, but she does not sound like most other 30-somethings.

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avatar J. Money

I’m all about some Kelly Whalen too!

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avatar MD @ Studenomics

Despite the great articles from everyone, I vote for Ray!

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avatar Amy

I vote for Kelly! She’s an awesome writer and knows her stuff!

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avatar Megan

I vote for V.C. McGuire. I can definitely relate to the “lifestyle creep” that comes with a growing business.

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avatar Wojciech Kulicki

I’ve really enjoyed Kelly’s writing recently. She’s got my vote.

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avatar LeanLifeCoach


You have a strong pool of talent. Are you really only going to pick one?

If so it’s got to come down to Kelly or Ray in my book, but I would hire them both!

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avatar JoeTaxpayer

It’s not easy.
I give 1/2 of my vote to Ray, and 1/2 vote to Kelly. Is that allowed?

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avatar Financial Samurai

Why not make this completely objectable and choose the one wealthiest writer who can guide the community the most to great wealth?

I think that’s a genius idea! Everybody, tell us what your war chests are filled with!



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avatar Lyn Never

Everybody was great, but I vote for Kelly!

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avatar Addycat

I vote for V.C. McGuire because she’s got very practical advice that can be used by many of us easily.

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avatar moxmox

My vote goes to V.C McGuire.

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avatar Eric

I like JJ because I’m interested in learning more about investing. :)

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avatar EAMS

Although there were some good points made all around, my vote goes to VCMcG! Her articles were accessible and pertinent. Hire that woman!

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avatar $$4sumpthin'

v.c. mcguire is the clear winner in my book.

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avatar Sue

I vote for Kelly. Her well written articles are relvant and useful to me.

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