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Cop Steals Arrestee’s Credit Cards

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It’s for cases like these that credit card companies offer fraud protection. A guy was arrested in Chicago last month for being involved in a bar fight. While he was incarcerated for the night, a cop allegedly did his own holiday shopping using the cards confiscated from the person.

Here’s what was purchased:

* Gas from a Shell station near the police station.
* $350 at Target.
* $420 at Toys-R-Us.
* Back to the same Target for $351 on another card!
* $198 at PetSmart. (I guess the officer’s puppy wanted a Merry Christmas, too.)
* $260 back at Toys-R-Us.

All in all, it sounds like a nice shopping trip. He could have saved some money and gas by combining his purchases from each store so he wouldn’t have to backtrack so much. Justice has been playing out — it must be embarassing to be a police officer and be arrested by your own department.

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avatar ~Dawn

He should be thrown into the same cell as the fraud victim and let them fight it out.

avatar Jonathan

Stupidity and greed is not picky, it runs across all professions =)