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Don’t Forget to Have Fun

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Almost always, exorbitant salaries come with serious responsibilities and high levels of stress. It’s important for your psyche to be able to take a moment a blow off steam.

On Saturday, I was at Shea Stadium to watch interleague baseball between The New York Mets and The Texas Rangers. I purchased tickets a few months ago for this game and six others as part of a seven-game package honoring the last season of play at Shea Stadium.

The weather was horrible but we headed to the stadium, anyway. Thunderstorms and rain persisted, and an hour and a half after the game was scheduled to start, the team finally announced that the game would be postponed and our tickets would need to be exchanged for any other game this season. By the time the game was called, the players on the Mets were likely long gone, back to their clubhouse or perhaps on their way home for the night.

The Rangers however had a chance to blow off some steam. With the tarp covering the baseball infield, a few decided that the pouring rain created the perfect opportunity for a little “Slip ‘N Slide.” I never thought I’d ever hear so many Mets fans chanting, “Let’s go Rangers!”

Here’s what it looked like.

Don’t forget that despite your contracts worth millions, you are still kids, no matter what your age. Act like it once in a while.

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avatar fathersez

A great video.

Any kid would give an arm and a leg for a chance to have this kind of fun. And so would I.

You are right about those so called “big shots.” I am sure that within the month, they’ll forget the so important meetings they attend, but they’ll never ever forget the day they spent surfing in the rain.


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avatar matty dread

those guys were probably the guys called up from AAA and probably don’t make millions.

If one of them got hurt doing that I am sure their organization would have a word with them…

Despite my contract worth million..er..thousands…er…hundreds, i try to have fun everyday….

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avatar Luke Landes

The Rangers are a young team. The six players involved according to official reports, Ian Kinsler, Milton Bradley, John Hamilton, Michael Young, Gerald Laird, and Jush Rupe, weren’t *just* called up but they’re not quite vets, either. They mostly have two or three years in the majors. Ian Kinsler’s earning $700,000. Milton Bradley’s making $5,250,000 this year. Josh Hamilton’s “only” making $400,000. I didn’t check the others.

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