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ING Direct Referral Program: Now Capital One 360

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Update: ING Direct is now Capital One 360. The referral program still exists. There is more information in this review of Capital One 360.

If you have $250 and are willing to become a customer of ING Direct, you have the opportunity to earn $525 on top of your deposit. It will take some work, but not too much. Here’s how it works.

First, open an account at ING Direct using one of the links at the bottom of this post. There are ten links listed for the savings account and ten for the checking account, but choose only one. You must not currently be an ING Direct customer and you must provide an initial deposit of at least $250 in order to receive a $25 bonus for opening the account.

If you choose the Orange Savings Account, also open the Electric Orange Account afterward, and vice-versa.

After your accounts are created and funded, you will eventually see a link at the bottom of your account information website. This feature might not be available immediately for new customers, but with time, the option will be present. Click on the “Earn $$$: Refer a Friend” graphic to receive the opportunity to refer 50 of your friends, 25 for the savings account and 25 for the checking account. Each successful referral will earn you $10. If you don’t have 50 friends, you can email me. I’ll post your referral links once mine expire so you can benefit from the power of the internet.

ING Direct is one of my favorite banks, despite their lagging interest rates. The current rate on savings accounts is 0.90% and the rate on checking accounts is tiered with a maximum of 1.10%, but these rates are subject to change. These rates are better than most brick and mortar banks but low on the list of high-yield interest-bearing accounts.

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avatar Laura

The links are expired for the savings. Please post new links. Thanks!

avatar M

All $25 bonus links have expired:
OSA348 OSA349 OSA350 OSA351 OSA352 expired

avatar Adi

Hi there! I’ve got referrals and would like to get on your list. By the way, i’m new to the world of blogs, and I love yours!! Thanks for all your info!

avatar Bill

New links? Are they expired?

avatar Luke Landes

I’ve added a few new links today and there will be more as I receive them.

avatar Wendy

OSA365 and OSA368 have expired

avatar Luke Landes

I’ve struck them out and sent out a request to the next individuals on the waiting list.

avatar Tony

Hey I have plenty of referrals left, would you mind posting mine up? Thanks

avatar Luke Landes

The waiting list is currently closed. Check back in a few weeks, it may re-open soon.

avatar Justin

Please add me to the referral list if you still have room.

avatar Z. Li

Please add me to the referral list if you still have room. Thanks!!!

avatar Ashley

Great site! I would like to be informed when the waiting list is open again please. Thank you.

avatar Ayy

All links have expired. Could you please put new links.

avatar AHK83

This is an awesome thing you are doing with sharing ING referrals! I am going to try to add your website to my daily reading. Listening to your recent Podcast now.
I have exhausted my family referrals to ING and I would like to use your website if there is room. Please send me instructions on how to get my referrals listed. Thank you!

avatar rtbeal

Could somone add some more links?

avatar Luke Landes

New links are now posted, as of July 16, and more to come.

avatar Ryan

Is the waiting list open right now? I’m confused about how to send you the links.

avatar Luke Landes

No, the waiting list is not currently open.

avatar Ryan


I signed up through one of the links you posted and never received my $25. I called ING Direct and they said that the link must have been used too many times, so there is no way I can get my $25. :(

avatar Luke Landes

Each link can be used only once. Did you check to make sure you didn’t receive an expired link warning when you were filling out the application? Did you deposit at least $250 in you initial funding deposit? The links will work correctly if you follow those two guidelines.

avatar Ryan

Yes and yes. I received no warning and I deposited $250.

avatar Daniel

Hello Flexo, I would love to get on the waiting list to post some of my referral links for the savings and checking accounts. Please email me and let me know how I may do so, thank you very much! -Daniel

avatar Michael

Hey, that’s awesome that you are willing to help people out like that! I’d like to get on your list to send you my referral links!

avatar Luke Landes

The waiting list is now open again, but for a limited time. If you are interested in adding your name to the list, leave a comment on Consumerism Commentary letting me know you’d like to be added as soon as possible.

avatar Alice Chan

I’d like to be added to the list! Thanks!

avatar Ryan

I’d love to be added to the list. Thanks Flexo.

avatar Pranalika


Please add me to the list.


avatar Steffen

I have links and would like to be added to the list. Let me know. Thanks!

avatar Joshua

I’d like to be on the list. Thanks Flexo!

avatar Brandon

add me to the list please

avatar Ashley

Please add me to the list. Thank you!

avatar Tony

Please add me to the list. Thank you

avatar Maged


Please add me to the list.


avatar Allison

Hi Flexo,

I would like to be added to the list as well.


avatar Luke Landes

The waiting list was closed again on August 18. You must subscribe to Consumerism Commentary or read current posts to find out the specific times the waiting list is open. Those who responded after August 18, 11:15 pm, are not included on the waiting list.

avatar Naomi

I have more referral links… contact me, we can help each other out!

avatar Joel

Are there still spots to submit links for others to use?

avatar laura

Why don’t you have links available? I know that I have links that I would love to contribute.

avatar Eddie

Hi Flexo, Great site! I would like to sign up and add my link as well. Please let me know.


avatar Joe

Add me to the list please. Thanks!