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ING Direct Referral Program: Now Capital One 360

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Update: ING Direct is now Capital One 360. The referral program still exists. There is more information in this review of Capital One 360.

If you have $250 and are willing to become a customer of ING Direct, you have the opportunity to earn $525 on top of your deposit. It will take some work, but not too much. Here’s how it works.

First, open an account at ING Direct using one of the links at the bottom of this post. There are ten links listed for the savings account and ten for the checking account, but choose only one. You must not currently be an ING Direct customer and you must provide an initial deposit of at least $250 in order to receive a $25 bonus for opening the account.

If you choose the Orange Savings Account, also open the Electric Orange Account afterward, and vice-versa.

After your accounts are created and funded, you will eventually see a link at the bottom of your account information website. This feature might not be available immediately for new customers, but with time, the option will be present. Click on the “Earn $$$: Refer a Friend” graphic to receive the opportunity to refer 50 of your friends, 25 for the savings account and 25 for the checking account. Each successful referral will earn you $10. If you don’t have 50 friends, you can email me. I’ll post your referral links once mine expire so you can benefit from the power of the internet.

ING Direct is one of my favorite banks, despite their lagging interest rates. The current rate on savings accounts is 0.90% and the rate on checking accounts is tiered with a maximum of 1.10%, but these rates are subject to change. These rates are better than most brick and mortar banks but low on the list of high-yield interest-bearing accounts.

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avatar shottagyal

I have a ton of referrals, but sadly, no one to refer. Would it be possible to get some of your overspill?


avatar Luke Landes

Shottagyal and anyone else who has links: Yes, I will post them once we’ve cycled through the 50 existing links (I’ve only listed 20 above so far). Email me so I can put your name on the list — but don’t send me the links yet. I don’t know how long it will take to get through the 50 existing links and I don’t want yours to expire before I’m able to post them.

avatar Aaron Griffin

Any way to take advantage of this if I’m already a customer?

avatar Luke Landes

Aaron: Existing customers should have the “Refer a Friend” link at the bottom of account information pages, with an opportunity to earn $10 per referred sign-up.

avatar michelle

I used OSA10 – 01 was already used

avatar benefitsme

HSBC is the one to go with – paying 3.55%

avatar Paul

How do you go about getting the links that you post on your site? Do you email all the referrals to your own email address & then copy the individual links?

avatar The Debt Defier

Alas, if I could only convince 50 people to sign up! I’m still trying to convince them that it’s an easy $25! I’ve got some extras if you’ll take ‘em. :)

avatar Luke Landes

Paul: The best way to keep it organized, as I learned today, is to use your own email address as the recipient.

Debt Defier: I’ll definitely be looking for more links to share once I’ve gone through 25 OSA and 25 EO links. I’ll send you an email.

avatar Jonathan

Aaah, getting 50 people to sign up is too much work (unless I had my own site with as much traffic as yours, Flexo). HSBC, ING-Direct and GMAC are all clocking in at 3% +/- 0.05% today.

By the way, what’s with the ad on your site for “ThinkCash” ? Is it in your best interest as a PF blogger to propagate this sort of payday lending (with interest rates from 87% – 365% APY, as quoted from their website frontpage).

While the ad doesn’t count as an “endorsement”, you still will generate revenue based upon some idiots click through to a site that could potentially keep them in the vice-grips of debt.

Oh well, business is business as they say.

avatar Gerry


I am confused…I sent the referral to myself. Do I send 10 referrals to myself?

Then how do I get them to you to post?


avatar Luke Landes

Gerry and Jonathan: I responded via email.

avatar credit addict

benefitsme: HSBC is paying 3.05%, not 3.55%.

avatar Suz

Please send me a referal link for the electric orange
none fo them work
thanks, Suz

avatar Luke Landes

Suz: I sent you an email. I’ve also updated the page with fresh links.

avatar Joshua


I sent myself an email using the referral tool and I don’t see a code anywhere? How can I get the code to you? Thanks.

avatar Josh


I have 50 referrals to provide, but I am unsure of how to get them to you? Do I email myself and send you the code, or just have them directly sent to you?

Thanks for any help you can provide…

- Josh

avatar stalemate

I have some referrals to provide as well. Please email me when you need them.


avatar Luke Landes

I have sent emails out to everyone on the waiting list asking for two per person. I’ll add the links in the order I receive them.

avatar Eric

I have links I can provide.

avatar Ron

Flexo, please add me to the referral waiting list. Thanks!

avatar unimax

I have some referrals too. Can I share them? let me know. Thanks.

avatar Kelly

I have an ING account and would love to have some referrals as well! What do I need to provide?

Thank you!

avatar Tom

Hi Flexo, could you please add me to the referral waiting list as well? Thank you!

avatar Shelley

Hey I still have most of my ING links for checking and savings, if you want I can email you the links and we can share the gains…I’m not sure how to find your email address so I’ll just give you mine: xninjagrrl@aol.com

just shoot me an email if you run out of links

avatar gfinke


Can you also add me to the waiting list? I have plenty of links to provide.


avatar Javier


Can I get onto the waiting list?

avatar Michael

Can I get on the waiting list? Thanks a lot!

avatar Alistair


Can you add me to the waiting list as well.


avatar John

Please add me to the referral waiting list.

Thank you

avatar Shanny

I have referral codes and would like to be added to the waiting list. Thank you!

avatar AJ

I have ING referrals also. Can you add me to the waitlist?

avatar Luke Landes

I’ve closed the waiting list for now, but subscribe to the Consumerism Commentary RSS feed to be informed when the waiting list is open again.

avatar sad910

I have referral codes and would like to be added to the waiting list. Thank you very much!

avatar amandarose

I have some referral codes left. Please add me to your waiting list.

avatar amees

I am more than happy to share my referral links. Please let me know if I can be added to the waiting list!

avatar Luke Landes

Waiting list is closed again with 84 names. Thanks everyone!

avatar casey

Just tried OSA32 and OSA40 and both said were expired. Would love to open very soon with a link Please advise.
thanks for this service.

avatar Luke Landes

Those links appear to be valid at this time. If they didn’t work for you try another one listed above.

avatar casey

Just tried again using OSA38 and received the following:
The reference code you have entered is not in our records. It may have been entered incorrectly or may no longer be a valid promotion. Please double check and correct if necessary. If you are having difficulty you can call an ING DIRECT Sales Associate at 1-888-ING-0727 between 8AM and 8PM.

avatar Luke Landes

Casey: You don’t need to enter any reference code. Just follow the instructions in the post above. Click on one of the links. As long as the top of the next page doesn’t say that the link is expired or invalid, then yu’re good to go. Don’t enter any reference codes.

avatar charlie

i have ing referrals please add me to your list !

avatar Nancy

Hello, Please send me an email describing what I can do to gain money this way with you.

avatar anna

I am an ING Direct customer and would love the referrals. Please let me know when and how to post my referral links once yours expire.

I’m a directTV custom and they have a 50-50 promotion. Every new customer get $50 thru my referral and I get $50 for tell my friend. Would there be a way to promote my referral code? If so, please email me I will gladly provide you with my codes. I also have an AT&T referral code I would like to share. Thanks.

avatar sarah


I am ING Direct customer as well and I do not know 50 people to send referrals too.

What do I need to send to you?

Thanks for your help!

avatar Luke Landes

For everyone who has commented, the waiting list is not open right now. Watch Consumerism Commentary for an announcement when the list is open again.

avatar sarenay

I have links. When you are ready for them, please contact me.Thank you!

avatar Barbara Briddes

I opened an account using the link OSA99. It started out fine. When I started the application this was at the top of the page, “Start savings with a great rate. To receive your $25 bonus, open and fund your Orange Savings Account with at least a $250 initial deposit.” BUT when I finished I was given this message, “We’re sorry, but in the time in between when you started your application and now, the referral/gift has expired. So, no referral bonuses or gift funds can be paid.”
What’s wrong?

avatar Luke Landes

It sounds like someone used the same code as you at roughly the same time and they finished their application first. I’ve never heard of that happening before. I would call ING Direct and talk to customer service about that. That link does not appear to be expired yet.

avatar Luke Landes

As of Thursday, 9:30 PM ET, the waiting list is now open. Join the waiting list here.

avatar Midoric

OSA108 is now used. Thanks.

avatar Luke Landes

Waiting list closed again.

avatar Dave

Please add me to your waiting list for the ING referrals. I opened an account thanks to this article.. I’d like some information on how the set up the referral thing for you to post here.


avatar kathy

I opened 2 ing accounts, one electric orange and one savings thanks to this page. I would like to be on your waiting list to put up my referral links. Thank you

avatar Semie

I just opened an account using your links (#126). Please let me know when you need more referrals!


avatar D

Just opened an savings account. Let me know if you need any referrals. Many thanks

avatar Riz

Have some savings account referrals if you need them :)

avatar Luke Landes

The waiting list is currently closed. I will post a message on Consumerism Commentary if and when I re-open the waiting list. Thanks!

avatar Glymmar

I opened an ING Checking account with one of your links and I’m looking for one for my wife. If you or any of your readers have a referal link she could use, I would appreciate it. Or if you deem it appropriate, I can send you my referal info from ING.

Brian ~aka Glymmar

avatar Joshua


Great to hear you signed up! Why not do what I did with my wife… refer her to yourself and you get the $10 and she gets the $25!! If you don’t let me know and I’ll give you one. Have a great day!

- Joshua

avatar Glymmar

Thanks for the suggestion. It did cross my mind at one point, but I was unsure if ING would allow it.

Thanks again,
Brian ~aka Glymmar

avatar Roger

Hello! I also opened my orange savings account from one of your links maybe 2 months ago or so and have been reading this site since.
I’ve got plenty or referrals I can send you, but I don’t have your e-mail address either.

avatar someone

shoot me an email @ love_u500@hotmail.com for referral links…..I’ve tons of referral links..


avatar Kball

I used OSA 189. Wanted to let you know, and to thank you for a great blog!

avatar matt

i have many referral links to give as so far I’ve referred no one:)

avatar Luna

Hi Flexo,

I have only had one of my referral links used by a friend. Would you please post some of mine when you have the time? I would really appreciate it! I love your site!


avatar B Man

I used OSA190 and it’s done…

avatar Lightningbugaboo

I have lots of referral links. I’d love to pass them on when you need more…

avatar Kasey

I was curious if I could get a referral link sent to me. I will post by email address if necessary. I am looking to open an account and an extra $25 would be real nice. Thanks.

avatar Luke Landes

Kasey: The unused referral links are posted towards the top of this page.

avatar Gizelle

I have a lot of referral links as well. Just let me know!

avatar Pranalika

Hey please add me to your waitlist. I have plently of links to offer.

avatar Luke Landes

The waiting list is currently closed but may open shortly. Keep checking here.

avatar Demetri

All of the OSA links have run dry. I’m ready to start an account as soon as I get a link.

avatar Luke Landes

Demetri: I’ve posted new links.

avatar Luke Landes

If you’d like to share your own ING Direct referral links, read this information. I’m now looking for Consumerism Commentary readers to share links by adding their names to the waiting list.

avatar Amit

Hi Flexo,
Please add me to you waiting list. I have many referrals unused for both ING direct Savings as well as Checking.

Thanks so much

avatar Alice

Hi, Please also add me to the waiting list. I have lots of referrals for the ING Orange Savings. Thank you!

avatar Luke Landes

Alice: The waiting list is currently closed. I will post a message when I’m looking for new volunteers, but it will be several months from now.

avatar dmanos

Please add me to the list as well. I have all the referrals you need! Thanks!

avatar Luke Landes

The list is closed at the moment. Once it is open, I will post a message on Consumerism Commentary.

avatar redriver

I’ve got links as well. Please let me know if/when you can use them.

Thank You.

avatar scorpygirl

I used OSA282. Thanks!

avatar Rodney

I would like to take advantage of this program but all links have expired.

Please give us new links

avatar Luke Landes

Rodney: More links are now available. Thanks!

avatar Amit

Hey Flexo,

Please add me to the waiting list.


avatar Matthew

Hi Flexo,
Great site. Please add me to the waiting list.


avatar Steffen

Just to confirm — does there need to be any reference to the $25 bonus on the application page itself once you get there? The links i clicked took me to an application page but there was no mention of $25.

avatar Luke Landes

At the top of the application, where you first enter your name and address, you should see this:

Start savings with a great rate. To receive your $25 bonus, open and fund your Orange Savings Account with at least a $250 initial deposit.

avatar Steffen

Thanks — just opened one and got the $25. I hadn’t gotten far enough on the form. Probably will be able to supply some links myself.

avatar brandonjc

I have some referral links available if you need more.

avatar nickheff

hey great article, i just opened my account w/ 250. But i dont have anyone to refer.. could you post my link on your page?

avatar bluehash

I have a few referral links too. Let me know. Thanks!

avatar Amit

Hi Flaxo,

It Looks like all your referrals have exhausted.


avatar Joshua


Please add me to the waiting list so I can give you some referral links. Thanks Flexo!

- Joshua

avatar Jen

Please add me to the list! :)

avatar Macy


Add me to your waiting list.


avatar Nick H

I have no one to refer to my account, could you post my link?

avatar CC


Please add me to your waiting list.


avatar Brett

I also have referrals. Please add me to the list.

avatar Luke Landes

To everyone who has commented recently: I currently have more than enough names on the waiting list, so I’m not taking any new names right now. I will post a message on Consumerism Commentary when the waiting list is open once again, so make sure you’re watching for it.

avatar Curtis

OSA305 was already expired. I used OSA311 to open my account. Thank you.

Also I have some referrals once you start accepting more names for your waiting list.

avatar TheDude

OSA 305, 311, 313 are expired. I used link OSA314 successfully. To what email address should i write my referal link to get it posted on this website? And also, how come all the electric checking accounts links are crossed out?

avatar Luke Landes

Thanks. All new referral links are now posted for OSA. The waiting list for those wishing to offer new referrals is currently closed as I have a long list of people already waiting. I’ll announce on Consumerism Commentary once the waiting list is open again.

avatar TheDude

What about the electric accounts links, they are all crossed out. Where exactly will you annonce that the wait list is open again?

Thank you

avatar Luke Landes

The Electric Orange links aren’t used frequently enough for me to ask visitors to provide them any more. You can visit this website, Consumerism Commentary, to be alerted when the waiting list is open again. It may be easier to subscribe to the RSS feed so you are alerted automatically.

avatar Laura Mackie


Are you still reposting people’s ING referrals?? I’m in the process of using one of the referral links you have up right now and would love if you could put mine up!! Thanks for your time!!



avatar Luke Landes

Glad you are able to use the links! Right now, the waiting list for posting referrals links is full. I’ll announce on Consumerism Commentary once it is open again, but it will be several months.

avatar jaylincee

I tried the referral links 333 thru 337 listed above and all were expired. Are there any links waiting to be used?

Thank you!

avatar Luke Landes

I’ll put up some new links tonight, thanks! I have many on the waiting list.