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Evaluating a Purchasing Decision: Panasonic Camcorder

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About a year ago, I purchased a camcorder, a Panasonic variety that records on digital tape. It wasn’t a small purchase, but it wasn’t top of the line, either.

I’ve probably used the camera three times since then. Most people use camcorders to record their children or family, but I have no children and I don’t see my family too often. I could have brought the videocamera with me when I went to Lake Tahoe earlier this year or Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia last year. I didn’t want the burder of carrying an extra bag with me, even though it’s rather small.

At this time, I suppose the purchase hasn’t been worthwhile. But now that I’ve considered this, I’ll brining it with me next time I visit some place interesting. Or perhaps I’ll create some kind of video clip that gets posted online and becomes an overnight viral sensation.

Just stop me before I become like the creepy neighbor guy in American Beauty.

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avatar Matt

I bought mine because I use it for one of my businesses. (Net profit to date from it and its sister: $97,000 in two years. I’m thinking of upgrading to professional-grade hardware with some of that cash.) But you’re probably right about most people buying them for things they’ll never actually use them for.

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avatar Ra'anan

I’m a professional videographer & when I put together 5-10 minute family histories, it is a MILLION times better if someone, LIKE YOU, has actual FOOTAGE for me to edit, so…go shoot your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, et al at your next family gathering. Don’t forget to try & get audio bytes to cool interviewing questions like what are your 3 favourite childhood memories. You’ve got the equipment, now use it. BTW, if you bought a 1/4″ CCD Panasonic, then your COLOUR is that much better. Oh, not a bad idea to shoot your valuable possessions as a back up for insurance claims. If I were you, I’d take a basic shooting class. I once went through a bunch of footage & cut very brief clips of MY FAVOURITE things like my kids w/glowing eyes around their favourite birthday cake, my smiling wife’s beautiful hands lovingly cutting the cake, hot popcorn filling up a big bowl in the winter, warm candles reflections glowing against a cold, blue winter rain etc. I cut all of this to some music (don’t want to give away a trade secret) & used a lot of slow motion & VOILA, we’ve got special memories forever that will always warm our hearts. good luck (Panasonic colours USED to be bluer, Sony’s redder, both are excellent!)

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