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Fewer Women in Hedge Funds

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Fortune Magazine has an article exploring why we don’t see women managing hedge funds. The proportion on women to men is much lower in the hedge fund business than it is in other areas of market finance. People cite many different explanations, including fewer women with MBAs, fewer women willing to make the jump to start their own firms, fewer men (and women) willing to hire women, fewer women surviving in an investment bank, and fewer women wanting to be involved with hedge funds.

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avatar mmb

Or there could be yet another reason that no one mentioned in that article. It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with how long we have been in this game. Our actions are seldom the result of just our own experiences. They are built on collective awareness of the people around us, past and present, whether we know it or not. Women are still breaking into what used to be, and still sometimes is, a man’s world. As more and more women step into hedge fund management and start building networks even more will follow. It just needs time. :)

I am sure you never tire of hearing this so I will say it .. I like your blog. You have great articles.

avatar Luke Landes

Thanks, mmb!