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When I first started this weblog in July, 2003, I had been blogging for years already at a different location. At the time I started Consumerism Commentary, I knew of only one other personal finance blog on the internet, PFBlog.

Now, just like all other types, more blogs centered around personal finance have sprung up. Here are some I enjoy reading, and if you know of any others I should be including, let me know.

Simply My Life. He’s hoping to be out of debt by June, next year.

Capital Ideas. You can view his monthly updates on his net worth and budget.

PFBlog, as mentioned above. He’s an employee of a rather famous software company who keeps us informed of news bits and his own financial progress.

Neville’s Financial Blog. Neville also keeps us aware of his progress, and he has some great goals and is starting at an age I wish I had started. I just discovered this blog today.

Unfortunately, some of those blogs are powered by Blogger which means I cannot comment directly on those sites while visiting from my office — Blogger is blocked at my place of employment. And since I do very little surfing at home, I don’t really get to offer my thoughts on their blog entries.

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avatar Rex

I also read the Personal Finance Breaking News blog at

Personal Finance Breaking News Blog

avatar Jonathan

Thanks for the links – I myself have also started a Finance Blog due the discovery of some really cheap hosting, but it may not be worth visiting yet – only a couple entries, and I have only barely scratched the surface of Movable Type. I have big goals for it, hopefully over the holidays I can get some good work done on it.


avatar Jonathan

p.s. where did you get the Security Code plugin for the comments form? :)

avatar Dan

Hi Flexo…..

I have been frequenting your blog (as well as PFBlog) and was influenced to start my own to document a personal decision to check out of the rat race and enjoy a slower pace of life (www.aslowerpace.com). My blog isn’t specifically about personal finance although I have covered some of that, but rather documenting the journey of getting back to basics.

Keep up the good work!


avatar RB

I found this blog while surfing. Excellent posts. I am also writing a blog with emphasis on Canadian content (http://canadiancapitalist.blogspot.com). Hopefully, I can write as well as you. Cheers!

avatar erin

I started a finacial blog about a month ago. I’m not sure how much anyone else will find relevant, but it’s been helpful to me.



avatar JLP

I started a personal finance blog back in October. I really enjoy it. I’m going to go through the links that other’s have posted and put their links on my blog. Please check me out at http://AllThingsFinancial.blogspot.com


avatar Martin Gale

I have a slightly different perspective. As an insider in the financial services industry I have begun writing a blog intended to educate people about the nature of the industry, as well as some common sense advice. It’s here:

Efficient Market Canada: Self-Directed RRSP Advice

avatar Joe

I also thought I would start writing about investing this year. So far it has been a great help with getting my thinking straight.