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Financial Update – November

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Some interesting developments in the last month. First of all, now I’m including my new student loan, since I’ve started getting reimbursed for my MBA. However, I haven’t applied any of the reimbursement to the loans yet. I was holding on to the cash because of the possibility of buying a car. I’ve decided to wait, so after I receive my next reimbursement check, I’ll be making a large payment to my older student loan with the higher interest rate.

I’m also using some of the money I’ve saved up to buy parts for a new computer I’m building. I’ve bought about $350 worth of parts so far.

  November 17 October 12
Cash Accounts: $ 14,242 $ 10,920
Taxable Investments: $ 2,921 $ 2,860
401k (Pre-Tax): $ 7,682 $ 7,259
Roth IRA: $ 1,017 $ 754
Credit Cards: ($ 571) ($ 1,747)
Student Loan 3.97%: ($ 3,562) ($ 3,562)
Student Loan 2.82%: ($ 9,250) $ -
Home Inventory: $ 7,959 $ 7,659
TOTAL $ 20,554 $ 24,143

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