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Financial Update

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Here’s how I’ve been doing this past month in saving money. I’m not including my new student loan in this because I should be reimbursed for my classes from my company as I finish them. However, I plan on using the reimbursement to pay off my earlier student loan with a higher interest rate first, even though it is in deferrment while I get my MBA.

  October 12 September 12
Cash Accounts: $ 10,920 $ 11,417
Taxable Investments: $ 2,860 $ 2,795
401k (Pre-Tax): $ 7,259 $ 6,846
Roth IRA: $ 754 $ 485
Credit Cards: ($ 1,747) ($ 2,816)
Student Loan 3.97%: ($ 3,562) ($ 3,714)
Home Inventory: $ 7,659 $ 7,659
TOTAL $ 24,143 $ 22,672

I’m still not saving as much as I’d like, and on top of that, it looks like I’m going to need to buy a car. I don’t know whether I should buy something just off a lease and reliable enough to last ten years, costing me what I currently have in my cash accounts plus some, or save the money now and just get something older that will need more work to keep for another ten years.

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