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First Impression: The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach

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Some time ago, I was contacted by David Bach‘s people to see if I’d like to preview his new book. Bach is the popular author of The Automatic Millionaire and like many financial writers he has turned his thoughts into a brand empire that includes seminars. His newest book, due to be published in March, is The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate.

I received a copy of the book last week and have begun reading. The premise seems pretty simple so far: the best way to gain wealth is by owning property, specifically cash-flow-positive property.

It’s interesting to see a book in such an early stage of development, including typos and missing page numbers. For example, here’s a paraphrase: “The following 000 pages of this chapter will explain how to…” Once I’ve finished the book, I’ll have some deeper thoughts on the content.

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avatar Brian

We really enjoyed Bach’s other book – Smart Couples Finish Rich. Looking forward to reading your review of this book.

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avatar RS

I loved The Automatic Millionaire. I would be interested in hearing how much this book differs in concept. I will pass if it ends up just telling me how to setup my mortgage to be bi-weekly and automatically withdrawn.

Brian (or anyone else who read it): How was Smart Couples Finish Rich? Worth reading if I already read Automatic Millionaire?

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avatar FMF

I’m done with it and will be giving it somewhere between a 6 and an 8. I need to re-read parts of it to determine which one exactly.

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avatar Brian

RS – If you’ve already read Automatic Millionaire then you won’t find anything really new in Smart Couples Finish Rich. From what I remember (I did read both) the same techniques are described in both books, but Smart Couples is more geared for married types. There is some additional material on how to work with your spouse to accomplish financial goals and such…but not much else worth mentioning. I also read Smart Women Finish Rich just for grins…but it was pretty much the same material as well.

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avatar RS

Thanks Brian. That is pretty much what I assumed.

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avatar jim

I’m surprised they sent it out that early in its development, you’d think they’d at least wait until they were closer than the excerpt seemed to show….

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avatar Jose

Just finished reading and reviewing on Money and Investing

Good book for renters.
current homeowners may find more information in other books.

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