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Five Signs You Have Too Much Money

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Here’s some fun commentary from Jeanne Sahadi, who shares tell-tale signs that you have too much money:

So you buy four homes, a plane to fly between them, and four sets of the same clothes so you never have to pack. If you’ve got the means, it seems … weirdly practical. Collecting exotic cars? Besides making you happy, it has the added advantage of actually being an investment that can appreciate over time.

Here are Sahadi’s examples:

* Bottled water for $38. That’s Bling H20.
* An engraved silver ice cream tub for $1,057.
* A BMW solely for transporting a pet dog.
* A $47,000 bed for your little daughter, plus a $1,060 chandelier.
* Two nannies per kid.

Rather than these frivolous expensitures, why don’t these people just write me a check and help me fund my retirement or my children’s education? It must be all the same to them.

Jeanne Sahadi, the author of the article, is asking for more examples of spending that prove that there is such a thing as “too much money.”

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avatar Will Kirby

I have to admit, that Bling H20 is pretty tempting!

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avatar Lauren

It’s hard…as a libertarian, I think people are entitled to spend their wealth however they want. On the other hand, when people do that sort of thing with their money, it makes me want to force them to spend it on something legitimate.

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avatar Nick

An engraved silver ice cream tub for $1,057.

I only have one question. Is there ice cream already in it? :)

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avatar Caitlin

what? no gucci ice cubes and animatronic chimp? too small fry? ;)

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avatar Loi Tran

Either they’re rich or in a lot of debt. Either way they’re wasting a lot of money.

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