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Luke Landes, An Introduction

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I’ve had many new returning visitors to Consumerism Commentary over the past couple of months, so I think it is only fair to formally introduce myself. I’ve updated this introduction in December 2013, although it was originally published in 2005.

On this site and in this context, I originally called myself Flexo. I appropriated the name from a popular cartoon, but that is besides the point. I used a pseudonym because this site contains a large amount of very personal information, but now I use the name Luke Landes. If someone searches on Google (or any other search engine, for that matter) for my real name, I would rather not have this site be displayed.

I studied music education while an undergraduate in college. I can play a number of musical instruments, but I have’t devoted a lot of time to music over the past few years. My jobs have included teaching music to middle and high school kids, running a department of a non-profit organization, and working as an accounting associate with no previous experience in accounting. A few years ago, I completed a Master of Business Administration degree.

In addition, I’ve been designing and maintaining websites for almost twenty years, and managing online communities since 1990.

My interests other than personal finance and online community building include photography, languages, linguistics, photography, science, and theater.

Feel free to join in any discussion by posting a comment, emailing me, or following me on Twitter or Facebook.

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avatar Loi Tran

The unbendable girder…

avatar Doug Wilson

Any blogs, sites or your own guidance on how college age kids can build effectively for the future, practical but somewhat entertaining advice that covers the basics of wealth building – cars, credit cards, rentals, buying a home, investment, pre-marriage discussion of finance, etc?

My kids listen to me but I see it going out the other ear, I’d sure like to turn them on to someone/something with good advice and info but written in a way they’d tune into.

Thanks, great site!

avatar Scott

In response to Mr. Wilson’s comment, I’m just getting started on a blog that I hope will be a resource for young people college aged and older, getting started with planning their financial futures and hopefully making smart decisions. The first several posts are up, and I hope to be expanding content aggressively in the next few weeks. I am looking for some feedback regarding useful content, so any suggestions readers have would be great.

Also, if you check the site out please not it’s written in a non-traditional, humorous/irreverant manner. The intent though is still to pass on useful information.

The site is http://thenewmoney.wordpress.com/. Hope this can be of some help.

avatar SELF

New to your site and I love the concept and discussions. Also a lover of (or maybe slave to) music. Got a little music ditty that you may enjoy both as a music lover and as part of your debt carnival. Im not sure about blog etiquette but I’m sure you’ll let me know. So here goes.
is a powerpoint w/ vintage Blind Faith.