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Flexo’s First Giveaway

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Last week, I reviewed David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate. The publishing company sent me a new hardcover copy of the book (the distribution version, not the prerelease copy I oriingally received) and I’d like to give it to a reader who is interesting in purchasing his or her first house and would like a great resource.

Like I said in the review, the book is perfect for the first-time home buyer and presents a great overview of the steps and can provide some motivation for renters still trying to make a decision.

If you’re interested in a free copy, leave a comment here (icluding your email address) and let everyone know why you’re considering purchasing your first home. I’ll randomly choose a winner next Monday.

Update: As Doobie brought to my attention, this is actually my second giveaway. I gave away an Emigrant Direct baseball cap last August.

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avatar Easy E

I’m 23 years old and live with 2 roommates in an apartment that we rent. I’m considering buying my first home because I’m tired of giving away my money. I like the idea of investing in a home for the future and building a large asset for myself. I’d love to get a copy of the book if it is as good as you say it is.

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avatar Matt

I’m considering purchase a new home because I’m tired of making someone else (landlords) rich. I’ve also recently acquired a new four-legged housemate who would benefit from a patch of grass to do his business on.

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avatar John

I’m interested in purchasing a new home because I think its a great long term investment, plus I can rent out the extra space to my friends!

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avatar Ravi

Hi Flexo,

Though i am not buying a new home, thats a good bargain for reviewing a book.


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avatar Doobie

First, second, eighth, who cares? Keep the freebies coming! :)

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avatar Doobie

….besides, this is a personal finance blog…what’s better to personal finance than a freeb with no strings attached?

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avatar Eric

It took me a long time to ‘find myself’. I won’t tell the story of my life here but will just say I now have many firm goals for the near future and for the long term. Buying my first house is one of those goals. I expect to start the process in 6 to 9 months and will be reading this and other books on the subject. I will go to a bookstore or library to read it but if I can get a copy for free then huzzah to that!

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avatar Brian

I’m buying a first home because I’m sick of paying a solid majority of what a mortgage payment would be in rent and watch that money evaporate each month. My job kept me too mobile to buy a house until just recently…but I have almost enough for a downpayment now…very exciting :-)

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avatar Dave

I’m looking into buying a home for many reasons. The first one that comes to mind is simply that it would be a good investment. Secondly, Acton is just awesome. :-)

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avatar Mike B.

I’m interested in buying my first home for a number of reasons. Like many other commenters, I too have grown tired of paying someone else’s mortgage. More importantly though, I want to own my own home so that my three year old son has a place to play outside that is more than just common space between multi-story apartment buildings. I’m currently saving a down payment and I am really looking forward to attaining the “American Dream”.

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avatar Nick

If … I don’t win this book … I won’t have a roof over my head … just the noisy fourth floor neighbors in this apartment building! *sniff*

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avatar meesh

I’m one of those renters who are kicking themselves for not buying in 2002. Back then, the townhouse that I was renting was practically offered to us by the owner for $175K now it is worth $325K. The problem now is that with the rising home prices and the median price of a single family home in Hawaii is now about $625K(!) I’m finding it next to impossible of living in paradise (Hawaii). I’ve read all of Bach’s books and I hope to scrape up a down payment in a few years.

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avatar Empty Spaces

Hey I’d like to win! enter my name in the drawing.

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avatar Jayfer

I’m already a homeowner, but I’m trying to convince one of my friends to buy a condo instead of renting from another friend. I want to win this book, so I can give it to her. She’s tired of hearing my arguments. Maybe she’ll listen to an ‘expert’ instead.

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avatar FMF

Pick me!!!!!!!!!!

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avatar Donald

Buying the first home is not easy, especially in this high-priced market. I don’t have much room to make mistakes. I would like to learn more from this book.

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avatar FMF

Did I win yet?

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avatar Michael Yarmolinsky

I am a college student and am considering purchasing a house, along with some others as an investment. I really am just concered as I really have never done anything like this before, and really could use a book to go over the basics with.

Just in case you were wondering… the house would be near a college and the mortgage would be paid with the monthly rent being collected.

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avatar Emily

I am saving for a down payment because I am tired of being awakened at night by the guy in the apartment above mine having sex. He is young and energetic and it just goes on and on and on. Even on weeknights. I am so ready for a *detached* home of my own.

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avatar Jon

In the market I live in right now the market is in favor of renting. But in the marriage I live in the nesting instinct in my wife doesn’t seem to take care too much about the numbers. So I’ll probably be buying in the near future whether I can afford it or not ;)

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avatar Campbell Chiang

I have the pleasure of living in Manhattan, where the real estate is insanely expensive. On the other hand, rents aren’t much cheaper. As soon as I get the down payment together, I’m going to start looking for a place and build some equity.

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avatar Luke Landes ♦127,615 (Platinum)

Thanks to everyone who posted their stories! I’ve announced the winner.

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avatar dkuklewicz

I am excited to even think about owning my own house. I think it would be a really great asset. I also would like my daughter to actually have aplace she can call home. Eventually this home would become her home. these thoughts make me smile. :) I have many more reasons why I would buy my own but making my family happy is my best reason. Thank you. dkuklewicz

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