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Ford Taurus Will Cease to Exist

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Ford is closing down production of its Taurus model. When the 1999 model came out, I was finishing college, and I thought it looked neat. I actually thought I might have liked to own and drive one. I had less knowledge about cars back then as I do now, which isn’t saying much.

My girlfriend at the time said the new 1999 Taurus looked like a “space egg.” I don’t know what a space egg is, but I suppose she had a point.

So long, Ford Space Egg. You won’t be missed.

1999 Ford Taurus Space Egg

By the way, I ended up with a 1986 Toyota Celica when I left college.

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avatar Sparky

I used to own one of those. I think mine was 1990 Taurus. It was a truly terrible car, with constant transmission problems, but we owned it because it was the corporate car for Hewlett Packard. I inherited the space egg and within a few years the engine actually came loose of the casing, causing the torque of the engine to actually physically lift the engine block out of its resting position. Shortly thereafter, we donated the car (repaired) for a tax refund. Within a month, we got a call from law enforcement, who had found the car abandoned on the side of the freeway. Apparently it had been used in a heist and broken down. Whoops. The lesson: When robbing a bank, don’t use a Ford as a getaway car.

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avatar HC

Well, a whitechocolatespaceegg looks like a Liz Phair album.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s what your ex meant. [grin]

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avatar empty spaces

I ended up with an 86 Celica as my first car in college in 1998. it drove great and never broke down even though i had a 100 mile roundtrip commute everyday to work in summer!

the tarus is a piece of junk. good ridance!

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avatar MsMiniducky

Yay Celicas! I was forbidden to buy a used car during college so I ended up buying a new Celica juuust before they stopped making ‘em. I plan to keep her forever.

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avatar Ronnie

I have a 92 Celica since I was in High School. Still have it and drives like it’s still new. In fact it’ll be her 14th birthday next month.

Does anyone know what FORD stands for? Fix or Repair Daily….Although I think Mustangs are the only cars that have a good reputation in the Ford family.

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avatar Matt

I have to say that I’ve always liked the Taurus, even when it was in it’s space egg stage. For some reason I’ve always found the car to be nice looking and reliable.

And to add to your last commenter:
FORD = Found On Roadside Dead

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avatar Migraineguy

The 1990 Taurus was a extremely great car or a extremely bad car. Today I know two people who still drive them with over 350,000 miles, never one problem. Then I know of about two people who’s never lasted 100,000.

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