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Free Identity Theft Monitoring for AAA Members

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If you’re an AAA member in California, Hawaii, New Mexico or Texas, you’re suddenly eligible for a free credit monitoring service, provided by Experian.

While I was looking through the fine print (a free service for you provided by ConsumerismCommentary.com), I found this, which gave me pause:

You are receiving a complimentary credit monitoring membership. Your membership is effective for the period disclosed to you when you received your activation code. Should you choose to discontinue your membership for any reason before expiration of the then applicable membership term for which you are entitled, you may cancel your membership by calling the toll-free number listed on this Web Site or the toll-free number listed in the welcome materials sent to you. Please be aware that if, at the end of your promotional membership, you decide to continue your membership for a monthly/annual fee, you will have an opportunity to re-enroll at a separate website with different Terms and Conditions.

But the e-mail I got from AAA stated:

This benefit is complimentary to AAA members—there are no hidden fees or charges. You won’t be asked to provide any payment information when you sign up.

There was an offer along the way to see my credit score for $5, but I’m happily using the free CreditKarma service for that.

When it was all done, there was a big button labeled “View Credit Report”, which isn’t the same as “identity theft monitoring”, but for all of our sakes, I clicked it. Thankfully, there was a menu option (all the way at the top, very small font) for “Credit Monitoring”. Here’s what you actually get:

  • Daily Monitoring of your Experian Credit Report
  • Email Alerts of key changes to your Experian Credit Report
  • Dedicated Representatives for Identity Theft Victims
  • Experian Credit Report

I love e-mail alerts, so I’ll be keeping this on for a while, and I’ll report back on its usefulness.

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avatar Mark

How nice! Wonder why it’s just those four states, though. If anyone from AAA Mid-Atlantic is reading this, this perk would go a long way towards keeping my business come renewal time again next June…

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avatar Paul

And if you are a premier member you automatically get $10,000 in identity theft insurance.


I’ve had the credit monitoring for about 9 months now, and its caught the few things that I would have expected (hard credit checks).

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avatar Eric

Yay CA is one of them :)

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avatar Constance Plouffe

Being a AAA customer from Texas and having free idtheft coverage is a bonus.

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avatar Margaret E. Ferguson

I am trying to sign up for free identity thieft protection….but am having trouble; i do not want a new credit card or cards. Please help me.

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avatar Margaret E. Ferguson

i am trying to apply for free identity theft protection. I do not want a new credit card or cards….just want to get id theft protection. Please help me.

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avatar Nancy L. Swanson

I am surprised to see a FREE service for theft monitoring. I have paid for mine and wondering
if there is a difference in the services. My customer ID is 280 275 532. I am trying to
reset my identifying information and am not successful. I’d like to get into my ongoing
information. Please help. Nancy Swanson

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avatar Marie C Martinez

I read in the AAA Magazine that as a member I can receive FREE theft monitoring. I do not want any new credit card and you say this service is free. I have been a member for 24 years.
Can not find anyplace on this site to sign up. Please respond.

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avatar Charles E. Burns Jr.

I have been a member for 45 years and would like to enroll but there is no place to sign up

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avatar Charles E. Burns Jr.

Would it be better to go directly to the AAA office to sign up as there is no place on this website to sign up

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