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FREE: The Maui Millionaires by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy

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Last week, I reviewed The Maui Millionaires by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy. I pointed out the book’s shortcoming (sales pitch) as well as some of the advice hidden beneath this slick veneer. Here’s your chance to see for yourself without the risk of paying for the book. I have one copy (the copy that was sent to me for review) to send to one commenter. The box is already packed, and I’ve included a bonus item for the lucky recipient.

You can comment more than once, but you’ll have only one shot at being selected randomly. Here’s a question you can answer so you have something to write other than, “I want the book.” The Maui Millionaires seminar is a retreat where you can mingle with other like-minded people for the low, low price of $30,000. What individual, dead or alive, would you pay $30,000 to meet (if anyone)? I’m assuming that if you choose a dead person, you would prefer to meet that person at a point when they were still alive.

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avatar mstein88

Jennifer Aniston — circa 2001. I’d settle for the ’07 version though!

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avatar Jeremy

I’d like to sit down with Albert Einstein to discuss his thoughts on String Theory. I would not pay $30k to do it though.

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avatar Chris

Well, given the $30,000 price-tag, I think you’d pretty much have to go with one of the Big Guys. So, I’d probably go with Jesus. I’m not actually very religious, it’s just that he’s the most popular of his ilk, and, hopefully, something about our time together would give me enough to write a book about that would surely net me more than $30,000, if anybody believed me.

Of course, any spiritual awakening or whatever would be fine, too.

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avatar Tony D

I would pay 30K to meet myself (again) 10 years ago and tell myself exactly what investments to make.

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avatar Matt

If I had the $30K in the first place, I’d really like to meet someone like Jon Stewart. He’s developed the comedic timing and treatment of material to create a cultural landmark. I’d love to know how he does it, plus what he *really* thinks about the world.

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avatar Dave

If I had that much money to blow, Randy Rhoads, definitely.

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avatar Josh

Tiger Woods

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avatar John Y.

If I had that kind of money, I would probably pay the money just to say that I paid that much money to go hang out with other rich people.

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avatar brett

Assuming that the person I’m sitting down with gets to keep the $30K, I guess I’d meet with my wife. We don’t spend enough quiet time together, plus we’d still have the $30K.

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avatar Jason

Interesting question…hmm. Not sure at this point. Sounds like an interesting book, though.

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avatar MillionDollarJourney.com

Benjamin Graham, the father of Value Investing.

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avatar Michael Monaco

I would love to meet Jesus so he can heal me. I’ve been sitting in this chair way to long.

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avatar Phil

I like the idea of paying 30k to meet myself 15 years ago. That or pay my wife the 30k to hang with her. I guess it’s just not worth it to me to meet with someone for 30k. Cheaper to just read about them.

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avatar Dave

I’d want to meet DaVinci

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avatar Teresa

I’d pay 30k to meet YOU, flexo!

…can’t wait to read the book!

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avatar Poorer Than You

I have already met the man, very briefly, but I would pay $30,000 for a sit down session with my favorite writer, Joss Whedon.

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avatar bob

Ben Franklin

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avatar Leo Babauta

Shakespeare. The guy’s genius is unmatched, except perhaps by Cervantes or Jesus.

My other option would be my grandmother (my dad’s mom), who died when my dad was 12. I’ve always wished I knew her when she was alive.

I don’t want a copy of the book, tho. I’d like to read the Wealthy Barber, Total Money Makeover, or some of the other books you’ve reviewed tho. Great job on the reviews.

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avatar jay

Hmm if I had 30k, I’d probably wanna kick it with Jesus for a day.

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avatar Savvy Steward

30k is too steep for me no matter who it is.

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avatar HeatherP

I wouldn’t pay 30k to meet anyone famous – their egos are generally inflated enough already.

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avatar Bobby

Interesting question. I don’t know that there is anyone I would pay $30k to meet. I would say the interesting choice above is Jesus, but he wouldn’t charge $30K. And unless it was going to net me at least that much, I don’t know that even meeting Buffett or someone of the sort would be worth it. I don’t think Buffett would pay $30K to meet someone, but I could be wrong.

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avatar Omar

I’d probably say Benjamin Graham if it were a meeting for financial and investment advice.

For entertainment, I’d definitely want to meet Stephen Colbert.

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avatar MoneyFwd

Jesus and DaVinci are both good. I think I’d go for Plato though.

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avatar Laura

I would probably pay 30000 bucks to meet any person mentioned in the Bible. (yes, that includes random geneologies). After all, I’m a religion major in college, and any first person account of the time of Biblical composition/narrative would probably net me more than 30000 bucks, in the long run, of book sales and lecture revenue.

Alternately, someone really rich who I would charm so very much that they would totally want to give me more money than I paid in the first place.

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avatar Beth

Billy Graham – he has been a mentor with heart for many

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avatar Jon

I tried to pay more than $30,000 to meet Warren Buffett, but I was outbid on the auction to have dinner with him. I have met him at the annual Berkshire meeting, but a simple handshake isn’t enough for me. I would love to delve into the mind (and would pay whatever the cost to do so) of the world’s smartest investor.

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avatar Adil

I honestly can’t think of anyone that I’d pay $30k to meet. I would much rather blow that on a 2000+ Corvette!

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avatar Dorky Dad

If it’s not my $30k, I’d be willing to spend it to meet any number of historical figures. Since you asked for an individual, I’ll go with Thomas Jefferson.

I’d be hard-pressed to come up with anyone I’m willing to spend my own $30k to meet.

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avatar Clever Dude

If I paid $30,000 to meet Jesus, then that means I’m probably dead and money doesn’t mean anything anyway.

I like the answer that I would meet myself 10 years ago.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind meeting either of my grandfathers.

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avatar Yo--Yo Mama

Ok I can’t resist – I have a few:

a. Have dinner with Jesus and bring DaVinci along to paint the portrait of the entire dinner party – thus 30K – 2 (or at least 13)for the price of 1
b. Bill Gates in his garage circa 1968 (knowing what I know now of course) I’d recoup that 30k and then some pretty fast after meeting up with that team at that point in time
c. Take a long and conversational stroll with Einstein on a beautiful day in May at the Institute in Princeton (this is number one choice)

Please send book to someone more worthy!

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avatar waypoint

Mohammed, and tell him how the religion he’s spreading will be misinterpreted.

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avatar moneysmartlife

Christopher Columbus. Talk about emerging markets, this guy bet his life on finding the new world. It took a lot of guts and sheer persistence for him to succeed. I’d love to know how he kept himself so motivated.

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avatar The Digerati Life

Uhhh. I’m not fond of meet ups. Unless there was some sort of connection made before (such as bloggers conventions, that’s ok). I can’t believe people would pay any money to meet others. But let’s see. If I had the spare money, I’d like to pay to see Clay Aiken. LOL. Don’t laugh. Just take it for what it is.

Ok. laugh.

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avatar Richard

I would go with either Walt Disney or Jim Carrey.

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avatar Matt

I think I would pay 30K to hang out with Larry David for a day.

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avatar Daniel Waterworth

…I’ll take the potatoes and leave the meat. I’ve long held “embrace the good,steer clear of the questionable”. There’s a little voice in each of us that “red flags” hazards, we need to tune in! Daniel

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avatar Lazy Man and Money

Bill Belichick. Even then I probably wouldn’t pay $30,000 for it.

It would be nice to meet Honus Wagner and try to buy some of his baseball cards from him. That would be a pretty nice return when I woke in today’s time.

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avatar Olaf Garcia

John Stewart or John T Reed

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avatar George Kent

I would like to meet my 3rd gr-grandfather Levi Kent (1787-1856). I have been doing my family genealogy for the last 7 years and his life impressed me very much. I would like to find out how he and his family lived. It would make one hell of a book.

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avatar Ybafamily

I would appreciate a copy of the book. But for $30,000 I would like to meet the Dalai Lama because then I would feel enlightened and inspired. Thanks for this opportunity.

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avatar Shay

I would want to meet someone that by simply being in their presence for whatever amount of time 30k buys me… I would net at least 10 times the amount spent… now thats roi! For those that want to meet Jesus… you will soon enough,or not,lol!

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avatar kevin

30k! I think I know how they became millionaires. A new sucker is born everyday, and these folks know how to skin folks.

I bet I could make more money with that 30K buying lottery tickets.

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avatar Tom

I heard that Finkel is almost bankrupt. So much for Maui Millionaires!

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