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Updated: Get Out of’s “Triple Advantage”.

This isn’t the first time, but now the State of Florida Office of the Attorney General is investigating You’ll notice I don’t link to the site. This site, run by credit reporting agency Experian is taking advantage of the ruling that anyone can receive a free annual credit report from each of the three major agencies. is not the website that offers free credit reports in conjunction with this directive. It’s misleading, and here’s the fine print on the site:

When you order your free report here, you will begin your free trial membership in Triple AdvantageSM Credit Monitoring. If you don’t cancel your membership within the 30-day trial period, you will be billed $12.95 for each month that you continue your membership. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time to discontinue the membership and stop the monthly billing; however, you will not be eligible for a pro-rated refund of your current month’s paid membership fee. has been investigated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and has been required to pay a significant penalty. However, they apparently have been allowed to keep operating.

The only way to get your free annual credit report is by going through To check your credit score for free at any point, you can use Credit Karma.

If you have already exhausted your free annual report, you can sign-up for a 7-day free trial at You’ll receive three credit scores and well as three credit reports (with an easy option to cancel if you choose not to keep the trial membership), access to your scores each month and daily credit monitoring to help protect your Identity and Credit.

Hat tip to Red Tape Chronicles for the news about the Florida AG investigation.

Updated August 17, 2016 and originally published November 16, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

It seems to me the whole credit reporting industry is a scam for consumers. The big three aggregate your personal information then charge you to look at it!

The credit reporting services they provide are valuable to businesses. The industry should make their money off providing the information for these businesses but reports for consumers should be free of charge, 24x7x365.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

You _do_ get one free check per year, by law, on

They won’t tell you your “credit score”, but they will give you the “data dump” part of the credit report. For money, you can also get your FICO score (which is your “real” credit score and comes from the FICO people, and is a separate outfit from the three credit bureaus).

We always do the credit check on the day before our anniversary so I remember, er, both :)

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

Right. Note the distinction. AnnualCreditReport = good. FreeCreditReport = bad.

Actually, you can get three free credit reports each year from, one from each of the major reporting agencies (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax). Put a reminder in your calendar once every four months to get the latest info.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Good info. I use to get my information on this.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

We do them all three at once. I hadn’t thought about doing them one-by-one – it’s a good idea…

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I’ve been trying to “unsubscribe” from the credit monitoring on the “free credit report .com “site since I read my first report and have gotten nothing but the run around! It’s nothing but a scam as far as I can tell. is free and legally available to everyone.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

I had the same problem as you except I never subscribed in the first place. I received from them a monthly statement on a bogus account. (Their attempt to make it look legit) So I called the 1-888-294-9477 customer care number, talked to someone who tried to run me into circles. They passed me on to a supervisor who said they would cancel the account (ghost account, that is) and reimburse me for the last 6 months. If I wanted a full refund I would have to contact: Douglas Sash VP of Customer Care PO Box 19729 Irvine, CA 92623. So not only did I contact my bank to cut them off, filing a fraud alert through them but I fired off a letter to Mr. Sash, demanding my full amount back. So far I have just received the six month amount. But I also sent letters to the Minnesota Attorney General’s office and the Attorney General’s Office of California which has replied that they have forwarded my complaint to and that the state is opening an investigation against them. Evidently this company has had a field day scamming people from all over the country. I hope my info helps you in your cause fro justice.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Good for you. I commend you for standing up to these but wholes. They are nothing but grifters, operating in a grey zone. Some day, there will be a massive class action suit awarded against them, there are already attorneys working on it. However, for now, they continue to victimize the naive and innocent. How did they get your CC info in the first place?

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avatar 9 Anonymous

The only thing I figure is that I had requested one of my free yearly credit reports and chose Experian. They would be the only one with my personal info. My banker told me that companies like that sell the information to other companies like Free Credit Report. Hello? Illegal much! I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and I hope others complain just as loudly.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

i just got off the phone with an agent from my credit card company and someone from the phone call lasted 24 minutes and i still don’t think i will be getting all my money back. i will, however, be getting the all important cancellation number! last october i went on the site and i had put in all my information, includung my credit card number, but i then changed my mind and exited the web site before clicking on the icon to see all three credit scores and reports.i guess that didn’t matter because i was charged anyway. i called in november and the person i talked to said that he could see that i didn’t view my scores or reports and that he would credit me halve. i told him that would not be acceptable and i woulg file a dispute with my credit card company. i did and they relented and gave back the entire $19.95. i did not check my credit card statements for november or december or january for that matter. it was only when i was looking over my year -end summary that i noticed i had been charged 3 more times. that is how we got to today and my three way call. my advice is don’t go on the site at all!!! i did learn something today about credit cards though. i asked the agent for my credit card company to issue me a new card with a different number so they could not charge anymore and he told me that any recurring charge is automatically given the new number so that wouldn’t work!!!!!!!

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avatar 11 Anonymous

update, i never did get the cancellation number. the woman said she would e-mail it to me. when i called again i was told i would get it within 24 hours. guess what! it has been more than 24 hours and still no cancellation number. i am not one to take things lying down. i have written a complaint to the better business bureau ( they rate this company an “F”) thier lowest score. I have written to my senator, ihave called the attorney general in my state and i am not done yet.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Regarding some of the postings about, in my opinion it is a scam.
Ilogged onto their website out of cuiosity and, before long, the information I was asked to submit to do so resulted in a monthly charge to my credit card, even though I distinctly stopped short of ordering any services from them.
After I complained, they did agree to remove the charge from my account and credit it. I have yet to obtain the credit from them. Don’t visit the site, unless you want to take you curiosity for permission to begin billing you for things you have not specifically ordered.

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avatar 13 Anonymous


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avatar 14 Anonymous

can you please please tell me how to get a hold of these crooks!! They keep charging me the fee that I never agreed to and I can’t stop them! thank you so much!

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avatar 15 Anonymous

I, too, have suffered because of the deceptive advertising and fraudulent inducement policies of By the way, I, too, had to threaten legal action before my account was closed — and have since retained an identity theft atty. The site, by the way, is owned by Jeffrey Applebaum, Pres. and Co-founder, and operates under another dba Jeffrey Applebaum lists a 516 (Boca Raton, FL) phone # as his contact info. He feels that all his customers (consumers) are idiots — and does not honor a request to have unauthorized charges billed back. I think he is a MAJOR THIEF!

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avatar 16 Anonymous

yea i got this thinkin it was free

i ended up gettin charged for 3 months whitout realzing it

so my freecreditreport cost me about 37 bucks

please this company needs to either do something about their misleadin title

or they need to be shut down

its ridiculous

imagine if i hadnt checked my accoun or imagine thousands nation wide who just wanna get their report and think that after that theyll have no worries

SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THEM even tho its 36 bucks for me

they have commercials and pop ups on the internet and online advertisments,

so i know thousands have been robbed blindly


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avatar 17 Anonymous

Free Credit Report .com has ruined my credit rating and the low interest rate I was getting on my credit card. We were doing some finance work and they suggested we use Free Credit Report .com for credit info. Using the link we did, we missed the fact that you have to cancel the membership within 15 minutes of using it. Of course you have to enter your credit card. We haven’t used a credit card for 6-8 months.

Our street mailing box had some security issues so we had all mail forwarded to a P.O. Box.
Credit card statements say not to forward. Because we weren’t using the card, we didn’t know that charges were racking up along with being late with the payments. Now our credit has been changed from 5.9% to 29.9% and our credit score dropped 50 points.

Never use a “FREE” credit service. Nothing in this life is free and could end up costing you for the rest of your life.

“Stupid ME”

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avatar 18 Anonymous

I called the 877 # after being charged $14.95 for two months. I spoke to a Kyle(female), who was very courteous on the phone; I requeswted immediate cancellation and refund of both months. Kyle informed me that my “contract” stated a 7-day trial. I argued that it was a scam, again demanded full refund. She demurred, ergo I ask to speak to her supervisor. Now, you will be left on hold for up to 5 minutes, be patient. When she finally came back on line, she told me she had “spoken to her supervisor,” which is ofcourse bogus. She did cancel my Subscrptn, credited me $14.95; I informed he that I accepted this, but would continue — by mail — to get a full refund and report them to BBB and my La. Att. Gen., Buddey Caldwell. She immediately credited the other month, requested that I not pursue further, to which I agreed(yeah, I’m a wuss).

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avatar 19 Anonymous

thanks for letting me know the deal about sincerely hope that other people find out about this scam.

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avatar 20 Anonymous

I called them just now, at about 945am EST. He initially tried to tell me I had signed up for this service, but I ended up getting my money back.

1) The person had an accent; I asked if he was in the United States. He replied, “Yes, we are in California”. I asked him again, “Are you personally in California? It’s 6:45am there right now.” He responded, “Yes, we are based in California. It is 645am right now.” Obviously, I deduced that it was a call center, probably out of South Asia, based on the accent.

2) I calmly told him that while the website appeared to clearly state the disclaimer language now, this was definitely not the case when I signed up for one credit report. I also noted that I had kept all the emails I received from Triple Advantage, and that none of these contained any disclaimer language.

3) I informed him that I merely wanted my money back. A google search of “” came up with a huge number of hits mentioning fraud. Given this, the unauthorized charges, and the emails I had, I was very confident that my local criminal authorities would agree with me, and not him, that fraud had occurred. I would be pressing charges if I didn’t get a refund. He told me that he needed to talk to his supervisor.

4) Voila! He returned and told me that “as a courtesy”, I was receiving my money back. I am definitely holding onto records of this, as these guys are snakes.

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avatar 21 Anonymous

yes indeed! free credit report is a scam. i had to have my bank credit back the charges i incurred after they said they would credit my account and did not. this company is shady, and i suggest people do not even link on to their website.

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avatar 22 Anonymous

first they charge you one dollar to do something or other then bill your bank the very next minute you give them you info. I NEVER DID RECIEVE A CREDIT REPORT AND BY THE WAY my bank statement time and dated this transaction. they take your money before you actually give permission BIG SCAM CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS

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avatar 23 Anonymous

I was ripped off by these people, too. They charged me $54.40 within the first 10 minutes. When I called, the customer service rep, he hung up on me when I told him what happened. I called back, and the lady said I had bought two reports. I told her I had not and wanted my 30 day “free” trial period to be cancelled. She would not cancel it. When I threatened them with a class-action lawsuit, they finally cancelled it, but were not going to process this until the day after my 30-day “free” trial period ended, which meant they were going to charge me for the month.

I called my Attorney General’s Office and asked them to mail me a complaint form. They never did. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Southland, CA. They told me they were closing my file, since the company chose not to respond.

I went to my bank and told them that I wanted to file an affadavit for fraudulent activity in my account, and wanted to fill out Federal Regulation E form, as they have to reverse the charges under this if it is within the first 60 days. They reversed the charges and they filed the dispute.

These people had a class action lawsuit against them in August of 2005, in which they had to refund people’s money and the FTC also fined them $950,000.00. They continued to practice deceptive advertisement ads. In Jan, 2007, they were fined another $300,000.00, by the FTC which is not considered a fine, penalty, or an admission of guilt. These people CONTINUE to rip people off. They go by experian, CIC,, CreditExperts, Credit Manager, CIC Triple Advantage,, and now it appears that they have a new website, in which there is NO disclaimer, and they use the word “free” 14 times. It seems that no one wants to do anything about it because they are owned by Experian and they are one of the three major credit bureaus.

I went to “” and I wrote my congressmen, the president, and had it posted for 30 days. I suggest that everybody else do this, as this is outrageous they these people are getting away with this!

Someone who is pro-active

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avatar 24 Anonymous


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avatar 25 Anonymous

How to unsubscribe from
I found this after more than 40 minutes looking at their website. In the “Site Map”, under “FrreCreditReport” -> “Contact Us” (, they have this:
If you would like to cancel your membership, for your security, please call our toll-free number at 1-877-481-6826.”
I hope this can help.

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avatar 26 Anonymous

In regards to, they are a scam. They took my money without my permission. For those who they owe money to, call the Irvine Police Department Irvine, Ca and they got my money back in one day. They are great.

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avatar 27 Anonymous

I work for it is not a scam. the website states in the same size font as the rest of the page. right on the front page that the first 30 days are free and you need to call and cancel before those 30 days are up or else you will begin a monthly membership charge of 12.95. because not only do you get a new report and score everyday they cover you with 50,000 dollars in identity theft insurance, they give you access to experian’s online dispute process, they monitor all three bureaus for you on a daily basis and send you out alerts so if things come up on your report you dont recognize you can dispute them before they can effect your credit. This company has helped me through so much , my son was diagnosed with leaukemia and the company did so much to help us through that troubling time. Our benefits are top of the line they gave me time off work for the hospital visits. and if not for them my son would not have got the treatment he received. he is still battling the sickness and the company is still right there helping me through it. it is not a scam. they give you a chance to call and cancel your membership before you are charged. nobody forces the 6 million people that sign up a year to sign up. and they definetely dont trick you. it does upset me that so many people do come out of this with a bad taste in there mouth but that is usually the result of those people being scared by other people who like to scream scam just to act like they know what they are talking about. it is a legit company. and many many employees and their families like mine. depend on their job there.

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avatar 28 Anonymous

be shame with what you write

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avatar 29 Anonymous

how long have you worked for these scumbags, mister EMPLOYEE? It is a scam and uses much deceptive advertising, including bogus ads on Craigslist for apartments that don’t exist, which require a “free” credit report, obtained of course from your bogus company. Just because they supply the food you and your family stuff into your pieholes does not make them legitimate. also, I notice you don’t speak English too well. where are you? india? thailand?

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avatar 30 Anonymous

I went to your stinking website on 9/21/10 and ordered a $1 credit report; when I saw the $14.95 charge on my account on 9/28 and called them I was informed that it is a 7 DAY TRIAL NOT 30 DAYS AND I WAS ALREADY TOO LATE. So now tell me your crap.

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avatar 31 Anonymous

OK when I went to site and started then it popped up wanting my credit card,
so how is that free……and I have never checked my credit with them.
it states freecreditreport……not its gonna cost you .com
so to all… should mean free

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avatar 32 Anonymous

THEY do trick you sorry about your family problems their health insurancesounds really good they can afford it by bilking people out of their hard earned money IF you can get your people on the phone I would not have been bill for two months got one month back bless their pea picken hearts

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avatar 33 Anonymous

if your company is so wonderful why can’t you cancel when you want? why do they take money that doesn’t belong to them? you are being duped. so many bogus companies treat thier employees well because they are the ones doing thier bidding. thats if you are telling the truth.

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avatar 34 Anonymous

I think that’s wonderful that these crooks helped you so much with your son’s illness, but they do have the monetary means to do that with.

They refused to cancel my “trial” period until my “trial” period was over and I would have had to pay a fourth charge. I did not roll over and play dead like many people do who have dealt with these jerks, and I got my money back.

Problem is, they are STILL doing this, and even started a new website where there is no small print or disclaimer.

This story was recently on the news, as I reported it. Funny, seems like the man who worked for the FTC seemed to know what he was talking about when he (on TV) stated that they have fined these people over $1 million. With the thousands of people that they have ripped off, they SHOULD be able to give you good benefits.

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avatar 35 Anonymous

well thing is there are over 2 million happy customers with the membeship, of course any place is going to try to talk you out of cancelling heck that is most people’s job you can always say no and get the confirmation number. by law the websites have to state the important information. the other site you speak of is probaly a knock off but not connected with the company that runs they have legitimate monitoring alerts and virginia surety insurance gives all customers 50k in identity theft insurance. they arent taking money for nothing you get dispute process, id theft insurance, monitoring alerts unlimited access to your credit report and score and a fraud resolution team. and the info you get comes straight from experian. people could always just go to and for free get all three of their reports once a year but people still choose to get their score and transunion and equifax have websites just like where they offer the same thing nooone complains about them yet they have the same thing “cancel before trial is over or you will be charged” if someone calls to cancel they cancel noone steals money from anyone usually people just don’t read before they put in payment type if more people took the time to read before putting in their payment type it would avoid all this mess not to mention if theyd take the time to call in. im not defending anything here im just saying its not a scam i wouldnt work their if it was a scam. its legitimate and has over 2 million happy customers. i am one of those customers if not for my triple advantage membership i wouldnt have noticed the alerts that let me know someone elses credit was mixed up for mine and i wouldnt have been able to dispute it like i did and fix my credit before it was too late. without the membership i would be lost

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avatar 36 Anonymous

maybe the name should be changed to $14.95/ and then people wouldn’t have a big problem with it.

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avatar 37 Anonymous

I signed up over a year ago and NEVER got any reports. When I did, I could not access the account to dispute the many inaccuracies. Pretty lane if you ask me! They had all my ex husbands BAD credit on my report that I NEVER was a party too. My credit is ruined and they JUST DO NOT CARE!

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avatar 38 Anonymous

I have been paying $28 a month for 2 years now and haven’t seen any of these benefits you mention. A family member thought the same as most commenters here that reports were ‘free’ and was doing me a favor. 2 years and about $600 later I can’t shake these people. If it is true that they refund money at mention of lawsuit, I have been talking to wrong person. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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avatar 39 Luke Landes

Employee: There are reports with the BBB of refusing cancellations during the trial period. Maybe they are old reports and the company or its customer service employees have changed their methods of operation, but between that, and their misleading advertising coinciding with the new law several years ago that established, I’ll stick with the “real deal.” was *obviously* marketed to capitalize on the widespread news that the government was requiring the agencies to offer free credit reports each year. It’s no surprise that customers saw or read the news stories, then saw the ads, and linked the two. Customers signed up believing they were signing up for the free credit reports that the government mandated… and any information that would lead customers to believe otherwise was not easily located when signing up for the service, if it existed at all.

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avatar 40 Anonymous

Gee Employee, If is not a scam then how come does the Irvine Police DEPT have a stack of complaints, the BBS, and the Attorney General is looking into filing charges against them again, they did 2 years ago?

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avatar 41 Anonymous

I too believe I got duped. I was getting ready to buy a house and needed a credit report. I assumed would help me with that. They did not. I walked away unaware they would continue to bill me for something I knew nothing about.

I am cheap and I would not have signed up for anything before buying a house if there was significant and clear information about the program once you type in your credit card.

Sure, they can just say they have a disclaimer on their website. I think a ‘good company’ would want to retain customers with honesty, not deception. There should be a ‘Triple Advantage’ program that I can subscribe to to protect myself from inadvertent charges made to my accounts because of misleading marketing. Guess I’ll just chalk it up as a bad choice and continue not to trust anything that says ‘free’ as I grow in my distatste for this capitalistic society.

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avatar 42 Anonymous

Am calling to cancel my trial membership right now, and have been on hold for 6 minutes. When the guy comes on, he attempts to talk me into keeping the free service for the full 30 days – for about 2 minutes, before I finally have to cut him off and tell him that I just want it canceled right now. Their plan appears to be trying to talk you out of it for as long as possible, hoping that you forget & don’t get it canceled within the 1st 30 days. Keeps putting me hold while his “system” has issues processing the cancelation. 12 minutes into the call, he finally tells me that I will get a cancellation confirmation email, indicating that my membership is canceled on 3/4/08. I ask him to confirm (3 times) if I will be charged 12.95 on my CC on, or after that date. He keeps answering, “yes”, so I ask again, “will, I, or will I not be charged anything on my credit card?” Now, he answers that I will NOT be charged.

For the employee who posted earlier about her sick child, I think it is great that this employer is doing what any employer ought to for their employees, in regards to benifits, etc.

However, if numbers that I’ve read are accurate & this is such a good deal, why would they only have 2 million members when 6 million people sign up each year. That is an incredible amount of churn.

In closing, if anyone out there wants to spend $156/yr to have their credit montitored for them, go for it. Howmany times do normal people need to get a daily update on their credit info? I’ve had one hard pull in the last 15 months
I will choose to use other tools, such as 3 times/yr, or pop in and talk to local loan officers of my bank every couple months. Mine will pull up my info on the spot for absolutely NOTHING. When they have home, auto, and business loans with a client, they also have a vested interest in seeing that your credit is in tip, top shape.

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avatar 43 Anonymous

I got this when i tried to look up the number to cancel my account.

“How do I cancel my membership?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime to discontinue your membership to Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring and stop the monthly billing. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of your current month’s paid membership fee. To cancel, please contact Customer Care at
Site Attribute: [CancelPhone].”

Gee, that’s cute…

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avatar 44 Anonymous

Ihave read these comments and will be phoning to cancel my intial 30 day trial period today (sunday) I will report back with my findings.
Regards B

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avatar 45 Anonymous

well phoned and gave the excuse I was moving back to Scotland and the agent said my confirmation will e-mailed to me in about 2 hrs.
will report back
Regards b

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avatar 46 Anonymous

So I called within the 7 day period today (I ordered the evening of March 4 and tried canceling this afternoon, exactly 7 days later but less than 7 days if you count from the time). the woman on the phone fought with me for a while about when I signed up and how it’s been more than 7 days. I finally gave up and said just cancel it going forward. She said that I shouldn’t do so because I’ll miss out on the remainder of the month’s services. It seems that once you cancel you’re done – so even though you won’t get a prorated refund, you don’t get the full month you’re forced into paying for. Even the porn sites online have better policies than that! Thus, my conclusion – is sleazier than internet porn.

What I’m wondering is, given the bs about it having already been 7 days, has anyone tried to dispute the charge with the credit card company? I used American Express and they’re usually good about such things, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort and whether there may be negative repercussions given the company’s connection to Experian. Will my credit score suddenly drop to 400 or something? Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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avatar 47 Anonymous

File a complaint with your State’s office of consumer protection. I just did after learning that they have a 7 day trial, not a 30 day trial. I honestly had no idea they were going to sign me up for anything until I found an article on the ripoff report.

And yes – I’m disputing the charge and am going to make the b*stards fight me for the money.

FYI, their contact info:
(877) 481-6826

If you want to dispute the charge, you need to fax your complaint to (949) 567-3858. Be sure to CC Experian and your states attorney general.

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avatar 48 Anonymous

I only used Freecreditreport once, and was being charged for it over a year now! I called a lady 3 times to cancel and im still able to log in!!!!The only way is to threaten a lawsuit!!..

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avatar 49 Anonymous

I tried to purchase a credit report from for about $30. I couldn’t finish the registration on the website so I didn’t bother to continue. 2 months later I realized they had charged my credit card. I called them and they refused to provide a refund. So I asked them to just provide the credit report I had paid for, and they refused! A Jefferey Applebaum, who claimed to be the company president, came on the phone and was very hostile and rude. He invented a policy saying I waited too long to call. When I asked him to show me where this time limit policy was on his website, he couldn’t. Nonetheless, he was adamant that I would recieve no service and no refund. He even mocked and taunted me saying there was nothing I could do about it, so I might as well not even try. The way he was acting, I thought it was a joke, but this guy was for real. What a winner. Making millions by decieving and downright stealing. I hope the million they got fined was worth the $30 they stole.

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avatar 50 Anonymous

I signed up with it just last night after being directed to from one of those survey sites. Thought I could just unsubscribe online, but alas. I then found this site and all the reviews, and called the number hidden here ( and was readying myself for a fight. I only waited on the line for less than a minute and got a southern-sounding woman, Wanda. She was actually really pleasant! She went into her “this is why you should stay with us” speil before I said anything, but that’s her job. I told her I signed up as a result of a survey site (true) and already have credit monitoring through my bank (true) and can monitor my credit score daily online with my credit card (true) and by the time I finished that she had already unsubscribed me. Said I’d get an email confirmation. Still haven’t gotten it, but it’s only been about 10 minutes. I’m a little worried it was TOO easy, so if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I’ll call em back. At least the initial experience wasn’t bad!

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avatar 51 Anonymous

These commercials need to stop before I kill my television. They are by far the most poorly produced and annoying commercials that have ever aired. And when I think of how often they are on, at least 2 spots per hour over several networks, it’s obvious nothing about this can be free. The networks aren’t running them as a public service!

I have never contacted nor subscribed to their plan, nor do I ever intend. However, I can assure you that if you’re ever prompted for credit card information at any point in any business for anything “free,” you’re not getting something for nothing and it’s going to cost you in some way down the road.

My guess would be once you provide your personal information, they are making a windfall on not only charging you for some bogus monitoring of your credit, but generating even more revenue by selling lists of their subscribers and thus opening you to further obnoxious marketing and headache from everyone else out there who wants your money.

There certainly appears to be enough dissatisfied and misled consumers here where a class action law suit should be in order, with a cease and desist ruling justified for this type of operation under any alias or company name. If you feel you got screwed, don’t threaten a suit to these guys, just do it!

If finding your credit score is turning into a scam itself, the only message I see being conveyed is “don’t buy anything, ever…including from us!!”

Curious–I wonder if their own fraudlent charges show up on their own report they’re selling to you? Food for thought.

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avatar 52 Anonymous

I too was mislead into signing up for my free credit report and was charged for 6 months of access. I admit to being careless — but only because I took the commercials at their word: “free” means, well, free. I was so easily mislead because I knew there was a place to go to receive my free credit report and voila! tv ads directed me to exactly what I was looking for, or so I thought. I am still pretty naive about tv ads as I thought there was some law about “truth in advertising” in the US.

Anyway, I did finally get out from underneath this and got a full refund for my money. The exact process I took is too long to go into here, but I did write an article and posted it at Associated Content:
if anyone is interested in all the steps I took to resolve the situation. I was so darn upset by it all that I wrote this article to help others in the same circumstance — I hope it helps someone else.

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avatar 53 Anonymous

Thanks for the information from everyone. I accepted the fact that this site is worthless and just continues to charge people every month for nothing. I have since cancelled my account but I still recieve emails telling to login and check my report. I tried to unsubscribe to stop receiving emails but its not listed on their site or in the emails I recieved. I called 888.829.6560 to make sure my account was cancelled and it was. But when I asked to have all of my information removed from their database, they could not do it. They finally gave me information to their Customer Relation Group to contact them to have ALL of my Personal Information removed from their database.

I’m giving this to others, so that you can request to have your personal information removed from their database:
Customer Relation Group
PO Box 19729
Irvine, CA 92623-9729
Fax: 949.567.3858

Please call the toll free number first to get a reference number. The reference number is also located at the bottom of the email you recieved requesting to login again…

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avatar 54 Anonymous

This is too funny… i actually cancelled my “account” a few weeks ago and did not receive any email confirmation… Then all of a sudden witht my phone call today asking to Delete my information, I received an email confirmation TODAY that my account is closed…. This is the email recieved:

We’re sorry to see you go! This email confirms that we have received your request to cancel your three-bureau credit monitoring membership. No further charges will be applied to your credit card.

Should you have any questions or feel that you are receiving this message in error, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-481-6826. For your convenience, our customer care center is open Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. You can also contact us by email at [email protected].

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avatar 55 Anonymous

All the comments here lack personal responsibility. A big personal American trait nowadays. Listen, you are responsible for your own stupidity. If you give your credit card number to a company why would you start yelling scam when you’re charged a fee? This is ludicrous at best. Everything is there in the fine print, disclaimer, etc. You people who are claiming that a legitimate company is a scam and go running to the federal government are making government bigger, restricting others from a good service all because of your silly childish opinion that’s not even based on anything legal. You all have baseless arguments to stand on. So ridiculous and speaks volumes about the mental capabilities of Americans.

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avatar 56 Anonymous

Nice thought! Just so naive.
I had used this sertvice and cancelled 2 years ago. It was marginally useful but not worth the money. Yesterday I recieved my credit card bill and what should show up but a charge from the company. I called to have the charge removed because I had not reapplied. After talking with customer service they said they would refund the payment. Not really satisfied I asked for verification that I had gone to their site and signed up. They gave me their sign up information but, lo and behold, the person that activated the account wasn’t me! I then spoke to a supervisor and she (Helen Employee #25676) told me their security was so good only one person had the information that could have opened the account. That person was me!!!
She then said who else could have this level of information? My reply was her company!!!
Just got back from the local authorities and have hired a lawyer. I understand personal responsibility but I would like to be naive enough like you Tony to believe in corporate responsibility.

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avatar 57 Anonymous

to the fake attorney above / / / / /

Um if this company is SO legitimate then way have they been forced to give refunds PLUS fined over 1.5 million dollars? Did they get fined for being such a respectable company? Great customer support? Timely cancellation?

or did they get fined for:
disrespectful customer service
Untimely cancellations
FALSE TV ADVERTISEMENT!! (against the law)
REFUSING TO CANCEL!!!!!! (probably against the law

If you say that the tv advertisements and fraudulent charges aren’t against the law then ya my first statement at the top is TOTALLY true i don’t have to be a big shoot attorney to tell you that im only 19 and know the law better than that

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avatar 58 Anonymous

I had just this morning gone to I stopped filling out the “membership” form immediately when credit card info was asked for. Keep in mind, everyone, don’t give any financial info unless you are ordering something from a SECURE site-knowing you are going to pay for something. I have had problems with canceling from other companies, so I know what can happen. Am I ever so glad I decided to read this list. The reason why I went to freecreditreport was because I got a notice that some files containing private info was missing from Mellon Investors. Then I got sent to this site to make sure to help prevent ID theft. No way am I going to be charged by anyone for this..

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avatar 59 Anonymous

I am just another customer scammed by They now actually changed the policy to 7 day cancellation! So when I called 11 days after signing up they had already charged me and would not give a refund. As other people have reported the customer service was also very rude.

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avatar 60 Anonymous

Called to cancell just a few minutes ago. I was very courteous as was the lady on the other end of the line. Went thru the awful spiel and was alerted to an incoming mail. hopefully this will all end soon.

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avatar 61 Anonymous uses the same business model as porn sites: lure you in during a trial period and then start charging when you don’t cancel in time. It’s completely legal, just shitty business.

Additionally, uses a different name on your credit card charge (AATrueAdvantage or something insipid like that). So, with several people using the same bank account it took months (and $70) before we realized we were being charged for our “free” credit report. These people are pure crap.

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avatar 62 Anonymous

So far so good, got the confirmation email and have seen no further charges. Next month will be the moment of truth. If there are no further charges, the sham is over and over the phone is a proven way of stopping the charges. We will all just have to be more cautious in the future.

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avatar 63 Anonymous

Contact them directly or visit them at their office location to get back the money they STOLE from you.
18500 Von Karman Ave Ste 400
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 567-3800

Contact them directly or visit them at their office location to get back the money they STOLE from you.

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avatar 64 Anonymous

well, i am a returning member at

i can say that i am satisfied with their services.

you just got to read the information on the website and if you have any doubts contact their customer service. the problem with us is that some of us just click, click, click and doesn’t even read what we are signing up for. read the important information at their website saying everytime you order a freecredit report.. blahblah.

just read.

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avatar 65 Anonymous

I checked my checking account statement today and noticed two charges from Triple Advantage, both $14.95. Did a Google search or two and ended up on this page.

I called this number to cancel my account and get a refund (877) 481-6826

First thing I did was ask for the name of the person I was talking to and her employee ID number. I told her that I wanted to cancel my account and get a full refund. The lady said that she would cancel my account but I could not get a refund. She said that this automatic subscription is stated clearly on the web site, blah blah blah blah blah. I told her that I wasn’t going to stop until I got a full refund. She then offered me a one month refund. I told her that was great, but again, I am not going to stop until I get a full refund and I wanted to speak with her supervisor. She put me on hold to talk with her supervisor, then voila, I got a full refund.

For me, they weren’t that bad when I actually called. Just don’t let them try to convince you that you do not deserve a full refund. Just keep demanding a full refund and hopefully they will do it.

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avatar 66 Anonymous

I also had two months’ of charges to Triple Advantage before I was able to cancel. Phone calls didn’t work because I kept getting put on hold or rerouted to somebody else. So I faxed a letter to 949-567-3858 telling them to cancel immediately and if my credit card was billed after the date of the fax I would file complaints with the BBB and my state’s attorney general’s office. The next day, I received an email verifying my cancellation. I’m saving the email and if they continue to charge my card, I’ll follow up with more formal complaints.

FYI, I was able to successfully dispute the charges with my cc directly.

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avatar 67 Anonymous

So… i am. Having read all of the comments above, and also having just completed my “registeration” at that bullshit web-site, i feel like a complete ass. Needless to say, i have quite the battle ahead of me (by the sounds of it) and i’m not looking forward to it! I cannot get over how utterly screwed everyone is getting, and even-moreso how i still see that jackass on the TV playing his stupid ass guitar and advertising this death trap! Not happy. …Not at all. Best of luck to all who were bent over by

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avatar 68 Luke Landes

Jax: You have a good chance of being able to cancel without problems if you cancel now, before they charge your credit card.

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avatar 69 Anonymous

I too signed up by mistake following a link from First of all the score they give you is useless – it isn’t a FICO score. It is next to impossible to cancel membership. This is a ridiculous scam being perpetrated by a so called credit agency, Experian. We need to put an end to this. Please write your local congressman. The more people we contact, the sooner we can put an end to this outrage

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avatar 70 Anonymous

Deceptive bastards.


If you have already signed up call 1-888-829-6560 right away and cancel!

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avatar 71 Anonymous

Yep, read the fine print!

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avatar 72 Anonymous

I just signed up for the FreeCreditReport service unwittingly and can verify that they are scamming. When I signed up on the phone the rep told me I had 30 days to cancel; but when I call to cancel after 20 they tell me that I had 7 free trial days. I go to the website and the website has changed to reflect this new policy. I insist that that was not the deal when I signed up, so be very wary, these guys will do anything to scam you….and now I am worried that perhaps my financial info is not even safe with these guys…who knows what they do with it.

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avatar 73 Anonymous

They know what they are doing. They do not provide proper access to cancellation information or procedures. They purposefully make it so you have to work to find the number and take the time to call.

I threatened to goto the state attorney general and they refunded my money as a “courtesy”.

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avatar 74 Anonymous

freecredit report is a very good service because it keeps me regulary keep in track of my credit standing. and i strongly disagree that this site is a scam because it was clearly stated that before you submit your order you will be billed if you dont cancel your account within the trial period.

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avatar 75 Anonymous

It is in fact a scam because I haven’t ever been to the website and Im getting charged for use of the website. I have never been there, never will go there and in fact the commercials bug me. Its the biggest scam ever.

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avatar 76 Anonymous

If they actually would honor your request, and cancel your “subscription”, this would not be a scam. But they don’t.

I canceled the day after I got my report. But lo and behold, they charged me anyway. I noticed it two months later on my bank statement. So I called and said I wanted my money returned, and to cancel me immediately.

The response, believe it or not, was that they were not at fault. They had SOLD my “account” to another billing agency, who billed me without my consent.

I informed them that it most definitely WAS their fault, and I never authorized them, or anyone else to draw money from my bank account. I told the girl on the phone that I would start a class action lawsuit if my money was not refunded immediately, and that got their attention.

I got my money returned a few weeks later. But I still reported them to the BBB.

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avatar 77 Anonymous

I just signed up for this a few minutes ago and then of course I started reading all the negative things about it. Everyone already knows how misleading they are so I won’t go on about that except for one thing. On the website it tells you that if you want to cancel within seven days you can. What it doesn’t tell you before you sign up is that you have to wait for an access code in the mail before you can log in. The access code takes seven to ten business days to come. How can you cancel your membership if you can’t even log in. The ploy is that “you can cancel anytime” but without being able to log in you will automatically be charged for the month, even though you are just waiting for your access code. If you have signed up recently (Within the hour) you can probably call and cancel without any problems. I just called and of course I was transferred but the second person was very nice and told me I would receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hrs.

Also, I’m not sure what the membership fee was (most on here say $12.95) but it is currently $14.95. Of course when i went to cancel she told me I would get an extra 23 days on my membership (big surprise). Please tell as many people as you can NOT to sign up and if you do call and cancel then make sure you ask for a confirmation e-mail.

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avatar 78 Anonymous

I just checked my e-mial and guess what? Even though I just called to cancel (the nice man said he would send a confirmation e-mail) they sent me an e-mail saying “Thank you for choosing to continue your membership!!!”

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avatar 79 Anonymous

Well I fell for this also, I signed up on 10-10, good thing they imediately started to spam me, I called them and cancelld my “membership” within the first week, coninued to get spammed by them, I have saved a few emails were I replied to them stating that I wanted all my personal information and email address deleted from their server.

anyway today I find out that the SOB’s charged my account $12.95 anyway even after cancelling.

I just got done filing a complaint with the Irvine police department, tomoorow I call the bank as soon as they are open.

I’ll post the results when I know an outcome.

if all else fails I found out their address, and they are close.

a basebal batt with a peice of cardboard on it makes for a good protest sign.

they also go by this name.
18500 Von Karman Avenue
Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92612

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avatar 80 Anonymous

i think TRIPLEADVANTAGE) is not a scam..they do provide a credit report to their customers and the good thing about it is that they do monitor their customer’s credit report in a regular basis so if there are significant changes that may posted to their experian credit report they will be get updated..ofcourse customer’s should pay for the services that company is doing for their own good..that’s their business..wht do they expect? just got it for free? oh common,you should read the terms and condition if you dont want to be billed!

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avatar 81 Anonymous

how can you get a a fico score when you know that the website is selling a vantage score? you know why? bcoz it was developed by TU,EQ,’s like buying a pizza to mc donalds when u know that they dont offer please..:)

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avatar 82 Anonymous

Got a reply from the BBB today, sems these people have several aliases.

here is the info the BBB provided me.
P.O. Box 19729
Irvine, CA 92623
Contact: Fosmire, Robert
Phone: (888) 888-8553

WIll do an intelius search today and get this guys home address. and phone.

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avatar 83 Anonymous

My wife went to for a “free credit report”, but she thought stopped shot of signing up for anything. A couple of months later I saw a series of credit card charges in the name of




Over a 3 month period they made charges to our Credit Card to the tune of $278.00 for as I see it “absolutely nothing”.

I had no idea who these people were or why they were charging my credit card. Had no contact details.

I called my Visa Card and they cancelled the card and disputed the charges and as I did not know how to contatc the companies involved they also gave me the telephone numbers related to the the credit card charges.

888 840 6301

877 993 6264

877 820 7107

I called the 1st number and got through, they asked me if someone had been to “” my wife said yes she did, but she told she definitely did not sign up for anything, just requested the free credit report (which she never got). Anyway they did say they would return all the charges. And I have emails saying they are doing that.

So as you can see this is definitely a SCAM web site. Keep away from it and never , never put in your credit card details….

I was surprised how relatively easy it seemed to get results from VISA and from AP9* etc etc, whoever they are.. Mind who knows maybe its not quite over yet? Anyway I’ll have a new credit card issued and hopefully away will go the chance of them charging anything further.

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avatar 84 Anonymous

I found it funny that “employee” said that no one forces over 6 million people a year to sign up, then in their next post said they have over 2 million happy customers.

2 million out of 6 million are happy? Doesn’t that say something????

I signed up for a freecreditreport and found a charge on my bank account. I called to speak to someone, who was obviously not within the US as well, and asked that he cancel my account. After talking over to me and speaking to me in a condescending tone, he again told me how wonderful the service was that I had purchased. It might be wonderful, but I don’t have the money for that as a student right now and I can’t afford all these “WONDERFUL” things I guess. Anyway, during the conversation I repeated interrupted him to tell him that I really did want to cancel my membership about 15 times. He talked some more before I asked him if he had canceled my membership and he said that it was my option. MY OPTION??? I can only hope that when I calmly stated again that I would like it CANCELLED that he understood this time.

Beyond the annoyance of outsourcing, I just wish they would sent out a little “Remember your free trial? It expires tomorrow” email so that I had a chance to cancel it, even though I didn’t realize I had signed up for it. Of course, that would dent their income so why would I expect that?

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avatar 85 Anonymous

I received a full refund today, this company is playing the odds that most people wont take the time to report them to the better business beureu, the majority of their customers/ victims just bend over and take it, and do not file any complaints, this is how they stay in business.

I got my credit report, and it ended up costing them money,

I got my 12.95 refunded, and I have had their people on the phone for a couple hours total over the last month, I plan to continue to call them a few times a week just to make sure my account has been cancelled.

their parking lot also makes a great place to dump debris after trimming trees.

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avatar 86 Anonymous

I signed up for the website. I was trying to cancel within the 7 day limit about the 5th day in. I was on hold for an hour with these people with no one picking up to answer my call. I finally called my credit card company and they were able to get someone on the line for me within 10 minutes. Had to say no, no and further more no to their sales pitch but was able to cancel. When I asked for a cancellation number the lady gave me her employee id number. She said I was cancelled. I don’t think they will try anything shady because my cc people have record of me calling wanting to cancell. So my suggestion is call your cc and get them to get thru to these people. It isn’t right when they say you can cancel within a certain number of days and then have you phone call go unanswered. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

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avatar 87 Anonymous

SCAM. “Dear mr emploee with sick kid”. You and yuor family were taken care of by the $ being stolen from people that are being upded into thinking they are receiving a free credit report. no one gives a cr*p that has a bunch of computers “monitoring” credit reports on daily basis and al lthe good things yuor employees allegedly “do” bu tare just a list of computerized taks being done by software.

no one needs a “membership” for a 1-time credit report, nor do they need to be billed $15/month for your software to “monitor” credit reports on my behalf.

bottom line: “Negative Consent” is ALWAYS a scam, Negatove consent is when a slimy company will willingly steal a consumers $, unless the consumer tells them in advance to “don’t steal my $”. If the consumer fails to stop the slumy company, they simlp ysay “cool, they weren’t looking, so lets’ start taking their $”.

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avatar 88 Anonymous

just looked at that frc website for any disclaimers, here’s what i see:

7 days to cancel trial “membership”

Also, what kind of legitimate organization has a trial membership of 7 days to ge tan idea o fa service or product”. Is 7 days any kind of legitimate time period for a trial ?

FRC is saying “if you don’t tell us in less than 6 days from this very moment, WE ARE GOING TO BE RIPPING YOU OFF HA HA HA!”.

DISCLAIMER SHOULD BE PRONOUNCED BROADLY, and maybe the “free” in small print. It’s so obvious how deceitful this is. no one goes to FRC with the intent of signign up for any kind of membership. they want the free eprot that was offered. FREE. IF FRC can’t provide it for free, then they sholdnt be offering it for free. total freakin’ scam all around.

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avatar 89 Anonymous

I just called to cancel my membership and had to wait for 30 MINUTES until a customer service agent would help me. Now, I guess I will wait to see if a charge gets placed on my card? I hate places that make it nearly impossible to cancel!! If I were you, I would avoid this site!!

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avatar 90 Anonymous

YEP. YEP. YEP. I have also learned the hard way that is nothing more than yet another out of country internet scam.

My ordeal is no different that all those listed, BUT if you read this DO NOT FALL FOR IT. And if you do?? Well be prepared to deal with a web site that is usless and only redirects your questions to to a phone number that will never ring through to a person, make you wait (at great length) to speak to anyone at all and then if your lucky enough to speak with anyone that speaks english, hope that the person you are talking to does as you ask after they list off the half dozen reasons why your credit is inaccurate or this is a 5.00 a month off sale… etc and cancell your “free trial”.

As noted in above, the credit world is a total scam. Its geared to people that care about what they have and have built in their lives and take advantage of the trusting.

My advice, as I have just learned myself, FINALLY…. stay away from ANYTHING on the internet that requires you to sign up or pay in advance, ANYTHING, even your own credit!!!

God Bless.

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avatar 91 Anonymous

Wow I feel like a dumbass. I signed up, read the fine print and everything, planning on cancelling after I got my credit score. The site ( made it as hard as they could to cancel. there is no reason they couldn’t have put a button in your account to automatically cancel it as soon as it is clicked. Doing so would save them time. But they try to get you to go over that trial period so they can steal a few bucks from under your nose. Now that I know how hard it will be I am geared up for a real fight for my money.

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avatar 92 Anonymous

it really is amazing how many intelligent Americans cannot read the regular 10 font print paragraph saying they are going to be charged if they dont cancel the membership placed right beside the order button. people are in too big of a rush to read ANY print on ANY website before signing up.and who in their right mind would enter in their OWN credit card information on the computer and EXPECT NOT to be charged! it would clearly ring a bell to look for ANY dollar amount in the paragraph on the first page and the same paragraph is pace where you enter your credit information the charge of 14.95,and in the terms and conditions .ALL WEBSITES HAVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.IF ANYONE TOOK THE TIME TO READ WHY THE CHARGE OF 14.95,IT IS FOR 24 HOUR MONITORING ON YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION FROM ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAUS,YOU AR SENT ALERTS OF ANY ACTIVITY BECAUSE OF IDENTITY THEFT PLUS MANY OTHER BENEFITS .A SCAM??? I THINK NOT!

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avatar 93 Anonymous

It really amazing how you can ask an employee to cancel your membership during your trial membership and they don’t do it. Then when you realize that you are being charged you can’t get credited back. And then the rep that you are complaining to about the first rep not cancelling you does the same thing and says that she will cancel you and doesn’t. HEY! NOW THAT IT REALLY AMAZING!

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avatar 94 Anonymous

Hey employee:

you can stick it. Your company is out to exploit the allure of the word FREE as well as the relatively recent requlations that allowed consumers a free copy of their credit report. Your website and your TV commercials are a bait (on FREE) and a Switch to a chargeable service while spedning 99.95% of your promo message focusing on FREE, with a tiny .05% of your TV ad mentioning “requires membership in Triple Adv”, also without dsclosing ANY price of any membership. Nah, you sc*mbags are pushing FREE message on people and your HOPING that they don’t pay attention to the .05% part of the message at the very end of the TV commercial, OR the fine print BURIED in your website.

If your compan ywas righteous and/or ethical OR even remotely interested in consumer welfare, you would BROADLY announce the membership requirement and price on the TV commercial AND the website.

Don’t go blaming your company’s scheming bait and switch tactics on consumer ignorance, as you and the lawyers and your FRC owner know exactly what you’re exploiting.

LAstly, if it was TRULY a bonafide trial period for the service, you’d allow more than 7 days for cancellation. Nah, you guys are ful of it and sholdn’t even be allowed to stay n business.

There is NOTHING “free” about a your service if it rquires a fee based membership.

Put the kool-aid down and you’ll see that is just a pig with “Free-flavored” lipstick.

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avatar 95 Anonymous

Dear Employee: While I somewhat agree with your statements — It’s true, in this day and age none of us should expect anything for “free”. And, you do have clearly outlined on your Web site the terms of the sale.

However, it is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age that anyone should have to wait on a phone line for 30 minutes….for anything!!! Get a better customer service department or make your cancellation process automatic. That is what is annoying about your site. Your customer service is a joke!! Don’t offer a trial period and then make it a complete hassle to cancel. Hopefully you can pass that information along. Have a nice day.

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avatar 96 Anonymous


My wife got tricked into in the same way, ie: into a default signing up for all those scam services when she thought all she was requesting was a Free Credit Report. I finally noticed various charges on our credit card that I could not relate to anything I rmemebr purchaing. SoI phoned up our credit card fraudline and disputed the charges at the same time requesting replacement of the old credit card so they could not charge it again. The credit card company were very helpful and pulled up all similar charges over the last 6 months and disputed those for me as well. Anyway the different service those scam artists had enrolled us for, over about 5 months managed to rack up charges on our Visa card totalling to about $571. At the time we had no idea what the Visa charges were for so I had to go to credit card company for contact details and they gave me the phone numbers. It finally clicked when I linked the charges to FreeCredit
So I phoned one of the contact numbers, amazing, I got through immediately and said we totally unaware how we had signed up for these services and I asked for all my money back, they agreed politely and gave me a reference number for the call. I was not hoping for much, but to my surprise about 6 weeks later I got all my money back as they reversed all the charges back to the Visa card account. We live in Florida and I read that FL had fined them heavily. Maybe that was a determining factor? So if you get no satisfaction from calling the contact numbers the Credit card company gives you then I suggest you report them to your States business agency for deceptive trading.

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avatar 97 Anonymous

Open your eyes, folks…

The first thing I saw when I went to was a dollar sign out of the corner of my eye.

Clearly stated in about three conspicuous places on the site is the language stating EXACTLY why you are listing your CREDIT CARD NUMBER. DOH!

Learn how to read, cry babies…

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avatar 98 Anonymous

Dear Read:

What are you talking about? Learn how to write. Your comment doesn’t even make sense.

Thanks! Have a great day!

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avatar 99 Anonymous

it’scalled deceptive advertising. IT’s deceptive on all fronts, by leveragign the govt regulation of free annual credit report into a hook to mislead consumers into a “free” report. There is NOTHING conspicuous about their website other than FREE.

Why not call it “$14.95creditmontoring” instead?

BEcause FreeCreditReport is designed to intentionally mislead consumers. IT’s dishonest from the start.

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avatar 100 Anonymous offers only a 9 day trial period. I signed up on feb 13, checked my score and went to cancel and found it very hard to find the section where to cancel. I ended up finding out that you have to call their phone number and cancel it. So thats what i did on feb 16th. which is well within the 9 day trial period. THEN i get a confirmation email and this is what it said:

“We’re sorry to see you go! But we would like to thank you for choosing® as your credit monitoring provider.

This e-mail confirms that we have received your request to cancel your membership. We are currently processing your request, and this change will take effect on 2/22/2009.

No further monthly membership fees will be applied to your credit card.

Rest assured, you will still have unlimited access to the many features and benefits of until 2/22/2009, when your membership expires. At that time, you will receive a final cancellation confirmation e-mail.”

SO basically it takes them 5 days to process your cancellation. So that cuts your 9 day trial period down to a 4 day trial period.


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avatar 101 Anonymous

A couple very quick tips on canceling your service with “Free Credit Report”:

Call 1-877-481-6826 Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Find something to do while you wait for the rep to come to the line; they will make you wait the obligatory 5-10 minutes. Explain that you want to be removed from whatever services they have you signed up for. They will ask for your social and Mother’s maiden name.

Next, they will ask you WHY you want to cancel. Never answer why during this call. Every time they asked me a “why” question, I politely said, “Please remove me from the [service], please.”

The rep will pull up your account, and drone on for several minutes about how important checking your credit continually is. If you believed that you wouldn’t be reading this, so just ignore or you could try interrupting. I just read email while the rep babbled.

They’ll close with, “So you can’t afford $7.48 per month?” or some such. That’s a “why” question so just say, “Cancel me, please.”

Lesson learned: read the small print when dealing with Credit scum bags and do some research on sites such as this one.

Good luck.

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avatar 102 Anonymous

it is all your fault if you are charged do not blame my company which is one of the best companies in America for the service we provide, we will MONITOR your credit so you can know right away if you are being scammed. THIS SERVICE IS NOT A SCAM you know what you got your self into when you signed up unless you were in such a hurry and did’nt read the find print. THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR they treat us well and give good bonuses even in these tough economic times and in these times more than any other it is important for people to have this service available to them and you want to take it away??? how about my kids whom I have to feed and cloth? obviously you dont care about them at all or my livelihood and just so you know MANAGEMENT WILL NOT ISSUE FULL REFUNDS AT ALL FROM THIS POINT AND THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOU INTERNET CRY BABIES AND ALL YOUR POSTING so you will not expect a refund except for one month because that is all we are authorized to do and those of you who say we are scammers well YOU ARE THE ONES TRYING TO SCAM US BY GETTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING so consider yourself lucky to be getting such a great service for only $14.95 per month and stop crying

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avatar 103 Anonymous

To the Employee,

A friendly response to try to help you understand.

1. Many unethical companies treat their employees well. Just because you are happy doesn’t mean your company is doing something good.

2. You are getting a good bonus because your company is making a lot of money, not because it is an ethical company. Just because you make a good wage and provide for your children, doesn’t make what your company does right.

3. It is true that your business is not illegal. But it is unethical. The law prevents crime. It does not prevent unsavory business practices. Your company has had to pay back over $1,000,000 in past law suits because the Federal Trade Commission accused you of misleading customers. When your customers feel misled, and you call them ‘cry babies,’ it shows how little humanity there is in your business practice. Just because what you are doing is legal, that doesn’t make it ethical, and that doesn’t make it nice.

4. Good businesses give refunds to customers who dislike their service or made an honest mistake in making a purchase. Many people trust businesses to be forgiving and friendly. When I accidentally buy the wrong product, or if I purchase something that I don’t like, I can return it and get my money back. Businesses do this as part of better business policy. Your business makes refunds extremely difficult or impossible, so that people who mistakenly made a purchase feel powerless to get their money back. Customers do not deserve to be losing hundreds of dolalrs to your company. Just because they make an honest mistake, doesn’t mean you have to make them pay for it dearly.

5. The people who are writing on this message board are not trying to rip off your service. They did not know they were being charged, and they would gladly not have the service they accidentally signed onto in the first place. Many of them say they tried to cancel their service only to be charged anyway. Just because you are charging them for the service, does not mean they were aware of it and wanted it.

6. Eventually, this type of business activity could become illegalized. I hope your children grow up to join businesses that are built by honest people to provide good products, friendly service, and an understanding approach to business relationships. Just because their parent is involved in an unsavory business, does not mean they have to be as well.

FINAL POINT: Take a good hard look at what’s going on in your company. Take an honest look and really thinkg about it. If you can still look yourself in the mirror every day without being sick, if you can sleep at night without wondering, “Could I be helping to trick thousands of people out of millions of dollars in total?”–then that makes you the living proof of what is wrong with our country. What a terrible human being to have to run into, and to be raised by.

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avatar 104 Anonymous

i just read your comment as well as the post you commented on. WOW what has this world come to? People bickering and saying nasty things to eachother. TERRIBLE. I think we should ALL take a look into the mirror and ask ourselves the simple question – are we acting the way our lord would want us to act? religious or not – you have to have some morals. This is not personaly to you but to anyone and everyone who may read this. what happened to decency and RESPECT

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avatar 105 Anonymous

This is so funny!!! you crack me up!!!!! so I added some comments to your rantings

EMPLOYEE February 21, 2009 at 11:16 pm
it is all your fault (yes I turned on my computer) if you are charged do not blame my company ( how can I be charged by your company if they don’t charge me???) which is one of the best companies in America ( the company is based in America but are you?) for the service we provide (who says this??? you ? what report says this?), we will MONITOR your credit so you can know right away if you are being scammed(your report is off by so many points this report is useless) . THIS SERVICE IS NOT A SCAM you know what you got your self into when you signed up unless you were in such a hurry and did’nt read the find print.(why is it in fine print?? …to decieve) THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED ( I really don’t care if it is the best company you have worked for) FOR they treat us well and give good bonuses ( bonuses for talking to the consumer and misleading them) even in these tough economic times and in these times more than any other it is important for people to have this service available to them and you want to take it away???( on by the way ther real free credit report is sponsored by the U.S. Govt so that is the best) how about my kids whom I have to feed and cloth?( really don’t care ??? how about mine…do you really give a rats ass about my kids…nope!) obviously you dont care about them at all or my ( you got it) livelihood and just so you know MANAGEMENT WILL NOT ISSUE FULL REFUNDS AT ALL FROM THIS POINT ( nope if you get the BBB or a govt agency involved they WILL refund it) AND THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOU INTERNET CRY BABIES AND ALL YOUR POSTING (WAAAAAAAAH!! we post because of your underhanded way of doing business) so you will not expect a refund except for one month because that is all we are authorized to do ( so now you own Experian??? how can you make such legal decisions, I got all of my monies back so this statement is as false as this whole post you previously did) and those of you who say we are scammers well YOU ARE THE ONES TRYING TO SCAM US BY GETTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING ( hey I have an idea….use 24 font maybe bold and in RED and tell potential customers of your deceptive practices and charges up front) so consider yourself lucky to be getting such a great service for only $14.95 per month and stop crying…(ha.hahahahahahahaah you stop crying….you will be unemployed soon if enough people know of your deceptive practices) have a great day ….also I bet you aren’t even in the U.S. you must be in an outside call center. Have a great day my friend….remember the more people (consumers) you piss off the smaller customer base you have!!!! you are doing such a great job at keeping it that way!

OH BY THE WAY the band in the commercial lip syncs :)))) just as phoney as this report!!!



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avatar 106 Anonymous

then let’s just say that your ADVETTIZING CAMPAIGN is a scam..designed to MISLEAD consumers….it’s intentiional and fraudulent. YOUR ADVETISING is a scam designed to mislead…anfd the rip consumers off until they realize that they’ve been scammed. …and you all know it.

Okay. well if your 1495 service is so effing rgeat, that you should advertize it as a 14.95 service that is great…and not mislead consumers.

EQUIFAX has caught on to your act now too..and are doing “FREE FICO REPORT”….for the same misleading reasons that EXPERIAN is misleading consumers also.

Both are misleadnign scams

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avatar 107 Anonymous

I went online just out curiousity. I was told I would receive a code to use on computer through the mail and set up an account. I never received the code but my credit card was charged for the amount of $14.95 and I never ever received a report! THIS IS THE GOOD PART! When I called the phone number off of my credit card statement THEY wanted my SS# and my credit card# and my HOME ADDRESS! Do you think that maybe something is wrong??? Not only that but the phone number on my statement is NOT the same number that is on the web-site. SOMEONE IS OUT TO GET US! BE VERY CAREFUL! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FREE..MAYBE FOR THEM!

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avatar 108 Luke Landes

Hook-line: There’s only one place to get your free credit report: You still have to avoid ads and up-sells, but they won’t try to trap you into an agreement and they don’t ask for your credit card number.

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avatar 109 Anonymous

This happened to me also. Of course I refused to give any personal info. I was then told that they could not find an account under my name. I then asked how they could charge my debit card if I didn’t have an account!!. Something is very wrong here.

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avatar 110 Anonymous

I purchased the “free credit report” through “” and decided to keep the monitoring service for awhile to see how it was. It was good at keeping up with everything. I went to a local bank to get a small loan and the credit score they gave me was 90 points lower than my experian through The score that the bank provided me was from Equifax through Kroll Factual. So I decided to order the the other two credit reports from Equifax and Transunion through the website. The scores it gave me were very close to the scores that it gave me from experian and still 90 or so off from the banks score. I then made phonecalls for the next three hours to Kroll Factual, FICO, Experian, and Equifax. Kroll and Fico were definitely the most helpful. I learned that there are hundreds of models to base your credit on. got my info from Equifax and Transunion but based it on their own module or formula . I also learned that no known creditors use that same formula. A large percent of creditors use FICO and dont even know it. The score you get from ( does not give you a fair representation of your credit score. It would help to use the monitoring service to make that number go higher, but the actual score does you know good but allows them to gimmick you with TV to get your money. I guess the lesson I learned is there are hundreds of modules that can be used to dictate your credit score, most of which are close in their scoring. Before viewing your credit score to make a purchase check with the finance office you are using and do some research. is a good website for info on how to lower your score. is a scam if you are relying on your score but there monitoring service can be useful.

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avatar 111 Luke Landes

LeeMac: The only way to get the real, actual FICO scores used by Equifax and Transunion is to buy them from Consumers are no longer able to buy their own Experian credit score. If you apply for a loan, you’re entitled to a free look at your credit score from whatever source used by the bank. Also, the only place to get the truly free credit *report* from all three bureaus is

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avatar 112 Anonymous

So it appears that after canceling my service (which went smoothly, thank God, it seems most people had a great deal of trouble), I noticed that $1 was charged to my account (granted, I only had $1.69 in it, so that’s probably all they could get) for a credit report. To anyone who’s experienced this before, should I call and try to preemptively avoid charges that may occur when I have more money, or would it likely end at this? I can suffer the loss of $1 for falling for signing up in the first place, but I’d be seriously irked if I lost, say, $571 like another gentleman.

Also, yeah, this junk sucks. Not even cute.

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avatar 113 Anonymous

I knew about the enrollment in Triple Advantage so I decided to look at my credit report and cancel immedialte. I called the number to cancel. The operator tried another sales pitch. I interrupted and said very firmly “Cancel my account, please.” Before I hung up, I asked several times if the account was cannceled. The operator replied “Yes sir, you won’t be charged.”

A few months go by… I was charged 4 times. I called and went through their whole refund process and I got my FULL refund of 59.80.

Keep in mind, this company has been fined by the FCC and has over 2,600 BBB complaints. It’s all a scam. If you try to defend them, you probably work for them. I canceled and they continued to charge me. That is robbery.

If you want more details on my experience and how I got my full refund, see my story at:

Be patient and don’t get angry at the operator. They know you’ve been ripped off.

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avatar 114 Anonymous

I was looking for my free annual report and was brought to this site. I entered all of the information it required. I was then prompted that if I continued I was going to be charged for this account. I declined.

I finally found annual credit report and was happy. Until I saw my bank account the next day. They charged my account even though I never entered or excepted charges.

This withdrawal put me negative in my account and I am incurring overdraft fees out the a** daily.

I read one comment where they stated this was not a scam…….with this many people having issues… I’d say it is a scam.

Do not put in your information even if you do not except the charges they will charge you.

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avatar 115 Anonymous

I wish I had found this site sooner and saved myself from getting scammed by “free” I should take some of the blame for not being observant enough to notice the charges on my account until almost 4 months later. I am very frustrated, as I distinctly remember avoiding checking any boxes committing me to any charges. What a rip-off. I have cancelled my account and am hoping to get my money back.

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avatar 116 Anonymous

Okay, so I completely agree that this website is deceptive. I just signed up to see my score today…and then I also cancelled the membership today, so no problem with the free trial period issue. The operator was actually really nice and fast, too. I figured she would give me some line about how I had to call back tomorrow because my info wasn’t in their system yet, but nope…she just found me and cancelled the accnt. I got her name and operator number in case of future problems.

Anyhow, that being said, my issue with the website is that the front page leads you to believe you’ll get reports from all three agencies if you sign up for the trial period. You aren’t told that you only receive Experian until you’ve signed up. And, at that point, if you aren’t careful you could easily click on the link to request all three without realizing you have to pay for all three without any free trial period. Also, the ads for all three on every single page of this website are obnoxious. As soon as I realized this was really only for Experian, I made the call to cancel. What crap svc. I feel really sorry for anyone who doesn’t pay attn and ends up paying 14.95 per month for one crappy report.

If you’re going to pay for these monitoring sites, shell out five more dollars per month and go for CreditCheckTotal…I used to use them and they seem much more above board and you get all three reports and there are no BS advertisements everywhere. All of these credit check sites are vampires, but some are definitely worse than others…freecreditchecktotal is definitely one to avoid.

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avatar 117 Anonymous

may i ask who in their right mind would put in ccard information expecting something for FREE. I recently signed up to see my credit report and score at I was able to read the “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” right next to the button you click to “sign up” and view your report. I did read that if i wanted my FREE report that I am entitled to once every year I could go to AnnualCreditReport. I also read on the main page of FCR that what I was signing up for a trial period (like many sites out there) and if I did not want to be enrolled into a monthly membership I could simply cancel within the trial period and not get charged. I also READ that it not only gave me access to my report and score but it ALSO monitored all 3 bureaus. letting me know if ANY activity was going on and ALSO provided an Insurance Guarantee if I was ever a victum of IDENTITY THEFT. After reading the site I definitely want to have my credit protected. Did you know that identity theft is the leading crime affecting millions of people. This has been going on forever but nobody talks about it. I would be pretty PISSED if someone stole my identity and all i could do was file a police report and not get my credit back to good standing. I feel that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to know whats going on with our credit being that credit determines what home your able to buy, the vehicle you can get, and not to mention all the credit cards/department store cards. BE RESPONSIBLE – READ – AND INFORM YOURSELF BEFORE SMASHING A COMPANY THAT SEEMS TO WANT TO HELP. I do understand that it cost to have a membership at,, and so on but dont you pay a large sum of money for CAR INSURANCE (legally you have to have this to drive) every month. now even if you dont get into an accident (knock on wood) you DONT get your money back. Now are we knocking down doors cursing at these insurance companies. lets go back to the most basic rule our parents taught us. think before you speak. inform yourself before you judge. I know this site is here to bitch about the company but i deserve to put my two cents in as well. my intention here is inform others.

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avatar 118 Anonymous

Let me guess you work for them right???? yea I thought so :)

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avatar 119 Anonymous

So, what’s even worse, really, is that the scores you get from FreeCreditReport.Com don’t mean anything.

I signed up…paid, knew what I was paying for, and got it. I am now the proud owner of a detailed credit report, and three credit scores (all very similar).

Unfortunately, the numbers that FreeCreditReport.Com provides on behalf of Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are not necessarily the numbers that any of these agencies will report to a lending organization. In fact, despite the fact that FreeCreditReport.Com had an Experian credit score for me of 659, Experian reported 0 (yes, zero) to my bank. The lenders can ask for any model they want, and most of the time, it’s not going to be the model that actually includes everything.

The (extremely polite and patient) CSR at Experian told me the only reason I’d need to know my credit score was “personal curiosity”, and agreed with me that I’m SOL.

It seems it worked…The credit reporting agencies made all of us consumers believe we should know our credit scores. Too bad we all fell for it, since it’s pointless information. Capitalism is working!

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avatar 120 Anonymous

I just found out this morning that $12.95 was being taken out of my account every month since June 2008. I was really shocked because $12.95/month is such a small amount that people don’t see until later that has been scammed from them by these companies. I’m going to look for a way to fight this. I’ll never sign up for anything “free” online ever again. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. God will punish them for scamming so so many people. There are people struggling just to eat in this poor economy nowadays. And those are the people they target because they fool them into thinking it’s “free.” I believe that justice will prevail soon and people will be compensated for the money and whatever problems these companies have inflicted on innocent people.

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avatar 121 Anonymous

I’ve had the same problem as everyone else, with the misleading website and fine print, etc. I was charged 12.95 just like everyone else but managed to get a full refund (well, the customer service rep agreed to it, now I’m just waiting for the update to my statement)

While the situation is obviously extremely frustrating, the solution wasn’t really that hard. **First of all, when dealing with over-the-phone customer service representatives, it never pays to lose your shit and freak out. Remain calm while on the phone and try to be polite no matter how strong the urge is to start screaming at the dumb dumb on the other end of the line. Call the number provided on the website under “CONTACT US” 1-877-481-6826. The representative will bullshit you for a while about how when you read the terms of service, you agreed to the trial period and payment thereafter. Just keep insisting on the fact that you never agreed to it. Eventually she said she cancelled the account, sent a confirmation email, but cannot authorize a refund. At this point, ask for a supervisor. I was put on hold for 5-10 minutes and when she returned to the phone, she said that she went ahead and escalated my claim and a full refund will be processed within 7 or however many business days. DONE. Good luck to you all.

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avatar 122 Anonymous

i hate to tell you but i received the same line a couple days ago. i was supposed to get a cancellation number in an e-mail because they can’t tell that info over the phone.ya right “peggy”. never got the e-mail and i am sure that they will continue to try to get thier $19.95 every month. the only thing to do is close the credit card account to new charges. i also notice that the monthly charges seemto vary from $12.95 to $19.95 for different people. very strange.

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avatar 123 Anonymous

I called to cancel my membership and was also talked to for a long time. The man was trying to get me to keep it. he even offered me half price for the first year and it took a lot for me to get him agree to cancel my memership. FREE…REally???

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avatar 124 Anonymous

Free Credit Report is a TOTAL scam!! I signed up and then they said becasue their website was down I could not get my report and that they would email me when it came back. They wait 7 days to allow you access and by then they charged your card. They lie when you call them . I will never go back or reccomend them to ANYONE

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avatar 125 Anonymous

— credit they stole my money!

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avatar 126 Anonymous

They totally sucks, they charged me with all the title on their website of “free”, and with tiny words of those non-refundable things. And the charge will NOT appears within 7 days of your “order”, so when you realize it, the so called “free period” is passed. What is scam!!

Do not be cheated again!

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avatar 127 Anonymous

Well, I too think that this “business” is a scam. I have been charged $14.98 for services that I did NOT order!!. I had ordered services through one of the credit reporting agencies and did NOT use this company! When I called them to find out what was going on, I was asked for my social security number! I refused to give this to them so they asked for my debit card number. I also refused to give them that. They said that they could NOT find an account under my name and address. After asking them why I was charged since I didn’t even go on to their website to order services,I was told that I must have ordered something from them somehow. I asked how that was possible since according to them I don’t have an account. I have decided to close my checking account and open another one so that they cannot do this to me next month!! Also the States Attorney’s office for the state of Maryland will be notified!!!. I am disgusted with this company.
FREE CREDIT REPORT.COM ha what a joke!

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avatar 128 Anonymous

I signed up for their “free” offer because it said you can cancel “anytime”. As soon as I got the report, I started looking for a way to cancel it. I finally found a number on the faq page for cancelling and called it. It turns out that “anytime” means anytime during their business hours (Mon – Fri 6 – 6 and Sat-Sun 8 – 5 PT). I called again the next morning and it was a completely automated system to cancel. They still offer you a couple of options to continue your subscription like extending your free trial period or giving you a 50% discount for six months, but option three was to cancel completely. Within five minutes, I received an email confirming my cancellation.

I’m glad that I did not run into the problems that others here have seen. At least, not yet. I will watch my bank account for any charges from them. What I do find interesting is that you can enter your SSN, address, credit card information, etc. online, but for “security” reasons you have to call up to cancel. I guess their website security only works during the enrollment process.

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avatar 129 Anonymous

Well I just received my credit card statement and was$24.95. I had checked my credit report, then cancelled in a couple of days. I was told on the phone that i asked to upgrade for all 3 credit reports. I was not ! So, first thing in the morning I am reporting these low life sum bags to BBB.

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avatar 130 Anonymous

Please advise how you reported them as i am in the same boat as you are.
Did you ever get this resolved?

Thank you,

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avatar 131 Anonymous

Yeah freecreditreport is horrible. Experian has gotten many people’s identities mixed up and mines included. They were never able to find me on experian causing many credit reports that were run to come back negative, only when the other two credit companies could find me. In order to fix this problem with experian it delayed me a month, saying i would get a letter to confirm my account. I had to finally call and get the whole thing straightened up. Of course, that also took time and in the end i was charged the month usage, when i only activated it within a week. After calling them to resolve this, which they denied, and claimed that my account was active the day i requested it, despite not being able to access it. I made this point to them that, I was unable to access my account and you can clearly see that, they still refused to refund me. Frustrated i abandoned hope in dealing with this company and their operators who couldn’t speak english clearly.

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avatar 132 Anonymous

It’s a SCAM i tell you.

They sent my report 3 days after I cancelled, which was 15 minutes after i tried to get my erport and was advise and assured i would not get charged. Come to find out they charged my credit card the following day. What is that? I called and spoke to a supervisor and she advise me that i would have to write a letter to a different department and gave me a PO Box or i can fax, but i can’t call, because they don’t have a number you can contact someone and try to get your refund. Apparently they don’t offer a refund to many people and that my case was an exception, but i would have to write or fax. I bet you that the PO BOX and fax number given to me will most likely be open just to be open and not a place you can get your money back. They will most likely sit on your letter or fax and wait until you forget about it! Simple money for them, isn’t it? I’m am impaled by how it was handled, but then again this is how SCAMS are handled!

Is there anyone out there who knows and is able to point me in the right direction in trying to dispute a wrongfully charge on my card???? + no english speaking reps = SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

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avatar 133 Anonymous

Hi, my name is Laura and I am an analyst at Balestriere Lanza, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. I saw your post on expressing a desire to be contacted if any potential class action law suits against Free Credit Report were in the works. Our firm has been investigating Free Credit Report’s potential misconduct for several months and would be interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience at [email protected] or at (212) 374-5400 x 133.

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avatar 134 Anonymous

Our office has been charged for free credit for about 6 years. We finally discovered that one of the secretaries failed to cancel. It should never have been charged to our account.

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avatar 135 Anonymous

This must be how pays for their commercials. I had the same experience – I went on their website , tried to cancel and was told over and over again that there is no refund available for the $14.95 they charged. THIS IS HOW THEY PAY FOR THEIR COMMERCIALS!!! With $$$ they get for doing nothing for their customer. What a scam.

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avatar 136 Anonymous


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avatar 137 Anonymous

You work there but you don’t even know those sites are all run by separate enties? Wow…

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avatar 138 Anonymous

Jason’s solution works for me. they finally say they will refund my first charge $14.95. But i am still fighting to get my second charge which leads me buy three credit score report. that report make no sense at all. the credit score is useless. be careful for this site.

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avatar 139 Anonymous

This is the biggest scam ever save your money! they will take money out of your account with out your permission and then it is hard to cancel membership.

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avatar 140 Anonymous

I just wanted the 1 month membership and decided not to call after the 1 week trial, as of now, it is 1 week, not 9 days like some of you are saying. I just noticed my credit card being billed 99.95$ for the annual membership, so for the ones that said this is not a SCAM, I have a clear example that THIS IS A REAL SCAM! I called them just now, today is day 9 after I signed up, and they said, sorry but we cant give you a refund, I read all out to the rep that the website clearly says that after 1 week you would be charged a monthly membership not a year one! I was so furios I could not believe they really were trying to steal my money! I asked to speak to a supervisor and after going over the situation with him again, he said, fine we will refund you the 99.95$. I would never ever use their services again!

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avatar 141 Anonymous

There is no way you were charged for an annual billing rate. You can’t get that unless you call and ask for it. I have an annual account and it’s only $79.95 and it has been for a long time. Get your facts straight.

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avatar 142 Anonymous

Hey, how many of you idiots actually read the important information on the site before signing up? I did and it told me I had to CALL in to cancel within 9 days. I also noticed that it ASKED if I wanted to upgrade to a 3 bureau report for $24.95 and that it would charge me immediately for that. I pressed the button that said no thanks. You people who think this is a scam are too stupid for your own good. And that lawyer needs to do some research before she starts asking about a class action suit. It’s simple people, READ before you give someone your credit card info and quit complaining when you don’t.

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avatar 143 Anonymous

Hi George Jetson. How long have you been working for those scumbags?

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avatar 144 Anonymous

So you feel that everyone that has a good experience with this company must work for them? No, I just pay attention to what I sign up for.

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avatar 145 Anonymous

you are a damn liar. and why so bitter? you didn’t find many victims today? perhaps you don’t work for them as an employee, you are probably one of the scumsuckers who direct innocent victims to their site for a piece of the action. where do you post your fictitious listings? on craigslist, maybe? also, nobody has a good experience with this website, except the slimeballs like yourself, who profit from the naivete of the innocent people who are victimized by these parasites. have you ever considered working for a living, instead of victimizing the innocent?

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avatar 146 Anonymous

first you call me a liar and then you call me bitter? I think you may need to look in the mirror. I believe you may be the bitter one because you didn’t look before you leapt. Like I said in my original post, read the information before you put your credit card info into any site and you won’t get “ripped off”.

avatar 147 Anonymous

Haha, I did not get taken by them, George Jetson, you moron. I have more brains than that. But some people are much more innocent and naive than I am, and I am trying to help those people. Every time you defend this scumsucking company, you make it more and more clear that you are either employed by them, or you are one of their click through fraudsters. I seriously doubt that you are the satisfied customer that you pretend to be. How do I know that? They don’t have any satisfied customers. They have only victims who are trying to get their money back.

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avatar 148 Anonymous

I agree with George Jetson. We need to be responsible for our own action. Saying that ‘I am not aware of that”is not an answer. That is why before everyhting else is done, there are what we call terms and conditions. In the first place, nobody forced you to sign up. It was your choice to know where you stand in your credit. THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE! If you accidentally hit a person crossing the street, you cannot just say Ï was not aware that he would cross the street”. You have to be caustious at all times. Especially, you are providing your credit card information. Read discaimers and terms and conditions, there are reason why they are posted on the website. Don’t blame your own mistakes to someone. Accept it that you did not read the disclaimers and terms and conditions and move on!

avatar 149 Anonymous

Can you honestly say a site called “FREEcreditreport” that auto signs you up for a billed service and only allows you to cancel via phone is not a scam? Yes people should be more careful but that doesn’t mean the site isn’t a scam.

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avatar 150 Anonymous

If you cancel within the trial period you do receive a free credit report. It’s not a scam, it’s what they call negative option marketing. Many companies do it, people just need to take responsibility for their actions.

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avatar 151 Anonymous

Wrongo. I tried, they give you a false report. I compared it to the authentic one from

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avatar 152 Anonymous

Tell me, George, if you are not affiliated with these slimeballs, why do you keep defending them? Just because you are a satisfied customer, correct? hahahahaha.

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avatar 153 Anonymous

Yo George. I never visited the site, never gave out credit card info, never knew what was going on until I read my bank statement. My banker told me that there are unscrupulous internet companies that sell credit card numbers and names to OTHER companies to be used at their discretion. So obviously reading the fine print wouldn’t apply in this case. The fact that there are so many people with the same complaint can’t be a fluke. More power to the lawyer who takes up this case. I’m on the band wagon for sure. If you want to pay a monthly fee so that you can sing along with their tv commercials by all means have at it. The truth is you have been scammed but are too embarrassed to admit it.

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avatar 154 Anonymous

Asside from the fact that the credit reports really aren’t free….I believe what the real scam is are the people they have posting fake job openings and when you send them your resume they reply back and say somthing along these lines…
“Thank you so much for sending us your resume. We have reviewed and would like to set up and interview with you. Before we can set up an interview, due to past misuse of the company credit card we will need you to get a copy of your credit report. We recommend this site….”
Then guess what that site is! So, I fell for it the first time but then after the next 15 responses on jobs I got were exactly the same and even after I emailed them back to inform them I had my report just to see what happend…never heard another word.
Considering I am a single mom and truely needing to find a job and sending out resumes like crazy it is extremely frustrating when I waste my time sending my resumes and responded to the fake ads to get you to get a credit report and now I find out that it’s NOT REALLY FREE. I don’t really have the money to pay them! Something really needs to be done about this company!

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avatar 155 Anonymous

yes, I agree Crystal. Unfortunately, they also use a similar scam by posting bogus apartment listings on Craigslist. The bogus postings outnumber the legitimate ones. Of course, each application must be accompanied by a “free” credit report from guess who. They are victimizing not only job seekers like yourself, but also people who are looking for a place for their family to live. I wish these scum could be sent to jail.

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avatar 156 Anonymous

Hi Crystal. You are spot on with your assessment. These phony job postings are put on Craigslist and other sites, trying to entice people like yourself into signing up with these criminals. They also do the same routine by posting rentals, but demanding a “free” credit report from guess who? What do they get out of it? They get a tiny piece of the action when somebody clicks on the link in their bogus ad, and signs up with the shysters. I suspect our friend George Jetson fits into this category.
I call them click through fraudsters. Meaning, when some victim clicks on the link in their bogus ad, the poster of the ad gets a tiny payoff when the victim is fleeced by I was not victimized by these lowlife scumsuckers, but they got me riled up when I was looking for an apartment on craigslist, and over half the ads I saw were posted by these sodomites. At that time, I did some research, and decided to do anything I can to discredit the slimeballs, and at the same time, try to keep people from being victimized. One day, these creeps will be on the wrong end of a massive class action lawsuit.

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avatar 157 Anonymous

I, too, was ‘pimped’ out of money from them. They took money out of my account that wasn’t authorized! I ordered the 7 DAY TRIAL FOR $14.95. But instead they took out almost $26 out of my account. And that was 4 into the trial period. The representative told me I ordered something. I couldn’t have! I didn’t give them the okay to give me anything else. And when I put in my debit card number, right above that was the amount of $14.95!!! I hate that they get to get away with stuff like this. My bank (Wachovia) wouldn’t even cancel the transaction. They let them do whatever they wanted to my account!!! It’s not fair

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avatar 158 Anonymous

Free credit report is a rip off, some Indian lady told me there is no refund. Its totally unfair and its not even in the untied states. I love how companies can trick people into payments. Its so wonderful knowing that they take your money than call you dumb. Its our right to have a credit report each year for free and they took that away from us by tricking consumers. Its really wrong and more people should fight them. I’m disputing them for fun now. I know its only 14.75 but ill spend more yelling at them to prove a point.

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avatar 159 Anonymous

You can get one free report a year from (ACR). You need to do more research before jumping into something blindly. On Freecreditreport’s(FCR) home page they even give you that information and if you do check into it you will see that ACR has nothing to do with FCR. You don’t get your score but you can get one report from each bureau once a year. Also, if you look at your credit card statement you will see that the company is based in California. Everybody outsources to other countries but I’ve spoken with people in the US everytime I’ve called. I could tell they were from the south due to their accent. Why waste your time and money over $15? You signed up and didn’t read the information, it’s your fault so take responsibility for your actions.

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avatar 160 Anonymous

I know for a fact I DID NOT check the upgrade to a 3 bureau report for $24.95, and yet I was CHARGED for it. I also did not receive a receipt from Every other respectable internet purchasing system provides you with an email receipt with the exact amount of purchase listed. Despite the fact that I did not have a receipt, would not refund me the money. I canceled within 24 hours of signing-up, well within the cancellation period and never was this charge communicated to me. How can someone like this George Jetson guy really think that is ethical?!

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avatar 161 Anonymous

george jetson is a butthole, liar, and thief. he does not care about ethics, he cares about getting into people’s bank accounts.

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avatar 162 Anonymous

stick it jetson. it’s a scam. it’s actively promotes FREE FREE FREE to the point of even S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G it out….the point is to deliberately mislead consumers to visit a website under the misrepresentation of FREE…having consumer thinking FREE…and then, little teeny weeny “”requires membership” voiceover at end of commercial. MOST consumers, give a good faith benefit to wha tappears to be something reputable.

The ads shold be called “”.

the point is, it’s deliberatley misleading, and deliberately difficult to cancel..and deliberately confusing on he registation website.

Negative consent is BS. The ads are clever and quirk…but deliberately misleading.

ID LOVE TO SEE THE MINUTES OF ANY INTERNAL MGT MEETIGN WHERE THIS AD —ANd the intent !! — was discussed. the intent it to rip people off with the word FREEEEE

i dont care wtf your employee training classes tell you to say to consumers. It’s a scam…and if you’re an employee, they’re shoving koolaid up your a*s too.

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avatar 163 Anonymous

I got scammed too! How can this be legal?
Linda Wallace

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avatar 164 Anonymous

it’s not technically illegal by letter of the law, but they are operating in a very grey zone. i guess they have had some sanctions imposed on them, but not been shut down yet. while not technically illegal, they are dishonest, and immoral. also parasites on the back of the honest working person.

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avatar 165 Anonymous

FreeCreditReport are Scammers! do not get caught up with them will scam you out of your hard earned money! They charge you and you wouldn’t even know it! A bunch of THIEVES!

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avatar 166 Anonymous

Give Ty Taylor a call at Experian. He’s the President of Experian Consumer Direct; the company that operates this scam. (949) 567-3800.

IMO this is misleading at best and if they truly weren’t interested in stealing the consumer’s money they’d give it back when you complained about the charge. Clearly, if you take advantage of that response then no, you won’t get it back.

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avatar 167 Anonymous

I had used this service and cancelled 2 years ago. It was marginally useful but not worth the money. Yesterday I recieved my credit card bill and what should show up but a charge from the company. I called to have the charge removed because I had not reapplied. After talking with customer service they said they would refund the payment. Not really satisfied I asked for verification that I had gone to their site and signed up. They gave me their sign up information but, lo and behold, the person that activated the account wasn’t me! I then spoke to a supervisor and she (Helen Employee #25676) told me their security was so good only one person had the information that could have opened the account. That person was me!!!
She then said who else could have this level of information? My reply was her company since
they had all the information from my previous account!!!
Just got back from the local authorities and have hired a lawyer. I understand personal responsibility but I would like to be naive enough like you Tony to believe in corporate responsibility.

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avatar 168 Anonymous

Wow, these guys have reached a new level of criminality. What scumbags they are. And then the woman there tells you that it must have been you who activated the account!! Unbelievable. But is it really necessary to hire a lawyer? Just get your credit card company to disallow the charge, or at worst case, just have the card cancelled and get a new one. Lawyers are very expensive. This whole incident just goes to prove my point that these people are criminals and scum. I would also like to point out that they have gotten so much bad press that they have reinvented themselves as: Just another name for the same scum and scam. Same stupid tv ads, and same fine print on their website. Be careful out there!

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avatar 169 Anonymous

PS: It looks like they have Ben Stein whoring for them now, on the new website. I guess he doesn’t have enough money already.

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avatar 170 Anonymous

That site is actually transunion dude. All three bureaus have sites which all operate under the same principle

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avatar 171 Anonymous

I wish I had found this site first, I too was ripped off by, it appears I did not note the fine print that I had to cancel the service with in seven days or be charded $14.95 per month. After two months of said charges I called 1-877-481-6826 and reached a call center. After telling them I wanted to speak with the persons superviser and was reporting them to the BBB they cancelled their current months charge and their phony service. On top of that the one report I received was not correct.

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avatar 172 Anonymous

For those of you who wish to cancel your subscription with all it takes is a phone call (The number is listed below.) Be sure you are ready to handle the sales pitch tho because they are very sly at getting you to purchase the sub again. Just say “I am not interested.”

Anyways the number is:1-888-829-6560.
and you can find it located on’s website located here:

I hope this helps.

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avatar 173 Anonymous

WARNING: FreeCreditsReport is SCAM. They will charge small amount to your bank ($1) to avoid detection. If you do not response, they will charge you a bigger amount.

Credit Reports and Rating Agencies are scam, fraud, and crooks with license. They keep telling that you are entitled to 1 Free Credit Report a year but it is a bait to lure you in.

Watch out your bank’s transaction.

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avatar 174 Anonymous
avatar 175 Anonymous

if you read the important details of the website you will not be billed,by reading the important information its your decision to continue to sign up or not,its your choice because it is clearly stated on the website..

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avatar 176 Anonymous

Amen, finally someone else that reads the important information instead of seeing free and blindly blazing in.

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avatar 177 Anonymous

As soon as I started getting junk in my inbox from other companiess (14 one, 10 another day, 37 one day & 10 more today). When I signed up, there was not an opt out option. After you’re set up, you can go to the Security section of the site and opt out there. However, by the time you do that, countless unwanted offers will be on their way. When you cancel, be sure to get a confirmation number and name from the person you’re talking to.

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avatar 178 Anonymous

Its a complete scam. I called and cancelled my account, later to find I was still being charged. I called my debit card company to dispute the charges and they called on 3-way. The lady from said I never called, then when I gave her proof that I did, she switched her story and said I called, but I didn’t ask to cancel. Full out scam.

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avatar 179 Anonymous

LOL all you idiots——-> just go to your local frickin bank, and for $25, they will run and get you all 3 credit reports—DAH!

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avatar 180 Anonymous
avatar 181 Anonymous

They will scam you!
dont let anyone tell you different! is the only free credit report website but you can only get it once a year. charge me multiple times for things i did not even sign up for even after i called to cancel they also would not refund an insufficient funds fee after they charged my account so many times it over drew. DONT LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU!

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avatar 182 Anonymous is a TOTAL rip off. My credit sucks and I’ve been looking to try and clean things up. I thought I would use this site to get a copy of the report and try to settle some of the smaller bad debts I had. Once I logged in it wanted me to pay $1 for “instant access”. Every tab I clicked said “Sample”…and I would have to pay more to actually get to the specific report. I don’t care how catchie there song is (maybe that’s the reason the dudes quit)…..the service is bogus!

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avatar 183 Anonymous

I am extremely displeased with Experian & / I ordered my credit report and scores from Experian & paid $25.00. I did not sign up for the credit monitorig, but was charged $15.88 & $1.06 for it anyway! When I called to cancel, I was told that the 9 day trial period was over, which I had not idea about, and I could not be refunded. They did cancel the service, though. I am soooo angry with Experian for not making this monthly service more apparent on the website when you’re PAYING for your report & scores! SHAME ON THEM!

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avatar 184 Anonymous

Wow, I’m 54 and decided to see what all the fuss is about credit scores. Every free site I went to wanted my credit card number to charge me a buck for my FREE credit score. No thanks, I’ll just keep paying my bills on time and stay away from the scam Jeff CharlotteNC

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avatar 185 Anonymous is a SCAM they tell you it costs a dollar 9 days later there are charges on your credit card. My husband and I both needed a report done and we were charged different amounts but 37 dollars later and a hassle on the phone about cancelling they could not prorate the amount because they claim somewhere in some terms it states the money is nonrefundable. However good luck finding these terms.

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avatar 186 Anonymous

We must accept that , along with their various toadies and affiliates, are nothing but slimeballs. Consider yourself lucky that you only lost 37 bucks. (I would not cancel the CC, but I would be examining my bill closely every month. These characters are not above criminal antics.

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avatar 187 Anonymous

I did not fall for this scam. Thinking this was the way to get my “free” report, I did visit their web site. As soon as I saw the second page, I knew I was in the wrong spot. So I exited my browser and googled the REAL site I wanted.

Unfortunately, the first page had collected my real email address.

I am currently getting 50 or so spam emails every morning at about 8 am. It started out slower, and I’ve created filters for most of them, but what an unexpected pain in the ass.

This web site should be completely shut down, either by law enforcement, the internet powers-that-be, or hackers. What a scum-filled organization.

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avatar 188 Anonymous

Yes, they and their affiliates are indeed scumbags. I will never have anything to do with Experian, as they are the engine behind . I am sure that sometime in the future, they will be facing a large class action lawsuit, as many of their techniques go beyond shady.

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avatar 189 Anonymous

Was fooled into thinking I was receiving a free credit report. I was asked for my credit card number. I assumed they needed my credit card number for the free report. Instead I was scammed and signed up into receiving a monthly credit monitoring service for $14.95 a month. I called Discover to complain. They told me the company is legitimate that the charges were somewhere on the site hidden in the small print. Both companies Suck.

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avatar 190 Anonymous

They are scum. Have you managed to cancel the subscription? I would change to another credit card.

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avatar 191 Anonymous

So I was just on the site and the very first thing I saw at the top of the page was:

When you order your $1 Credit Report and Score here, you will begin your 7-day trial membership in Triple Advantage®. If you don´t cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period*, you will be billed $14.95 for each month that you continue your membership. You may cancel your trial membership anytime within the trial period without charge.

Kinda self explanatory if you ask me….

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avatar 192 Luke Landes

Yes, the company has improved its disclosures quite a bit in the last few years. It wasn’t always that way. This article was written in 2006.

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avatar 193 Anonymous

I believe that is pretty new. In the past, that information was available only if you carefully read the tiniest print on the site. I am sure that they have not added this banner voluntarily. At any rate, it is a good thing, and I congratulate the people who forced them to add this.

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avatar 194 Anonymous

Yeah not only does FREECREDITREPORT.COM screw you out of your money the score (s) you get from them are FAKE!!! It’s not the actual score (S) that the 3 credit agencies have. They use some bogus BS computer model to calculate what they think your score should be! I ask for my money back and they could only refund 10bucks of it. I told them I would tell everyone I know what a SCAM they are and report them to BBB.


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avatar 195 Anonymous

The people running FREECREDITREPORT.COM would get the death penalty if I had anything to say about. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody “took one for the team” and carried this out because GOD knows they deserve to DIE. I would take much pleasure in watching the slow and VERY painfull death of all assholes involved in such a shaddy scumbag operation. You know, like pulling out their finger nails one by one really slow; breaking fingers, toes, ankles; pulling out teeth; naked in the freezer for days; etc. etc.

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avatar 196 Anonymous

Wow, hope your coworkers at the post office don’t find this posting.

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avatar 197 Anonymous

dude, you are a mess. i hate these guys too, but there is something very disturbing about your comment.

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avatar 198 Anonymous

After signing up for the trial membership I navigated to a page where I was able to view certain information on my credit reports (summary I believe). Today, 4 days later, I called to cancel my membership to avoid the $14.95 monthly fee, and was told that I had ordered a $24.95 3-bureau report. At no time during my first visit to the site was it plainly disclosed that I was authorizing a $24.95 charge. The rep I spoke to (call center in India I believe) said that the page where I authorized the charge could no longer be viewed. After several minutes of disputing my having authorized the charge I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After a pointed denial of any obvious authorization, and her inability to present me with the page/document to which I agreed, she refunded my $24.95. A scam? You decide. But without my unwavering insistence for 25 minutes on the phone, they would have taken my $24.95 for the reports that most people know can be had for free.

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avatar 199 Anonymous

Good for you. I commend you for hanging in there. Most people won’t , and that is what these scumsuckers depend on.

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avatar 200 Anonymous

I ordered the report and they charged me 24.95 instantly on my card. I called to cancell as soon as they did that because I thought I had a trial period. Then after I cancelled I got another email that said this:
Your credit card used to enroll will be charged 239.40 monthly until you cancel. If you wish to cancel your membership, and stop the monthly billing, call us at 1-877-284-7942; however, you will not be eligible for a pro-rated refund of your current month’s paid membership fee.

WTF is that? Seriously? I did not get charged that yet, but I will check my account tomorrow and see what is going on. Only thing they have going for them is a decent band.. wait, they suck as well.

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avatar 201 Anonymous

Thanks, I already cancelled the card, in fact, I had a new one in hand already because my old one was going out of date. Maybe they were going to charge me the entire years fee if I did not update my card or cancell. When I pro-rated it, it came out to around 20 bucks a month, but still, the email was crazy. I’de be better off not checking than paying an average car payment a month to check my credit.

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avatar 202 Anonymous

There must be hundreds of websites tricking honest people in to believing they don’t charge for their credit reports. I have literally blocked dozens of them and still keep getting emails trying to hook me with their scam. Don’t fall for ANY email that has the word FREE in it.

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avatar 203 Anonymous

there is one site that truly is free. they don’t ask for a credit card or any form of payment. it is truly free! you only get one score, but i figure thats enough to give you a general idea of your credit worthyness.

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avatar 204 Anonymous

I would not expect these weasels to voluntarily delete data which could be sold sometime in the future.

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avatar 205 Anonymous

I woke up this morning and called the 1-877-297-7790 number to cancel my membership with that I opened yesterday. I was transferred to a representative who initially tried to make small talk with me without asking much about my information to pull up my account. I was immediately suspicious. He then tried to persuade me to keep the account after opening it yesterday and was still in my trial period. From everything that happened to people here, I knew I had to be ready for a phone conversation from hell or one that was extremely unproductive. What got him to finally cancel my membership was when I told him I had cancelled my credit card and therefore had no need for a credit report acccount with them. Before we hung up, I asked him if my personal information will be removed and he told me that I will still be able to access my account. I asked him why when my membership is cancelled. He became very quiet on the other line. I repeated the question and he told me that my information will “eventually” be erased from their site. He then assured that my membership was cancelled and I should be receiving a confirmation email within 24 hours. There was something fishy about this guy as the whole process just seemed to move too quickly and with ease, so I called the number again and this time I spoke to a real American with an American accent. The lady was very nice. She asked for my name, my mother’s maiden name, but I stopped her short by offering her my membership ID # instead to pull up my account. They never asked for my SSN. I think a good sign???

Again, the whole thing happened too quickly. She tried the sales pitch, but I shot her down by saying that I was scammed yesterday on craigslist, spoke to my bank, got my credit card cancelled, and that I was just trying to spend the day cancelling memberships that have access to my credit card information. The truth is, I did cancel my credit card yesterday and reported fraud — I panicked because I was scammed from a craigslist ad to open a account! The lady told me it looked like my membership is already cancelled. I told her I called again to make sure because the other rep did not seem to understand me fully. When you say your credit card is cancelled, they know they can’t make any money off you and, so, they will cancel your membership without any hassle. She seemed very nice even after the cancellation unlike the rep. I asked her whether my info like my SSN and such will be removed from the company’s data and she reassured me that the coding is very “cryptic” and the website is well-protected. yeah, but am I protected from!?!?! Instead, I told her I was worried b/c of being scammed by craigslist. I think she understood that as I got scammed to reveal my SSN to a craigslist ad. She gave me a number, 1-888-397-3742, to contact Experian for fraud control. Does anyone know if this is part of some deal between Experian and The lady seemed too helpful and nice for her own good.

This was the email cancellation confirmation:

We’re sorry to see you go! But we would like to thank you for choosing Experian® as your credit monitoring provider.

This e-mail confirms that we have received your request to cancel CreditReport. We are currently processing your request, and this change will take effect on 2/4/2011.

No further monthly membership fees will be applied to your credit card.

Rest assured, you will still have unlimited access to the many features and benefits of CreditReport until 2/4/2011, when your membership expires. At that time, you will receive a final cancellation confirmation e-mail.

We hope you enjoyed your CreditReport benefits. Should you reconsider, and decide to keep CreditReport, simply call us toll-free at 1-877-297-7790. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or visit us online at

As America’s #1 leader in providing online credit information, we strive to offer our customers the highest quality of credit monitoring products. We look forward to serving any of your personal credit monitoring, report or score needs in the future.

Customer Care

Ref. Number: ##########

I really hope that my membership is cancelled and that they are not lying to me. I’ve been reading a lot of people’s stories who have been scammed by, so we will see if my membership including all my information will be removed from their data. Email spamming should give them away. Final email confirmation? I hope it’s not “if you don’t reply back to the final email confirmation, we will take it as an implied consent to not cancel your membership.”

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avatar 206 Anonymous

I believe freecreditreport is owned by Experian. That’s why they have your info. When I learned this, I vowed to never have any doings with Experian.

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avatar 207 Anonymous

“I was ready for the phone call from hell…” “She was way too nice and helpful for her own good” “I’m suspicious…”

Sounds like you were so ready for a fight that you still refused to be pleased that you got decent service, at least from the second agent.

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avatar 208 Anonymous

I for one can tell you that the only thing you get from is a load of junk / spam email. It’s a waste of time trying to unsubscribe from any of this junk email. I’ve unsubscribed multiple times from the same sites only to continue to receive the same junk. My advice is to tell everyone I know and don’t know NEVER use their site unless you enjoy getting your JUNK folder filled two or three times a day !!!! STAY AWAY FROM FRECREDITREPORT.COM TRUST ME !!!!!

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avatar 209 Anonymous

I have found that it’s a mistake to unsubscribe from junk email. Why, you may ask? Because the people who send out the spam are: 1. not honorable 2. Looking for evidence that the email addresses they are sending to are valid. When you try to unsubscribe, you are showing them that they have reached a valid address. They then take your address, add it to a list of other valid addresses, and share it with their cohorts, or sell it to other spammers/scammers. It’s best to just use a good spam filter, and let it deal with the nonsense. Mailwasher is pretty good, they have a free version, and it works pretty well for me.

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avatar 210 Anonymous

Is there currently any form of legal action or persons to contact to get on board against

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avatar 211 Anonymous

I am furious , can not get this removed from my monthly bill every time i call they give me a huge run around! Please help

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avatar 212 Anonymous

i wrote to the better business bureau and filed a complaint against this apparently is the parent company. i did recieve a full refund on my credit card. i don’t know if they will try to charge me again, but i will write the BBB if it happens again.

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avatar 213 Anonymous

Here’s the deal, I am a FORMER employee of Experian Consumer Direct, the company that runs the websites. ECD is just another branch of Experian. All three of the major credit bureaus have a division that runs websites for credit monitoring and reports. All three use this “negative option marketing” model to run their sites. While it is a less than honest way of doing business, it is not a scam. The problems I keeping seeing with accounts not being deactivated or continued billing after a cancellation had been requested comes down to greed. It’s not the greed of the company, it’s the greed of the employees. The employees are given expectations and are pressured to keep up with these, for lack of a better term, “quotas”. Most representatives you speak with are just following the rules and trying to make a living. But, there are quite a few out there who are more focused on their bonuses and making their “numbers”, that they do not do what the customer asks of them. Many times I had an individual call and explain that they had just told the last rep that they wanted to cancel their trial but got disconnected. When I researched into the account, I could see where that rep had opened the account and done the security verification but not cancelled the account since they didn’t get to try to retain them as a customer. We were informed that if someone asks to cancel and you are disconnected, you cancel the account and notate it. But like I said before, greed drives people to do things, even if it does not line up with the company’s standards.
Now, I will give everyone a piece of advice for when you call. Don’t be a jerk to the rep right of the bat. If you come off as that, you are less likely to get the help in a timely manner. If you are cordial and non-chalant about the situation, but also firm at the same time, most reps are more than happy to help you out. Another thing, let them try to sell you on it. They have certain things they have to say during the call or they get griped at by their supervisors. It just makes them more open to your requests. So make sure you don’t call when you are in a rush because it just makes things harder on everyone. Especially of you let them know that you are in a hurry. They will take their time with you then.
As for refunds, depending on the company’s policy at the time, there are varying amounts that can be refunded by the reps and supervisors. There are times that a rep can authorize a one month refund and times where they can’t give any. Supervisors can give authorization for up to 6 months. Anything more has to go through the Consumer Relations Group which will take it case by case and inform you of the decision.

All that being said, I do not agree with the way they market their sites. But at the same time there is not a company wide scam going on. Just individuals that try to circumnavigate the rules to put a few extra dollars in their pockets. Especially the ones that are overseas. If you get someone who you think is from outside the US, they probably are. Just hang up and try again, usually by the third time you will reach one of the US call centers.

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avatar 214 Anonymous

If the company does nothing to police their own employees concerning these so called quotas then they are just as liable if not more so. The flack from all these unhappy persons will in time be a public relations nightmare they will not wake up from. I have gone all the legitimate routes to resolve this and they have yet to show me any proof that I signed up in the first place. I have never been to their website and still I became a victim. And yes I have spoken to higher ups in the company who have done nothing but run circles. So their company policies mean nothing when those higher up on the totem pole get a piece of the action.
You spoke of yourself as a “former” ECD employee. If they are such a great company and are innocent of what they are accused of, Why did you leave? Is it because you saw what was going on and have an ethical conscience? Something to ponder.

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avatar 215 Anonymous

Actually, the reason I am a former employee has nothing to do with the company’s policies genius. The fact that my wife had just miscarried our second child and the personal problems that arose from that led to me leaving.

As for the company policing itself, anytime a rep came across a situation such as I spoke of, we reported it immediately to our supervisor. The fact that someone signed you up means that one of a few things happened:
1. You’re confused about never visiting the site, which happens alot. I spoke with quite a few people didn’t remember signing up at first but then it dawned on them that they had.
2. A family member with your info signed up and forgot. I actually had a gentleman that let his 13 yr old daughter sign him up and then got upset because the company allowed it to happen. And of course I informed him that we have no control over his daughter and that we did not give her the credit card number to sign him up.
3. Your identity has been stolen and you are a victim of what this company is trying to help prevent.

ECD does not buy credit card information from the banks and sign people up. Someone outside the company has to enroll into this program. Take it or leave it, but that’s the truth of the matter. But in today’s society everyone is so quick to blame others for their mistakes. It’s time for people to own up to what they’ve done and take responsibility for their actions.

It’s funny that you talk about all the complaints on here about the company. Did you ever stop to ponder why there aren’t many people praising them? Could it be that the millions of satisfied customers don’t look for these sites and comment because they are happy with the service? This is a biased site with only one view being shown. I spoke with many customers who had to cancel their service, not because they wanted to, but because of financial reasons. And almost every single one of those customers said that they would be coming back as soon as they could afford it again because they loved the service and liked that they had the protection it provides. So there’s something for you to think about.

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avatar 216 Anonymous

Not that I need to explain anything to genius wannabe’s like yourself. I have been an accountant and tax preparer for the last 35 years. I keep very close tabs on every dollar I spend. I also am aware of the federal governments provisions for one FREE credit report per year. Since I am the only one who uses my computer I would remember if I accessed ECD’s web page. And since I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday your arguments have no validity. I have researched this company at great length and there are a number of attorney generals from a number of states who are opening investigations into their practices. Florida, Minnesota, New York and California to name just a few. Two of these have corresponded back to my letters and they are becoming more and more aware of the experiences posted on this site. They are actively looking into it. So you can sing their praises all you want. I’m sure there were people like you who did the same for companies like Enron and that crook Bernard Madoff. Sooner or later they are caught and people like you will be eating crow.

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avatar 217 Anonymous

I hope you realize that the reason the state govs look into it so much is bc as soon as you see that they are listening, you’re way more likely to vote their way. The site is already regulated. They also probably think that you won’t realize that bc of the type of ppl you are. Ones who don’t think into things.

avatar 218 Anonymous

What a rip off. Free credit report my behind. They make it so confusing that before you know it you signed up for monthly fees, 20 dollars on top of that!!! NON REFUNDABLE. Banks are offering this service now too. Look into it and beware.

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avatar 219 Anonymous

These con artists tried to rip me off to. I signed up and payed the $1 fee for the instant report. The next morning I get a call from Chase’s fraud center saying they tried to take $29.95 (which I later found out was for the three burough report which I did not authorize) Thankfully my bank declined the charge and I had my money refunded. I cancelled my account and have the email saved just incase I get billed again. My condolences go out to everybody else who has had problems with this company. Hopefully a nice molotov cocktail finds its way into the window of their corporate head quarters.

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avatar 220 Anonymous

the same thing happened to me. i agreed to the $1 charge to see the 1 score, but i did not see the three reports and scores. they charged me four times @$19.95. If they do that to you, i found the best course of action is to file a report with the irvine, ca. better business bureau against (the parent company) and you should get back any money they take. Good luck!

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avatar 221 Anonymous

Mr. DennIs, your own statement that one of your company’s secretaries failed to cancel negates your claim that you shouldn’t have been charged. Don’t come here claiming a scam when you just have idiots working with you.

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avatar 222 Anonymous

My daughter is a college student, that checked her credit report through Being a bright college person, you would think she would know better, but has billed her credit card $14.95 every month since then. I called them, since her credit is listed under my name and was told about a small disclosure on they Terms & Conditions that allows to repeat bill a customer. I spoke to some Indian from India, who has a terrible grasp of the english language and appears to be reading from a manual, since he would refer to things I hadn’t even asked him about. They refused to reimburse the credit card for the past bills, but after a heated debate, they did cancel the account. I was happy to learn that the DA in Florida is investigating them.

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avatar 223 Anonymous

I’m a current employee there. And I’ll tell you up front, a lot of us agree with the consumers. Unfortunately, we have families to feed. I’m currently looking for another job but times are tough. Even tougher now that experian is making it so that we are required to “save” 20% of the people who call to cancel. If we don’t? Well, we have 8 weeks to improve else we will be terminated. I understand that this website and the membership is frustrating. I understand that you don’t want to hear the sales spiel that we give you. But please don’t take out your anger on the employees. They are people just like you. Trying to make a living and survive day to day.

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avatar 224 Anonymous

I am an employee too but I dont agree with what you said, there are customers who will understand the importance of watching their credit closely and choose to keep their account open. Making a living does give you a permission to fool people. Just a piece of advice, try loving what you do and have a fully understanding of how we want to protect and improve our credit standing, and for sure, your customers will understand as well the importance of keeping their account.

As for the others, THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE!!! When you file a complaint with BBB, did you also mentioned that you failed to read the disclaimers and the terms and conditions, mind you, they are there for a reason. Simply answering that you were not aware that you would be charge is unacceptable. You have given your credit card infromation on the website and yet you just you heart out “click”thru the website”without even

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avatar 225 Anonymous

Employee2, I quote you here: “Making a living does give you a permission to fool people.” Wow, incredible. So, you are admitting that it’s ok to lie in order to get people’s money, and it’s ok to victimize them because you need to make a living? Wonderful. Nice of you to admit that you are a weasel and a liar, but it’s ok because it’s your job. Interesting philosophy you have. Riddle me this: Have you ever considered doing honest work?

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avatar 226 Anonymous

The employees don’t make money by how many of you guys sign up with us. They make it by letting you know how the membership will help you and you decideing if it would. They are actually hurt by the free trial bc so many ppl then cancel and are also hurt by you ppl getting yourself charged cuz you end up just being angry, rude, and refuse to even consider anything they have to offer. I have also openly told ppl who called in fcr was a membership not just a one time credit report and if they wanted just that, was were to go. So buck wheat, instead of calling the employees scumbags and crooks, why don’t you just let ppl know what the site is and the cost. You don’t look like a jerkoff that way and ppl would believe you more.

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avatar 227 Anonymous

I consider myself pretty savvy as far as the computer is concerned. I requested the three credit reports and later I noticed their was a $14.95 charge on my bank account. Unbeknownst to me they claimed I signed up for some Triple Advantage program and I had NO idea. This really is a scam. There is no information that I saw that told me this was happening. They did not refund my money either. They can get rich if they do it to enough people. I guess this is the way Experian is off setting people getting free credit reports. Never again.

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avatar 228 Anonymous

I hate this co. with a passion and every time I hear their commercial I almost vomit in disgust. Not free in fact the enroll you in a monthly charge and also charged 29.95 for a free report that was supposed to cost $1.00.

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avatar 229 Anonymous

This very thing happened to me. They goad you into thinking you get a free report but in fact you end up paying 30.95 to see what others give you free.
No wonder it’s run by Experian, the credit reporting slime ball company.

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avatar 230 Anonymous

I had the same exact experience, they said they would refund my money, yet I haven’t received a refund and am disputing through my bank.

They are purposely charging people more and I hope someone files a class action against these scam artists.

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avatar 231 Anonymous


I wish I would have read this before I ordered my credit report and my husbands report before I did . They charged me 1.00 plus 31.95 each but I wasn’t going to be taken advantage like that. I’m got my 63.90 back!!

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avatar 232 Anonymous

Scam – Free Credit Report.
I just cancelled my membership after having paid $29.95 and $12.95 within the span of 11 days. The company web site is false and misleading. It is making bundles by scamming persons with the ten day “free” trial membership. Never, never use this company.

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avatar 233 Anonymous

Same thing happened to me. I never got a free credit report, paid $1 for an instant report that well, wasnt instant and i never received access to. They started taking money from my account while i’m unemployed and refuse to refund me. I didnt sign up for this crap and this company needs to go down and people need to get their money reimbursed.

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avatar 234 Anonymous

Now another one has come –
They are stealing your money and identity. Will somebody ever kill those bastards?

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avatar 235 Anonymous

FREE REPORT, HAH! I DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS! I eventually had to cancel my card since they would not cancel and I kept getting billed

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avatar 236 Anonymous


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avatar 237 Anonymous

I signed up for the free credit report and thought it was the $1. My wife also did the same and now we have over $60 in charges and they say we agreed to it while on their site and will not refund anything. Is there no way to do anything about this since they are doing it to so many people. It is a scam not only is it not free and not even the $1 they say but $30.

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avatar 238 Anonymous

i got the best results from filing a complaint with the better business bureau. i got a refund for 3 months worth of charges, which is all that i wanted. after reading some of the other peoples comments i figured out which office to file with. it is somewhere in california.

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avatar 239 Anonymous

you should also cancel your credit card.

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avatar 240 Anonymous

Good job. I commend you. The more people who repeat your action, the faster these bungholes will be shut down. There have been multiple employees of them posting on this site, attempting to defend them, while at the same time admitting that it’s OK to mislead and deceive people since it’s in an effort to make a living.

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avatar 241 Anonymous

Buttwheat, there is no deception going on. It’s the fact that the majority of the public see or hear the word free and jump all over it without a second glance. It’s just like Pavlov’s dog salivating when it hears that bell ring, the masses jump when they hear “free” because they are not bright enough to understand the old adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. You’ve just got your panties in a wad, just like the rest of these “bungholes” (to use a term from your own book) because you didn’t read the Important Information.

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avatar 242 Anonymous

fred lofton, you seem to have the same verbal style as george jetson. I did not see your asinine posting before this, or I would have responded. here are some points for you to consider:

1. I have not been victimized by, because i never signed up for their service. Thus, my panties are not in a wad, as you suggest. I comment on this forum because I detest dishonesty, and I hate to see naive people being victimized.
2. There is plenty of deception going on by the site, it has been admitted in this forum be their employees.
3. I believe you are affiliated with these scum in some way, else why would you be on here defending their practices? If it is just a normal business with ethical practices, why do you need to be on here belittling the people who have been victimized by them? Riddle me that.
4. Yes, some people do not read the fine print, I admit that some people are naive enough to believe that a website which advertises free credit reports on tv, etc, will actually give them a free credit report. Fancy that!!
5. Why don’t you be a good boy, and report on here what is your actual affiliation with these bungholes?

Good day sir.

avatar 243 Anonymous

I pretty much consider something a scam when they intentionally set up their webpage for upgrades that don’t actually read as an upgrade. I directly asked the representative how it is that I did not hit anything on the webpage that indicated and upgrade NOR approved a “31.82” charge…she was describing the PICTURE on the exact page where I made my “upgrade”…..not telling me what it was I actually clicked on to put myself in this mess. Look up the definition of fraud, b/c you apparently don’t know it….deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit. Might be worded differently elsewhere…but it all means the same thing.. Scamming companies are making a living these days…..and it’s b/c nobody is stepping up. You’re only posting this response b/c you haven’t had this experience yet. You’ll get yours….you should just hope its not a scammer taking advantage of you or family as they age. FYI….this company is outsourced….and handling US citizens personal info and credit info.

avatar 244 Anonymous

This is really deceptive practise. I thought I was getting a “free credit report” for a $1 :-) I should have caught it right then. Anyways signed up and started noticed two charges of 14.95 on top of $1 I had payed by giving my credit card.

Get this… called my Wells Fargo Credit Card customer service with whom I have banked for almost 20 years and got push back because I wanted to dispute the charges. She actually went to the website and tried to convince me freecreditreport had the proper fine print. I was wondering whose side is Wells Fargo.

I am going to call back and demand a refund. Keep away from


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avatar 245 Anonymous

Demand a refund for what? Your own lack of judgement? You saw free/$1 and started chomping at the bit without paying attention. Face it, you got what you agreed to when you signed up. Suck it up buttercup and get over yourself.

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avatar 246 Anonymous

Seems like you work for those thugs. Can you help me get the refund? I will give a commission.

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avatar 247 Anonymous

People like you are the problem. Do you really think that people who go to a site called “Free Credit Report” are agreeing to buy a $15/month credit monitoring service? is a scam. More than 5000 complaints have been filed with BBB in the last 3 years. The fact is they do not adequately disclose negative option enrollment, they have deceptive advertising, a misleading domain name, and fail to honor cancellations.

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avatar 248 Anonymous

You Fred (fake name, supporting scammers) Lofton are an idiot.

People are not salivating over getting sometihng for nothing. Most consumers know you get a free report, they get duped into going to sites like because they think it’s the proper way to actually obtain a FREE report that they are entitled to yearly.

They are not signing up for some monthly service and are abmushed by scammers. Most could walk into their local bank or credit union and don’t realize it. Most would gladly pay a reasonable fee to have something pulled, formatted nicely and delivered to them. But nobody wants to be wacked for what these idiots do.

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avatar 249 Anonymous is a scam… I dont mind paying for a service if it is true…. actual credit scores pulled by a bank is considerably lower than what Freecreditreport gives you.. I canceled my membership…..

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avatar 250 Anonymous

Hey Bob, the whole credit score industry is a scam then. If you go to 15 different lenders, chances are you are going to get 15 different scores… Actually 45 different scores if they pull all three bureaus. No two creditors use the same scoring method. So if that’s your only problem you should have educated yourself before posting.

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avatar 251 Anonymous

Fred…. I can see a few points difference but 30 to 40 points is ridiculous…

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avatar 252 Anonymous

If you understood the system that these companies use to set your credit score you would understand the major points differences. One creditor may use a scale that runs from 250-700, the next may use a scale that runs from 350-850, another 300-700… That’s why there are 60-70 point differences.

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avatar 253 Anonymous

Yup, you work for them you POS. Else you wouldn’t be so “informed.” SCUM OF THE EARTH

avatar 254 Anonymous

Report them to the Better Business Bureau. They’ll respond real fast and give you at least most of your money back. They’ll also send you a confirmation email for a cancellation.

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avatar 255 Anonymous

It is a sad day for humanity when so many people get so mad over a mistake that they themselves have caused. If you people would have taken time to read the terms and the conditions on the website you would have seen that it does state exactly what you are signing up for (a free trial that if you dont cxl it you get billed.) it doesn’t steal your money or your card info, you put the card number and the exp date in yourself. I used the website and it has two options a free credit report that you get in two days and a option that you pay a dollar to have a 7 day trial that if not cancelled within the 7 day trial you get billed for a continuing membership. Its clear and cut.

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avatar 256 Anonymous

You sir are spot on with your assessment of these people complaining. Society has forgotten the concept of personal responsibility and people like Buckwheat only add to the problem. He/she/it coddles those who fail to take responsibility for their actions. IMHO, he’s more of a danger to these people than they are to themselves due to him being an enabler.

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avatar 257 Anonymous

I see the employees of this RIP off company are sticking together like Felons.

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avatar 258 Anonymous

ripoff got me for 32.00 and 16.95 misleading advertising Im going to report them to stte atty general

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avatar 259 Anonymous

GET YOUR REFUND THIS WAY. I was charged 14.95 per month for 7 months and did not notice it until last month. Yes, I will always check my charges from now on. I ususally just send the check to pay the bill.
Too busy working to pay bills, that is how the Big corporations like it. That is why we are too busy to read the fine print. I dont recall ever seeing this fine print.

Anyways, they wanted to only give me a refund of 3 months. I told them that I was going to:
Better Business bureau
Federal Communications Commission and
The attorney General (FL) (they are currently under investigation.

Well guess what, they came back on the line and gave me the full refund. I am still going to send a letter to all 3 above. They think they saved themselfs a hassle, nope. I will try to help and warn others.

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avatar 260 Anonymous

So if you signed up for car insurance and didn’t read the terms and conditions of the policy, then after 7 months decided you shouldn’t have been paying for those months because you didn’t pay attention to what your coverage was, would you demand a refund and write letters to those three entities? Basically you didn’t pay attention and decided you were “scammed”. You are refusing to take responsibilty for your own mistake. Grow up.

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avatar 261 Anonymous

When you buy car insurance they usually tell you upfront what your premiums will be and exactly what you will be paying. Plus you are talking to a person and can have your questions answered, not relying on an automated system that you are told you can trust. You’re buying into your own BS because it’s sadly obvious that you’re probably too lazy, stupid, or ignorant to pursue/defend anything other than quick money scams as your line of work. Your arguments are shallow and devoid of substance. If you use the word “FREE” or “$1.00” to push a service, and the result is the exact opposite then by virtue of common sense, said service IS NOT “FREE” OR “$1.00”. The hilarious irony here is you preaching to other people to take responsibility. I truly feel sorry for anyone who makes the mistake of calling you friend.

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avatar 262 Anonymous

ACTUALLY every where I read when I signed up said I had 30 days before charges were done it has been SEVEN days and I was charged and now they say I only had seven days. I am not blind I purposefully read everything while getting my one report from them for $1.00 which I was happy to pay..but charging me the extra fee after only 7 days which was NOT stated anywhere unless it was in very tiny print is in fact a scam.

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avatar 263 Anonymous

Well, you may not be blind but you must be illiterate. It clearly states in the important information, not once but twice, that you have a 7 day trial. Plus, if you read at the bottom it states that you have 9 days to cancel. I do not see anyplace on where it states that you have 30 days to cancel. Nice try but ultimately a failure on your part.

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avatar 264 Anonymous

you are right Cybele it is a scam. i got my money back by contacting the better business bureau and filing a complaint. Unfortunately the world is full of assholes like fred lofton. Hitler had a whole bunch of them following him. They belive they are superior to everyone else and no matter what you say they will still be ego-maniacs, so just ignore him.

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avatar 265 Anonymous

Well said Cody!! thanks!

Fred, no response as your not worth the time.

Thanks again Cody! :)

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avatar 266 Anonymous

On Monday June 20 2011 I went on line to check my Bank statements, I notice that creditedReort withdrew 14.95 on June 15. And on May 16 the same 14.95 out of my checking account.
1 I never signed up for these services.
2 I filed a dispute on these fraudulent charges.
3 Canceled my credit card, will get another by next week.

So if I did not asked for the report then who? And how did they get my credit card Number?
And when one goes to creditreport web site and click on contact us. you get there email Addy but when you send out the email, It comes back as email not found.
So no more free money for credidt report stinking company.

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avatar 267 Anonymous

I just had a run another run in with I should have known better since I dealt with these scam artists once before. On June 22nd, I checked my credit score to complete a housing application process. When I checked my bank account last night, I found a $29.95 dollar charge from Experian/ I had already planned to call them today to cancel the service before the end of the “free” trial period. The woman I spoke with said that they fees were clearly displayed on the screen 2 times before finalizing getting the report. I made it very clear to her that if I had seen that I was being charged $29.95 I would not have completed the transaction. She said she could only give me a refund of $15.00 because they were having a “sale” today. A sale on something that is supposed to be “free”. What a joke.

I called my bank and they faxed me the forms to dispute the charge. I am also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Beyond this, does anyone else have any suggestions.

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avatar 268 Anonymous

filing a complaint with the BBB is the best way. I got all my money back after filing a complaint with the BBB

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avatar 269 Anonymous

Freecreditscore charged my card 14.95 and I have never called, contacted, emailed or even been to their website. I have had this card for over 22 years, never have had a problem like this until now. This occured in the same billing period that I signed up for PAYPAL ,,, very suspicious. I no longer have the card or a PAYPAL account.

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avatar 270 Anonymous

Bad Bus stay awawy from!!

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avatar 271 Anonymous

I agree… with Fred. People are thinking it’s a scam, but are disregarding the fine print. They see free and immediately sign up. It’s not a scam if they are stating everything in the terms and conditions.

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avatar 272 Anonymous

this is pretty funny.. this site bashes one place, and recommends 2 others.. one of which does the same thing! you sign up for something, and if you don’t cancel you pay for a subscription to something… it is free if you cancel right after your initial credit report.. that’s any place you go to..

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avatar 273 Anonymous

i found one that is truly free. it is credit karma. they do not ask for a credit card or any type of payment. you get 1 score but that is enough to know where you stand. give it a try.

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avatar 274 Anonymous

This website is a scam. mislead me to give 7 days free trial but I got charged $24.99. Never ever subscribe to service like this even they give free for 7 days of a month. This is a money making business by showing something else and take more money by cheating. Most 99% will not get notice and read * small instructions hidden somewhere.

I request ppl not to signup with freecreditscore website. It is misleading.

Aman Patel

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avatar 275 Anonymous

FYI I have been paying for Free Credit for months now, trying to buy a house, come to find out they reported my score being 90 points higher than what it really is. My financial advisor told me that this has happened to many people he has worked with. When I emailed I got some generic reply not answering any of my questions, or even apologizing for charging me for an incorrect service.

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avatar 276 Anonymous

Free credit report should be investigated by the federal government. They are a terrible scam and they are hard to cancel. You think you cancelled but you actually did not according to them

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avatar 277 Anonymous

i have tried to get my senator to investigate them twice and both times he would not even answer my e-mail. i believe that since it is run by experian, which is one of the three credit bureaus, the politicians recieve campaign contributions from them, so they protect them. i got my money back by filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

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avatar 278 Anonymous

I signed up with because I actually considered paying the monthly $15.00 which I read that I would be charged unless I cancel within 9 days of the say I signed up. It also clearly stated that I’d be charged $1 to view my report. Nowhere did I read that I’d be charged 29.95 extra!!! I signed up today and just checked my bank statement and there is that mysterious $30!! Now that I read your complaints and resolutions you better bet they’re gonna hear from me tomorrow morning!!! And rest assured they are NOT going to have my business like I originally planned.

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avatar 279 Anonymous

I just signed up for their $1 service and it clearly stated the 7-day grace period and the automatic enrollment in their monthly service if not cancelled. Pretty legit, and pretty similar to free magazine subs.

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avatar 280 Anonymous

Wow some of you people are so ignorant……you just can’t wait to blame somebody else for your stupidity!!! What they are doing is perfectly legal and in no way is immoral. LOL I love how you all act like the fine print is some mysterious thing that is not visible to the normal person. In all honesty the fine print is not that fine at all and can be seen plain as day on multiple pages. Oh and did I mention that it follows the word IMPORTANT in bold letters!! As far as Florida doing an investigation…..They would investigate a pile of pig shit if enough people complained…..they wanna be sure to get reelected!! So suck it up and take responsibility for you mistakes!!

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avatar 281 Anonymous

Oh and before I get accused of it…….I am in no way affiliated with any company mentioned in these post or any company at all for that matter. I’m just a hard working normal guy who goes to school full time and works 60+ hours a week!!! So don’t start accusing me of working for the so called “scammers” cause I do not!!!

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avatar 282 Anonymous

It’s a scam! Being the cynic I am I read between the lines. I do my homework, investigate company profiles and their m/o’s. I can without a shadow of doubt label Free Credit Report a scam! Their mentally challenged TV ads should be reason enough not to do business with a company like theirs.

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avatar 283 Anonymous

I have 420 in my name and I can still safely say that most of the people complaining about this being a “scam” or “ripoff” are absolute IDIOTS. I can settle this whole issue with a SIMPLE ANALOGY: When you go into ice cream store or a supermarket and they offer free samples, you can take them without HAVING TO PAY ANYTHING. Therefore, they ARE IN FACT FREE. The representative will then offer the ice-cream or product itself FOR A PRICE.

ITS IMPOSSIBLE for them to be charge you for the membership over the internet unless YOU GAVE BILLING INFORMATION. You probably TOOK THE FREE SAMPLE AND GAVE BILLING INFORMATION FOR THE MEMBERSHIP. Next time don’t be an idiot when you give out your billing information and then you won’t have to write articles about scams to justify a decision that was not thought out.

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avatar 284 Anonymous

Shawn, I am an educated professional who makes six figures with degrees in media. Fact, intelligent people are being charged $29.95 after signing up for a one dollar trial period. Obviously you have to provide billing information to be charged. There is a detailed security and confirmation process for them to charge the $1 with the understanding that if not canceled within 7 days, you will be charged $16.95. However, after this process is complete, if you mistakenly click on “see my reports now” instead of “view my member benefits”, you are automatically charged $29.95, without any confirmation whatsoever. The key is in the word “reports” meaning three instead of one – something easily overlooked by a non-idiott. The only idiocy is in your ignorance.

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avatar 285 Anonymous

I got taken as well. Was willing to pay for the credit scores as a one time deal, but little did I know they were enrolling me in a monthly billing. And I received no email saying the monthly bill had posted on my credit card. I only noticed that when looking at my credit card bill .

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avatar 286 Anonymous

This company truly is the worst.

It cost me $45.90 for a “FREE” Credit Report.

$29.95 for I don’t even know what … they are taking advantage of the fact that they have your credit card number … It’s awful

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avatar 287 Anonymous

I spoke to this group about being billed for something I don’t recall buying and even have a cancellation notice on another email account. If you don’t think it’s a scam, consider the following:

1 – They told me that they do not send monthly email invoices for billing (as every company does) since they have millions of customers and they cannot send out an email. I reminded them that numbers other companies do send out emails – same drivel. They obviously don’t send you a monthly invoice or notice you are being charged so you won’t suspect you’re being charged.

2 – I discovered that I had two accounts – I created one because the other email had become inaccessible and I couldn’t locate the user name. They knowingly allow you to sign up for the same name, social security number, date of birth and with two different email addresses. They don’t say “the same person is on file.” This is done so that you can buy or be billed for the same service on two accounts. It’s amazing how they can identify the same person when it’s convenient for them or would result in a problem for them.

They know what they are doing. They are using their status as a credit reporting company and making sure you have to be completely on top of every bit of fine print to not realize that there is virtually nothing “free” about signing up. They aren’t alone.

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avatar 288 Anonymous

Wow. You forget your email password and that’s’s fault? So you couldn’t pick up the phone and call customer service and have them change the email addy for you? Nope. Instead, let’s sign up for ANOTHER membership, not read the BIG letters that say “IMPORTANT” and then place blame cause that’s easier. LOL. Sounds like your problem, not theirs. You’re the one who entered your CC info!

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avatar 289 Anonymous

Hey guys. I actually have worked in the past before for them and was a rep that’d you talk to cancel. Yeah, I was affiliated with the. No, its not a scam. For one, to start, this site is a credit monitoring site. It’s designed to help ppl with id theft and the like. That’s what the monthly charge is for. It also clearly tells you that in important information to the left of the page or top of the page. Anyway, if you aren’t interested in that, please stay alway. The site is for that and they just offer the report as a complimentary item. The 29.95 charge is for a 3 bureau report and it states you will be charged for that as well. So if you aren’t interested straight up go to for you reports. You just end up annoying the reps by complaing and being rude.

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avatar 290 Anonymous

Fred, you do sound like you work for them…but in all honesty, if you do not….PROPS for reading the site. I have a membership at which is another monitoring service offered by Experian and I absolutely love it. I was in no way mis-lead…but of course, I’m not an idiot. I READ things when they ask for my CC info. It kind of makes you question people’s intelligence when they think something as complex as the sites’ services should be free…..who will build the site? who does the monitoring? who makes the interfaces? who issues emails for alerts? who takes your calls when you forget your username and passwords? Come on. NONE of those things are free….this company has employees to pay to even offer the services they provide. What they charge is minimal fee compared to what it SHOULD cost. Power to the smart people in these comments. Good job reading the extra large fine print in orange bold letters on the main page! ;)

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avatar 291 Anonymous

I am an educated professional bringing in 6 figures and in no way an “idiot” as you so eloquently state. Your positive experience is based on the fact that you willingly signed up for the service. People who only want to see their credit scores are encouraged to sign up for the one dollar trial. Through trickery and bait/switch tactics, these people are being charged additional fees without their knowledge. The only idiocy is in the ignorance of people who believe that if it doesn’t happen to them, it doesn’t happen.

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avatar 292 Anonymous, what a scam. Intially cost me $29.95, plus the $1 and now I have been hit with a $16.95 charge because I didn’t cancel within 7 days. So what is supposed to be “virtullay” free has cost me $48.

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avatar 293 Anonymous

I signed up for a free trial, I never gotten anything free, but worst they charged my card twice 2 days apart! A SCAM IF I NEVER SEEN ONE!!!

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avatar 294 Anonymous

I would never have touched if its link hadn’t come to me by a prospective employer who did not give me a choice about which credit reporting company I had to buy a report from. So, it was a genuine scam. The “Let the buyer beware” maxim does not apply to illegitimate offers linked to phony employment listings which don’t actually exist.

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avatar 295 Anonymous

A recruiter made me choose and buy my own report and supply a subsequent customer number to be considered for a job.

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avatar 296 Anonymous

I agree with the others that I hate with a passion. They are scam artists who literally got away with taking $60 from our checking account without our knowledge or consent. My husband and I wanted to see our credit scores so we each signed up for the one dollar free trial. The next day, we canceled (after much push-back from their CS reps). Upon looking at my bank statement, I noticed they charged each of us an additional $29.95. I called furious. I was told that when we were given the option to either “see my credit reports” or “go to my member benefits”, we chose to view reports. Apparently, this enabled them to charge us $30 each because they included all three reports, not just Experian. Neither my husband or I saw anything saying we would be charged this fee. We agreed to $1.00 to see our credit score only. I find it disgusting that you have to go through this whole security process to sign up for the free trial… But apparently one click after that allows them to charge you $29.95 without any confirmation. It’s financial molestation and they should not be allowed to get away with it. They are basically scamming the American public to pay for their outlandish commercials. Shame on!

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avatar 297 Anonymous

The same thing that happened to Rockage, just happened to me yesterday. I agreed to pay the $1 fee to see my reports now, not knowing that I had unwittingly agreed to an additional fee of $29.95 to see all three credit bureaus reports now. Without signing up again, I cannot see the page where this charge is supposedly disclosed (according the the CSR at I spoke to a little while ag). I called to cancel my “free” trial membership and they tried to sell me a 1/2 price membership; they also told me I agreed to the $29.95, and I did NOT anywhere see where that was going to be charged before I clicked to view my reports now. I am not an uneducated person and I do read things before I sign/agree to them, so to have missed this disclosure is not like me, so I have to believe it isn’t readily apparent. I feel scammed, but lesson learned and I will not use their services again.

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avatar 298 Anonymous

IT IS A SCAMMMMM. Through I signed up for a free trial period- which I cancelled same day. I viewed my reports, mind you, NOWHERE did it say I was going to be charged 29.95 for viewing the reports. Now, I know some of the other comments say you should read what’s in the fine print. But as a professional company, you have to be forthright with what you are charging customers. I also think needs to research who they are doing business with, before referring all of their peopoe to such a scammy business. But truth be told, they are probably getting some back-end profits from .

Anyways, I threatened them that I would go to the better business bureau. After being “scolded” and told that for future purposes, I should read all fine (super fine, damn near invisible) print and disclosure agreements before buying anything, I ended up getting my 29.95. And you know what, thanks for the lesson I will… ’cause you can’t trust ANYONE with your money. Thanks alot!

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avatar 299 Anonymous

i avoided all the buttons that will charge you money. (it is possible) i went through the process of telling them all my private personal and financial info. end result….”we are unable to provide your score at this time”…gee, so the site is “free”. the only problem is…they give you literally nothing. and don’t forget, most people wouldn’t consider wasting 20 minutes of your time and giving-up private info “free”. also, i didn’t forget to immediately call them and cancell the $15-a-month charge that i know they would-have charged. (wouldn’t that be great….to be charged $15 a month to be told “we’re sorry, we can not provide you with your score”/) scamola

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avatar 300 Anonymous

I had an amount of $19-95 debited to my credit card which I had no idea what it was about. On phoning my card company they told me the name of the company and I googled it only to find it was Experian and there were other people being defrauded. I have never gone onto their site to order a credit report (and as I live in South Africa I certainly would not order a credit report from the USA). So, where did they get my credit card details from (as it is always in my possession) and whose report did they do? Big scam I say.

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avatar 301 Anonymous

DO NOT use, I agreed to pay a fee of $1 for a 7 day trial. We cancelled our account within 4 days, I found 3 charges from my bank account in the amounts of 31.95. When I called, they explained that it was a mistake to charge 2 to one account and only refunded 50% of the charges!!! Tota BS… ScAM!!!!!!!l

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avatar 302 Anonymous

The whole concept of three so-called credit bureaus covering a huge, complex nation like the US is ridiculous and needs to be entirely reformed as they are inefficient, incompetent, unforgiving (never taking into account human frailty or something happening in someone’s life which has hurt them already and these crooks just rub it in) and corrupt. You try to get any error -with which they are all riddled- fixed and you will end up in knots with little or no recourse. And yet their decisions are assumed by most people to be final and almost God-like, no questions asked (which we should, constantly). They can make or ruin a person or business. I think a national campaign for credit reporting reform is long overdue. And they are NOT government agencies by the way, with little oversight; they are totally privately funded, mostly by the “big brother” corporate banks and finance houses who use them most and whose side they always take.

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avatar 303 Anonymous

OMG I had NO IDEA was a tricky rip off! I was horrified to see in my acccount that they charged me $31.95!!! I did NOT purchase anything! I’m gonna call them and I hope they will refund me my money. I can’t believe this! If they will not refund me my money I will report them to BBB. I should regardless! I just HATE AND Experian who was the ones that charged me. Dammit!

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avatar 304 Anonymous

Avoid this company and its website at all costs. I have just discovered that someone had registered with them using my American Express card account. I haven’t used this card in months so as soon as I saw the charge I knew it was fraudulent. To their credit they have refunded the charge and removed my card information from their database (supposedly), but what got me is they knew the names of the people using my card! I asked them why they would let someone with a name different than that on the account use the card and they said they don’t check that. THAT is the first, basic level of Customer Verification! And yes, they are also ripping everyone off that doesn’t realize you can get all this information for free. And the girl on the phone with me even admitted it! funny.

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avatar 305 Anonymous

Fred, explain how I am one of the “idiots who didnt read the fine print” if I was charged and have never even been to the site? And when i contacted them, they told me the reports i was being billed for were in my name, which i know to be wrong because i didnt authorize anything of the sort.

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avatar 306 Anonymous

Yep, Free Credit Report is a scam. They charged me $31.95. They said it was to view all three credit reports. The $1 only included Experian. They also said that I would have had to agree to the 31.95 charge. I can assure you I would not have done that. SCAM!!

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avatar 307 Anonymous

I got duped by Thought I was only paying $1 but they magically signed me up for a monthly fee of $19.95. Called a CSR with and spoke with Lanny who said there was nothing I could do and that it was clearly explained on the website what I was entering into. Told him to fuck off and then reported them to the BBB. I received my $$ back within the week. They are being investigated by the AG in Florida so I guess they are trying to not make waves.

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avatar 308 Anonymous

Just yesterday a co-worker told me about I decided to go on as I was curious to see what my credit score was. This was just a one time thing as I was curious, so in order to cancel my account I had to call them. The woman was trying to convince me to not cancel, but eventually she caved in, and my account was cancelled. Today I decide to check my checking account balance, and find a $31.97 charge onto my account from this website, and a $1.00 charge today!! For using this site once, having it cancelled the next day, and having a $32.00 is ridiculous! I’m curious if I will be continuing to be getting charged, or not? Has anyone else had the same problem? I most definitely do NOT recommend this site!!

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avatar 309 Anonymous

I caught up to them the first month they started bilking me, cancelled immediately no,charge

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avatar 310 Anonymous

Various consumer laws REQUIRE that all laguage regarding opting-in to an offer or buying a service online REQUIRES the notice of that and the charges to be CLEARLY and CONSPICUOUSLY posted on the same page of the web site where the person is sgning up.

I have owned an advertising & marketing company for 30 years and have had many, many attorneys opine on this in order to keep our clients in compliance. Moreover, one of our services is direct marketing data sales (i.e. MAILING LISTS). Guess who one of the very largest suppliers of direct marketing consumer data (mailing lists) is? You guessed it — EXPERIAN (Equifax siold their unit to epsilon Data).

This is classic Bait & Switch and if there is not already a class action lawsuit about it, you can bet there will be.

Other laws that come into play are based on a liklihood that a significant number of consumers might become confused about the terms based on overall advertising, etc. As the FREE credit report jingle sounds in our heads with visions of the seafood waiter abounding, consumers think they already understand the terms–right down to the name FREE Credit Report.

It is also a violation of various consumer laws to charge for something that has no real value. Because one can get their annual credit report FREE with no strings attached, this is a valuless service. Moreover, it is deceptive in that it also appears to deliberately fool consumers into believing that this is the site publicized where one can get their free annual credit report.

More FTC fines and class actions are sure to follow.

As to those who say they find value in the 3-bureau reports, you can sign-up for those with a quick Google search on many sites as well as the 3 main credit bureaus. there is and was no excuse for duping anyone into it.

a lot of people DON’T read the fine print or have a low reading level or are not fluent in English. It is for all these reasons that the onus is on the SELLER/ADVERTISER not the consumer in such cases!

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avatar 311 Anonymous

Oh and by the way–i CANCELLED my FREE (NOT) Credit Report within 24 hours of signing up for it which any reasonable person would assume would have cancelled the “upgrade”. How can you have an “upgrade” to a service you cancelled?

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avatar 312 Anonymous

My husband and I had our debit card # stolen and decided to check our credit to be sure that was all that was compromised. We had to run our names separately so we used We opted for the free week trial. I got the reports on November 26 and Cancelled them exactly a week later on December 3. We were charged $21 each b/c that is technically 8 days, not 7. Even though it is a week. When I called I was told that the day we get them is considered day 1 so I was one day late in canceling the accounts. This free trial is a scam and it ended up costing us $42 for something that was advertised as free. I am very disgusted with this service and will not be using it again and hope no one else will fall for it.

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avatar 313 Anonymous

They scammed me, too. I went to their site but when I tried to close the window, they kept my information and billed me again and again. Is there any hope of getting my money back? Why did I bother to ask, I know I’ll never see the money again, but I will do anything within the law to shut them down. When I called, I was put on hold while waiting for the “escalation” department, and this was just another of their scams; I was on hold for 45 minutes the first time, 40 minutes the second time. What bastards! I hope their parents disinherit them–they must be ashamed to have turned out such creeps.

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avatar 314 Anonymous

I was taken in with the promise of three credit scores for one dollar. I understood the one dollar to be a trial when signing up , and would not even have minded paying a month or two for the full service after the 1 dollar trial. My complaint is that I unknowingly clicked on a link for three credit REPORTS not scores. I scanned my bill and found an unwanted charge tied to the triple credit report.

After calling them ( funny how these companies can take your money online 24×7 to subscribe but you need to call during business ) they were quick to reverese the 33.00 charge but put up a valiant struggle to let me cancel my account. Lets just say I needed to be firm and to the point.

Experian in my mind is a brand that is not trustworthy, which is too bad because they hold so much of our critical data.

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avatar 315 Anonymous

freecreditreport com IS A SCAM. They DO NOT provide the services they tout. They take more than the 1.00 fee discussed. 32.95 plus 1.00 and YOU DO NOT GET your 3 credit report scores or reports. They are liars and frauds.

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avatar 316 Anonymous

IT IS A SCAM. They are liars and frauds.Period

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avatar 317 Anonymous

I got taken by this same company for 4 months. I consider myself now well-educated and do not open unsolicited emails, and stick with Karma. Called them a couple of times and left messages questioning their legitimacy and asking if having a small penis contributed to their desire to scam people. No response, of course. But they’ve gotta be close to the worst scammers. There’s gotta be a special place in hell for people like them.

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avatar 318 Anonymous

Yup this is a scam.
You the the $1 deal and then hope you get to see your report in time to cancel within the 7 days and if you want to cancel, good luck getting them to answer the phone I called 3 times all a minimum of a 30 to 45 min wait to get them to even answer. the 1st 2 times i called i just didn’t have time to continue waiting. Finally got them to answer the day after i was at the 7 days. Then I was charged a 17.90 something when originally i thought that it was 14.95. Never mind they have to verify everything to give you a credit score but don’t have the decency to send you an email a end date for your 7 day trial. As well as they certainly don’t send an email to let you know that you have been charged. Then the sales technique on the phone of oh you want to cancel here lets do this for 9.99 a month well if you can go that low why isn’t that in the first place. Its all just a scam they didn’t use to be this bad but, I will never again do this. What a waste of 18.00 bucks! Trust me you have better use for your money.

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