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Friday Articles

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On Fridays, instead of just the regular personal finance links, perhaps I’ll put together a hodge-podge of everything I find interesting. A veritable cornucopia of delectable links.

* Nothing quick about getting rich with real estate
* Doctor Who to air on Sci-Fi channel in March — too bad I have only 30 TV stations, and Sci-Fi is not included
* Time to buy Intel?
* Secret score can hurt your credit [focus]
* Tyco to split into three different companies
* A new twist on the Million Dollar Home Page hoopla: Help this guy fill his room with blocks
* Digg vs. Slashdot (or, traffic vs. influence)
* MacBookPro
* IBM slapped with SEC probe
* Google at $100 per share
* Tiptoe into emerging markets

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avatar mmb

Do you have a daily reading quota?

Hey, it’s good. It’s like a prescreened reading list for others. The Fill My Room! thing seems gimicky though. I understood buying ad space, particularly at $1 a pixel ,but why would anyone pay to have someone fill a perfectly good room with blocks? And what will happen if the owner ever moves? Will my blocks still be there?

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avatar Jonathan

Mmmm… me want MacBook Pro…

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avatar ponekeys.com

That Doctor Who looks cool and all, but you can’t beat the best Doctor Who ever, Tom Baker!

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avatar Luke Landes

Tom Baker will always be the best Doctor. I’ve watched the entire first season of the new series, and I have to admint, it ranks up there. The writing is first-rate, and the pace of the stories is what you’d expect for a modern TV show. (The Tom Baker stories, drawn out over four or six weeks, are a little slow for today’s audiences.)

And I agree with Jonathan… it would be nice to have the MacBook Pro, but it’s probably not the best use of $2000+ for me at the moment. :-(

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avatar Cap

uhh.. whats Doctor Who?

I think I’ll wikipedia it.

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avatar Madame X

Another Tom Baker fan here. I gave my sister one of the DVDs for Christmas– her husband didn’t quite get why we were so fascinated by the new CGI effects that you can toggle on and off, and the behind the scenes look at some of the old special effects! (like a rocket being flown across the screen on a wobbly piece of wire)

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