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Friday Reading

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Here’s what I’m reading today, updated throughout the day as I feel like it.

Jim Jubak sees a revolt pertaining to property taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Prediction: Oil will either spike to $100 a barrel or it will drop. There is a third possibility that the price will do neither. In conclusion, no one knows anything. What else is new?

Investing — you know, for kids. Selena Maranjian and The Motley Fool has assembled suggestions for parents who want to start their kids in the market early. We all regret not getting in sooner, right?

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avatar Henry

Cool site flex. Love the links to other blogs too. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

I’ve been hearing doomsday senarios regarding housing bubbles and higher ed for a long time. Nothing’s happened so far and I’m doubting anything will happen. From what I’ve seen (S&L scandals,dotcom bust)bad things happen, politicians and people get really mad, laws that may or may not work get passed and the country just keeps truckin along.

I don’t know if housing will crash or if college will become unaffordable to all but a few people, but I have a feeling in any case, we’ll just keep truckin along.

Keep up the good work.

avatar Luke Landes

Thanks for the comments, Henry. No matter what happens, life will continue and the economy will deal, somehow.