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Friday’s News

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As Friday progresses, I’ll add articles and news I find interesting to this post.

* Jim Jubak says there is no housing bubble. The first rule of Housing Bubble is you do not talk about Housing Bubble. His reasons: mortgage money is cheap (low rates), high prices are a result of inflation only, and consumer debt isn’t enough of a burden.
* MSN also has an article on how to buy a cheap computer for under $500. I’m not in the market for a desktop, but at some point I’d like to retire my notebook computer. I was thinking Apple PowerBook, but that wouldn’t be the most cost-effective of purchases.
* Alan “Yoda” Greenspan is upbeat about the economy and will probably announce an interest rate hike by another quarter point on June 30. We should see some savings banks raise their interest rates around that time, and I’ll post an update to the chart if that happens.

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