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Frugal Hotels?

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As frugalists, we try to save money wherever possible by looking for bargains or cutting corners where plausible. Some hotels are apparently cutting some corners to save money, as well. Marriott International says it’s a growing industry trend to cut back on changing bed sheets every night.

[H]otels are explaining the move as an effort to be more environmentally friendly, using less hot water, detergents and bleach to clean sheets. But the hotels see savings from less laundry and reduced labor costs.

The good news, for those who are bothered by this, is the hotels will most likely change the bed sheets for you if you request it specifically. No word about an additional charge.

When I check into a hotel in Williamsburg while on vacation next month, at the very least I hope they would change the sheets in our room after the previous guest checked out.

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avatar jim

If you read the article further (and ignore the blatantly inflamatory title), they’re talking about not changing the sheets during a stay but definitely between stays. I think it makes perfect sense, I don’t change my sheets at home every night.

avatar Luke Landes

I did see that, but I am confident there are guests who expect the sheets to be changed every night.

avatar Jose

I am always concerned about the comforter. How clean is it? What did people did on it? How does it affect the sheets below?

It crosses my mind about the 120 nights I sleep at hotels every year.