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Frugal Wines

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If you like wine and you like saving money, you might enjoy this article. The New York Times is featuring an article describing some great wines under ten bucks. In the white category, several come from South Africa. Some of the reds on the list come from the United States.

There’s a winery in Williamsburg that we might visit over our trip for a little tasting. They have their own selection of inexpensive wines.

I like visiting vineyards rather than wineries, but to the best of my memory, I’ve only visited one of each: Martha Clara Vineyards and Brotherhood Winery.

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avatar savvy saver

There’s a great winery near my house that I love going to. They have a fall grape stomp with lots of wine, food, live music… it’s wonderful. Most of their wines (including my two favorites) are under $10.

Wollersheim Winery

avatar jim

My friends bought a bottle of port from Brotherhood Winery – i don’t know how much it cost but it was pretty good.

avatar Jonathan

I usually just stick to Charles Shaw at Trader Joes for $2 :) I can tell $5 wine from $50+ wine, but that’s about it.

avatar mmb

See, this is where I lucked out. I am not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I can tell Pinot Grigio from Pinot Noir but that’s about it. I can’t tell a 1983 wine from a 1968 one and I definitely can’t tell which bottle has been exposed to the wrong temperature. It saves me a lot of money.