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Gas Price Update

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Last night, I was able to fill my tank in a central New Jersey Valero station for $2.239 per gallon. To fill up my tank, it was just over $20. It felt good at first, but a few short years ago I had been paying half that amount.

Many of the gas stations in my area of New Jersey that once appeared to be independently-owned now have new branding, including Valero and Lukoil. Is anyone else seeing a similar trend? What kind of gas prices are you seeing lately?

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avatar John Wilks

Mine’s 2.259

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avatar MLoco

Down here in Miami it’s $2.95-$3.20 for regular. This and other costs make me want to move fast after I finish college. For example, My electric bill goes for about $250 every month and $150 of that amount is just for FUEL. It’s an electric bill yet 60% of the bill goes to gas up their trucks. Damn gas prices, Turning my electric bill into a fuel bill. The power you do pay for is even listed as Non-Fuel.

I just wonder if any of you guys in other states have to pay for to gas up their trucks.

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avatar 2million

I agree on Lukoil and Valero although I think its more in the Northeast – i discovered each as I came up to NY for my temporary assignment – hadn’t seen it before – now it seems to be everywhere. I haven’t seen either in NC as of yet.

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avatar DMH10

Here in E. Kentuck regular is $ 2.21 and it was $ 1.95 in Lexington.


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avatar JP

Lukoil purchased approximately 779 Mobil/Exxon stations in NJ in 2004 and starting rebranding them in 2005. They seem to run $0.10 to $0.15 higher than average. In NJ, Lukoil stations on the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Pkwy are only permitted to change prices once a week.

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avatar fivecentnickel.com

We’re getting closer and closer to $2/gallon here in the southeast. It seems like the best way to save on gas over the past few weeks has been to run your tank down as low as possible — the way prices have been falling, a day or two delay in filling your tank could mean a nickel less per gallon.

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avatar mark laburada

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