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Give Me More Money, Boss

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How to ask your boss for more.

You may notice many of my links come from CNN/Money. It’s their fault for being good. In any case, this article presents raise-negotiating tips to help persuade your tight, wimpy, intimidating, and/or passive-aggressive boss to give you that money you deserve. Here are some of my own—Flexo’s tips on what not to say.

“Give me what I want or I’ll quit.” This can only lead to bad results, unless you have another offer on the table. When faced with an ultimatum like that, chances are the boss will choose the least expensive option.

“I should be making at least what you’re making.” I don’t think the boss would agree with you.

“If I don’t get more money, I’ll pass the company’s trade secrets to a competitor.” The threat of legal fees incurred by the company suing you might give your boss reason to consider your demand, but most likely, he or she will just fire you.

“If you give me a raise, I’ll get to the office on time.” The basic expectations of the job should probably be covered before negotiating a raise, in my humble opinion.

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