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Giveaway: Five USB Flash Drives With Tax Cut Software

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Realizing that it’s a little late for sending these out and filing taxes in time for the standard deadline, I’d still like to give these away.

I have five USB Flash Drives with 256MB storage space. You can find these almost anywhere, and they are inexpensive. These flash drives come with Tax Cut Premium Federal + State. With this software, you can complete your 1040 using the Tax Cut’s interview guide, but there is a fee to e-file.

Considering I’ve already completed my taxes, I’d probably just delete the software and use the drive to move documents back and forth between computers.

Perhaps the software will come in handy if you’ve already filed an extension.

Regardless of what you’d like to use the flash drive for, if you want one of the five I’m giving away, leave a comment here, with a valid email address. If response is good, I’ll pick all five winners from this post. If no one is interested, I’ll just use them for myself.

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avatar SD Fin Fanatic

I was reading your post about ING direct and I think this comment is more suitable for that post but there ain’t a giveaway at that post.

My experience with ING is that they are very legalistic and between ING and CapOne, Cap one gives the benefit of doubt to the consumer. I would like to know other people’s opinion as well.

avatar coelomic

This is a good website that I try and read often as I can. The only problem is that I do not have enough money to invest in all the proposed ways!!
Regardless keep up the good work.

avatar My New Choice

I’ll throw my name in for one of the USB drives.

avatar Eric


Love the website. I am 22, with a good job right out of college. I am currently saving 25% of my take home pay. Most of my savings goes into a Roth IRA, but I definitely have an emergency fund as well. I would love to have one of those flash drives, but will still keep reading if I’m not chosen.


avatar Gerald


I’m recovering from a divorce and basically starting over from scratch. I’ve found your posts extremely informative, and in some cases even inspiring. Keep up the good work.

And yes, I could definitely use a copy of Tax Cut and a flash drive.



avatar Bobby

Definitely interested and appreciative of the opportunity.

avatar Golbguru

Thanks for opportunity. I will make it more competitive for others by participating. :)

Will probably find some innovative use for the products.

avatar Steve O.

My name is Steve and I’m 18 years old. I’m in my freshman year of college and I just love this and a few other select finance blogs. I read this blog daily because I just enjoy the idea of saving money and making wise and sound financial decisions. I don’t own any credit yet (part of it is because I don’t need it and the other part is because I don’t completely trust myself) and I save roughly 40% of my take-home pay, since I don’t really need a dime of it anyway outside of a gas bill. I’m majoring in entrepreneurship and I’m just excited about making money. Watching my bank account grow excites the hell out of me. So much so that I gave a speech today in my Public Speaking course about the lack of financial literacy among young adults and how young adults can become educated and learn to make sound financial decisions. I recently started using Quicken to track all my expenses and I’ve found I need to stop buying shoes and eating out. Those are things I can fix and I hope to grow wiser financially with every passing day.

Anyway, thanks for such a good/informative blog!

avatar John S

While I don’t think TaxCut is the best software out there, especially since the debacle from last year, I’d take a USB drive.

avatar Zen

Drop my name in the hat, too!

avatar Jonathan C

Speaking of tax software, have you ever evaluated multiple tax preperation programs in the same year, provided the exact same information, and gotten slightly different results? Not with just the basic forms, mind you, but thrown in small business and partnership rules and nobody seems to agree.

Either #1 the tax code may be interpreted in more than one way, or #2 some nerdy programmer on the TurboTax or Quicken development team is making a little mistake!

I enjoy your blog, I’d start one of my own but there is already so much PF stuff out there.


avatar Michael

Sign me up! I need a new USB drive!

avatar Michael

I have no need for the tax software, but I sure could use a USB flash drive.

avatar Bags

Thanks for being generous with the flash drives and giving your readers a chance to win them. I could definitely use one considering my current flash drive is on the fritz!

avatar Jaxim

Count me in!

avatar Chris

Please put my name into the proverbial hat!

avatar shouldbeworking

I’m a gambling man…….count me in!

avatar Lauri

I’m in, thanks!

avatar VG

I would love to get one of these as I still have to file my returns for state (Calif). California gives an automatic extension if no money is owed so I still have a lot of time to file.

avatar Juan Millon

La de da! Make sure the random drawing pics me me me hehe.


avatar Melissa

I could always do with a flash drive. I’m always losing mine whenever I need them the most, so having a backup defiantely wouldn’t hurt.

Good luck to everyone~ : )

avatar James

I could use a flash drive :P

avatar jen

i want a flash drive.

avatar Belandrew

I’m a computer geek, but I’ve never bothered to pick up a flash drive for myself. I’ve yet to justify the cost of one but I can easily justify free.

I’ve been reading and lurking for a while, so congratulations for getting me to post a comment.

avatar td

Great site! Would love to have a USB drive.

avatar will

I don’t want this flash drive. 256 is way too small. please don’t give to me.

avatar Conundrum & Bugle Corps

What a nice thing for you to do. With a wife and three kids using three computers, I could sure use another flash drive.
But honestly, if someone else actually still needs TaxCut (how would they get it in time to file?), then they deserve it more than I.

avatar KC

My wife could use one of the USB drives!

avatar Mark

I can use it as a live boot drive. Send one my way. Thanks, Mark

avatar Dave

Sign me up

avatar cdiltz13

I could use a USB drive! Thanks!

avatar Polliwog

Wooo Hoooo! Great blog. Found you via thegiveawayproject.com

Please throw my name into the drawing hat.

avatar aaron

this can be useful. thanks again for the great and informative site as well as the chance for a great item.

avatar Mike

I could use one. Count me in!!!

avatar Richard

I do not have a flash drive and I would like to be in the drawing for one.

avatar Aniq

Always up for a flash drive! Awesome blog, keep it up!

avatar Chris

good for backing up tax files….

avatar Sundar

Great blog, and appreciate opportunity to win taxcut.

avatar kevin

Read your blog daily after finding it on AFM. Thanks for the vital PF info. Thanks for offering freebies.

avatar mara

I’ve already done my 2006 taxes, but I’d love to enter the drawing! :) Thank you!

avatar Andy

Your blog is great. Thanks for the flash drives w/ taxcut!

avatar Crys

I’d like to enter :)

avatar ChadB

Love the site … one of the first I read every day. While the USB drive won’t help with this year’s taxes, maybe it will come in handy next year … Thanks!

avatar KNM5683


I currently subscribe to your site, and I love it! I’ve received so much informative information on here. I would like to throw my name in for the TaxCut Software/USB drive. I filed an extension for my income tax, and it would come in very handy, as I’ve used TaxCut Software since 2003, and hadn’t purchased it yet. I started a Virtual Assistant business in ’06, and I procrastinated in getting my information together in time for my income tax.


avatar Kevin

Free Flash Drive. Cool. I could really use one of those. Please enter me in the sweepstakes.

avatar Colin

I’ve been following your blog for a while, it is awesome! Thanks for entering me in the sweepstakes!


avatar dan

Great idea to back up to a flash drive but realize these drives can also be corrupted. I had a 2 Gig drive that just went bad recently and it was a surprise to me. I now use alternating flash drives so if one goes bad I still have the other to restore from.

avatar winter

2004 I lost my husband and job, talk about starting over. I need as much advise as I can find, though often it is just opinions but I have learned to sort through the static and have found a few gems to keep. This is one site I watch, if only to see if I am getting too far off the path. I could use that flash drive although I’ve already filed my taxes. Thanks!

avatar Virginia

Hi Flexo:

Have you given away all your flash drives yet?

I love your website because it keeps me up-to-date on all the latest savings account rates, although I notice Countrywide still isn’t on there.

Thanks for the site,

avatar Andrea


avatar Barb

Count me in! I really need to starting backing up my hard drive.

avatar Blain Reinkensmeyer

Count me in as well, lucky #53!!

avatar BeeTee

Your frequent additions to your site are appreciated!

avatar Helen

In for the giveaway, thanks!

Also really enjoy your blog, keep up the great work!

avatar Dave

Thanks, throw me in!

avatar Wendy

I have started reading money related or debt related blog after New York Times published an article about them. I am learning so much.

avatar tanyetta

I would like to win a USB flash. Thanks.

avatar Super Granny

I would love a flashdrive, but cannot believe that it would be free, no free lunches you know, so I guess I will wait and see. Old ladies are very suspicious.LOL
Thanks for letting me comment.
Have a great day.
This is a great site.

avatar PackRat

you can never have too many flash drives!!!

avatar The Wook

I just clicked on a couple of ads.

avatar gon

hey, 256 mb for free sound very cool. Keep on paying your taxes.

avatar Erin

I couldn’t survive without my flash drive, and it’s getting pretty full. A 2nd one would be great!

avatar Luke Landes

Thanks everyone… all the winners have been chosen! We’ll have more giveaways soon.