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Giveaway: Free Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0

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This giveaway is now over.

I have a copy of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0 to give away. I’ve never used the software before, so I can’t provide any reviews. I don’t see owning rental properties in my near future, so I’d like to send the CD-ROM off to someone who will be able to use it.

Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0 helps rental property owners organize their rental income and expenses in one place, saving hours at tax time. Quicken Rental Property Manager is designed specifically for rental property owners with up to 10 properties and approximately 25 total units, but it can be used to support up to 100 properties with 100 units each.

quicken-rental-property-manager.jpgIf this software sounds useful to you, simply leave a comment here with a valid email address and I’ll choose a random individual. Your email address is safe with me. I won’t send you spam or sell your address. I’ll only send an email to the commenter who is selected. Your comment can say anything you like.

Unbridled and excessive praise are my favorite comments, but any kind of comment gets you just one entry. Here is what the software claims to accomplish.

* Organize all your information in one place, into simple sheets
* Track all your income, expenses, and tax information
* Save time retrieving financial information — Easily categorize your financial information throughout the year using the income and expense log
* See how your properties are performing — get instant answers to your questions about profitability
* Take every allowable deduction all year, as you record your expenses into a Schedule E category list

I’m going to leave this giveaway open for a while. This software doesn’t appeal to everyone, so I’d like to give a chance as many people as possible.

Update: Savvy Saver has a review of the software: “The value-added features of Quicken Property Manager are few and far between, and I’ve yet to encounter any functionality that exceeds that of an Excel workbook…” Still, leave a comment here if you would like a chance for the free copy.

This giveaway is now over.

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avatar s

I hope I’ll won it and would be helpful.

avatar geoff

Looks useful.

avatar MakePeopleHappy

I was just going to buy a rental property and didn’t even know this software existed. Thanks for the generous offer. : )

avatar BC

I’d never heard of this either, it would make my life a heck of a lot easier…

avatar MillionDollarJourney.com

Is this contest available to Canadians?


avatar Brenda

Hello and thank you for this wonderful opportunity! (-: I would love to have the Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0! I have 3 rental properties and have been keeping all my books by hand! Ugh!!! Can you imagine the hours this program would save me? I hope to have more properties in the future. I tried using a program called “Saferent” but wasn’t impressed with it. If you choose me as the person to give the gift to and it doesn’t work out for me, I promise to give someone else a go at it. It will not be wasted. Also, if you like, I will let you know if it was helpful to me or if I passed it on. Unlike many, you are a caring, sharing, generous, and unselfish person and many good things will come to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care and God bless.

avatar savvy

I already received a free copy of this software, and will be posting a review shortly (I’ll send the link your way). To sum it up, I don’t think there’s anything this software does that Excel can’t do.

avatar savvy

Here’s a link to my review…

Review of Quicken Rental Property Manager

avatar Jon K

I have one rental property now. Just filed my 2006 taxes- the first year to report activity from a rental property. I intend to never sell my residence. In other words, when I decide to move, I want to simply convert my current residence to a rental property. Not sure if that’ll work out, but that’s the plan. I’ve checked out this software in stores before, but I was holding off on buying it. Now that I’m once again in the market for a new home, it might not be a bad idea to have some software to manage my future real estate empire! ;-)

avatar TheMellowOne

I hope I win. I have a single rental property that has become somewhat more work than I expected this year.

avatar Chris

I’d love this as a gift to my mom, who just bought a duplex and is looking at other rental properties as well. This would make her day if I could give her this.

avatar Crys

I’m interested. I intend to try and buy a duplex down the road very soon and rent out both sides.

avatar Valerie

Rental Property Manager might be OK for anyone who is NOT using Quicken itself. But, as Savvy notes in his review, RPM is very rigid in regard to changing categories, entering prepayments, etc.

The big problem for Quicken users is that it is impossible to transfer the data from RPM to Quicken, so if you want a report on your Net Worth, you have to re-enter the data into Quicken. AND you can keep all the same information in Quicken just as well and not need to have a separate program at all.

avatar Brenda

Thank you, Savvy and Valerie, for your review and input. Since I am just beginning to use Excel, would you recommend I still try the Quicken Product until I’m better at Excel or spend the time learning Excel instead? I can forsee the same problems described in the review but, right now, I do everything by hand. Your input would be appreciated.

avatar J

Just upload it to a newsgroup for testing. I can show you how. Or, I’ll take it if picked.

avatar J

If you upload it – everyone can have a copy, by the way.

avatar Vish

I’d love to have it, Please count me in!

avatar Valerie

REPLY TO BRENDA…If you are already an Excel user, use that. Personally, I relate to Data Base programs more than spreadsheets and therefore am proficient in Quicken (teach it), and a complete klutz with spreadsheets. I’ll leave others to help you with that avenue.

If you aren’t Excel proficient, I would suggest considering using Quicken – maybe the Home and Business version, which has a mileage feature in it, but Premier or deLuxe are OK too. You can save all your information in it, plus the rest of your financial data, such as mortgages, other investments, etc. All will be in one place and make year end reports very easy for tax purposes. Quicken has good reminder system in which you can schedule lease renewals, etc. And there is an address book you can use for your tenants, which is somewhat limited in content. However, the Home and Business version has a very complete “Customer” adddress book with very comprehensive entries, as well as space for notes you can enter at the end.

Current versions of Quicken at the upper end also allow you to scan and attach documents, so you could attache notices sent to tenants, etc.

avatar Jun

Thanks for the chance.

avatar patrick

Sounds like a great product. I hope it will be useful for in my quest to be landlord.

avatar Brenda

Thank you, VALERIE, for that very helpful information. I, too, am more database oriented but I always hear how great Excel and Access (?) are.

FLEXO, I am still interested in the Quicken RPM until I can afford one of the other Quicken products that Valerie has informed me about. Then I will manually transfer the info over and allow someone else to make use of the RPM. Thank you again for this opportunity.

avatar Chris

I was just looking at this… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

avatar LKN

I was thinking about purchasing this program….sounds like it’ll do everything I need!

avatar Maynard

I managed bits and pieces of paper for years while I rented out the second house we owned. Property manager was a life saver in time and frustration. It’s all right there at the end of the year if you’ve filed all your receipts properly. Excel might have done it, but this neater.

avatar 2million

Count me in — working on adding my 2nd rental property.

avatar ISPORT

This will be very helpful to me. Thank you for the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring.

avatar Marshall Middle

I am interested in rental property and hope to add it as an investment.

avatar Stephen

I fell behind keeping up with the expenses on my rental units this year and am now regretting it. Maybe this will help. Thanks for this.

avatar Brenda

Me!Me!Me! Haha!

avatar Luke Landes

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winner!

avatar Newguy

I have a 3 properties so far. Working with spread sheets with formulas. Taking considerable amount of time away from me. I think I can try quicken to make my job easier. Thanks for the oppertunity.

avatar Michael

I find this software to be very useful, especially at tax time

avatar Cheryl

Always looking for new and different things.

avatar Dan

just started to get into the field so it would help alot

avatar RC

It looks good to me, I hope I win.

avatar Jessica

Is this still available? This program would really help me out! I have 1.0 and this version has features I need to be able to access.


avatar ron

just read a story about using the right software to manage your rental property,quicken was mentioned.this may help keep up with my pile paper work on my rental property.

avatar billy

moving to chicago. can’t sell,will have to rent current home in minnesota. could use the help!

avatar adaboo

about to get started in the busy. this software would be very useful. thanks for the offer.

avatar Bud

I own property in a distressed area of Kansas. I have poured money into this project since my mother passed away. I need help getting it under control.
Thanks for the opportunity

avatar Jacque

I am trying to discover the best way to manage the properties that I have. After trying the free trial I really like this one and I wish to continue with it. But just like the 42 people before me and including the number of people who follow me in this giveaway they would like to continue with it too. So I guess good luck to everyone and congrats on who ever wins…..

avatar Lisa Hancock

My boss has rental properties and needs something to help her manage them. She and her husband are very giving people and I was hoping to try to win this for them. I would help them set it up and then they could make very good use of it.

avatar Liza

Hi, I am quite new to owning rental property in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since I live abroad, I depend on my parents for the collection and some bookkeeping. This software can certainly assist me in better monitoring of income, expenses and forecasting. I am currently using the personal finance quicken, and it is a bit of headache trying to work around it for rental property management. Please help.

avatar Matt

I need this software. I hope I win.

avatar Don Bishop

need help and willing to try product

avatar ftizedes

I just bought a rental property for the first time and have been working on it, tracking my expenses in a notebook and taping my receipts next to each entry. I can’t believe there is software available that will help me keep track of all these expenses. I just hope i get a copy of it.

avatar mlendacki

I really need this software as I have a boss who has 10 rental properties and is too cheap to buy this program. It would make my life sooooo much easier. I refuse to pay for it myself, but if it were free that would be great. Thanks for reading this. Mary

avatar leadsoldier

I have some rental property and this would help. Count me in.

avatar Minh Diep

This is what I am looking for.

avatar JAG

Need weekly rental option

avatar BJ

Was looking for this exact product and ran into this give-a-way. Thank you for the opportunity.

avatar Myron

If you haven’t given away this product, I’ll take it off your hands. I’ve been using an old Apple Computer for my rental properties for years and I have over 50 rental units. So this could come in handy.


avatar Marty

if you have this software, I can use it. just starting to invest in rental properties. Marty

avatar Cheryl

I am rental property owner and currently experiencing some financial difficulty. I am in the process of an IRS audit soon and this software will be helpful in me organizing my books for the audit.

avatar RaviChandran Gopal

I am interested to receive the copy. I am already used quicken personal finance products.

Please send me one.

avatar Nicole Mark

Thank you for the opportunity to win! I have been browsing your website for useful information and found it to be quite informative, so thanks for that too! Last week my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my Quicken data (I backed up, but stored the backup in the hard drive that crashed…yes, I have learned my lesson :))) Anyway, all of my data for 2009 will need to be re-created, and when I started the process of loading my 2002 Home and Business into my new computer (which cost money I don’t really have) I realilzed that a property management program might be more useful (but it will also cost me more money I don’t have). I manage some small properties where I live to generate an income from home where I care for my children full time. So, even if I don’t win, I like your idea and I think it’s really generous. Take care,


avatar Brenda Ternullo

I am interested in the software

avatar Jerry

It has been my pleasure to use Quicken Rental Property Manager the last 2 years in my rental business. (I have 5 units). I have little in the way of bookkeeping skills and understand little of the rules and concepts of accounting. Therefore, when I started using this program, it was one of the greatest aids. As advertised, it organized every aspect of my rental business as far as my ability to understand. In doing so, it helped organize me! It also has helped me to understand more of the accounting concepts. A second aspect is that my accountant is very impressed with the ledger report I print for him; it is very clear & consise. The reason I am entering is because my computer crashed & I had not downloaded from Quicken, so I have lost my program.

avatar Robin Leaptrott

I downloaded this version a couple of years ago and have all my info loaded into it – now I can’t find an upgrade or anything – so I’m fearful of losing all my data. I hope you will consider me for the giveaway.

avatar Maxine Levels

I have all of my data in rental property manager 2.0 and cannot get any help. My computer crashed and I downloaded the program. Quicken does not have a support phone number for the rental property managers. Help!!!

avatar Drawleigh001

I have one rental property. We had a meeting in July and one of our board members brought in there older version of quicken rental property manager it was very interesting and looked very user friendly. We have a local Assoc. I would be interested in your free give away, and it would greatfully be used. Thank you

avatar jack

I used it years ago and lost my disk and have never found another that worked as good.
most of the others have to may frills I’d love a copy.
thank you

avatar Emmy

Hello to you,

I’ve been desperately looking for the Quicken RPM 2.0 version all day…no success. In my desperation, i googled “free” and your link popped up. I pray that you are the answer. My computer crashed and thank God I have my data saved with an external memory. I need the software to open my file. I will be grateful if you will share your copy (CD or download) to me. Thank you so much in advance.


avatar Patty Nuzzo

I have been using this version for years and cannot find the original disc. I have all ny rentals in it for the 2011 tax year. I would gladly pay for shipping and handling. Please respond asap

avatar Ken

do you still have this?