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Giveaway: Free Sumo Lounge Omni Chair

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So far, this has to be one of my favorite giveaways. Who wants yet another book about money when you could have a postmodern bean bag chair? Last week, I reviewed the Sumo Lounge Omni chair and Otto foot rest.

Sumo Lounge Omni PlatinumAs the review explains, the chair is a lot nicer than I expected. Currently, I am keeping the Omni in the “bed” position for relaxing while blogging.

Sumo Lounge agreed to give away an Omni chair valued at $150 to a lucky Consumerism Commentary reader. It will be delivered by FedEx directly to the winner’s door. Not only that, but the winner can choose the color. I was sent the fiery red, and I like it, but the other colors, like tangerine, platinum, funky brown, and lime green, look great from the pictures.

Here are the instructions for the giveaway.

Sumo Lounge Omni in Straddle PositionIn order to enter the contest, you must comment on this post below, leaving your valid e-mail address. As I’ve mentioned, I will keep your e-mail address private, but I need a way to contact the winner. The comment should include something about furniture, such as an entertaining story about how you acquired furniture in your first apartment.

I really like this stuff, and this is a contest definitely worth your time. The winner will be chosen randomly, and the odds of winning depend on the number of commenters. I would hope that this attracts strong interest, as I’m quite impressed with what they’ve sent me.

The giveaway will be closed to new entries at 11:59 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, October 23. The winner will be notified by email and expected to respond within 48 hours. Subscribe to the Consumerism Commentary RSS feed to receive updates.

Update [10/17, 12:00 pm]: If you tried to place a comment on Consumerism Commentary in the last twelve hours, I did not receive your comment. You would have received an error message after submitting your message. The problem has been fixed, so please try again.

Update [10/24, 12:00 am]: The winner has been selected and notified. Thanks to everyone who visited; I hope new visitors are sticking around.

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avatar Muranda

I would love this chair. It looks so cozy. We bought a new house, and were a little deceived by the size of the basement. We bought new couches, and when we got them down there, only the loveseat would fit. Bummer. So, I now have a TV room/family room, with a loveseat, and nothing else. This would be perfect.

avatar Heather L

We are poor newlyweds in our first apartment, with our first baby on the way. All of our furniture has been a gift or a hand-me-down, except our bed and bookcases. Our “sofa” is an old twin bed with an old mattress and old sofa cushions leaning against the wall, so we fight over the glider rocker that is supposed to be in the nursery. I’m letting my husband win, hoping he’ll love it so much that he will be eager to get up with the baby in the middle of the night. :D

avatar mstein_88

As I’m still in the renting stage of my life and find myself moving virtually every year, I’ve determined that agile/mobile furniture works best. The hand-me-down sectional (“L”) couch I received from an uncle being a perfect case in point. The longer side of the L wouldn’t fit into my last apartment, so my couch is really only half a couch. Ah well. It’s better than the egg crates we used in college.

avatar Ginny

Our first apartment was all hand me downs & things from my hubby & I’s childhood. Our friends gave us our couch, our kitchen was from my parents. Our tv’s & bed were from our bedrooms. I think our first piece of furniture we bought was after our first christmas together. My hubby & I both received Sears GC’s & we ended up buying a nice entertainment center.

avatar tinknight

Here is funny story about our “world’s most uncomfortable couch”. It actually belongs to my husband who (before we met) went shopping for a couch. We went to the store and got talked into buying a couch from a catalog. It cost thousands of dollas and he waited for a month for it to arrive from Italy. It looks really nice and trendy but it so not comfortable. You would have to change postions every several minutes to get the “right position”. That is where it got its name. We have new sectional now but still keep this couch. It is now used as a changing table for our son.

avatar Tisha

Well, as far as furniture goes, we received our couches from my in-laws, and I don’t know if I plan on getting new furniture for some time. After having our first child, and him deciding to pee everytime I changed his diaper on the couch, we might just have to wait until our children are grown. Oh well, kids are definitely worth it though!

avatar Ben

Given that I’m in my first apartment, most of our furniture is a sad collection of hand-me-downs and Ikea. The only thing we really paid for was a pretty nice futon with (with a mattress that had springs). We use that for a couch, and now some of the springs are loose inside and poke you when you sit down. It’ll be nice when I have enough money and space to get decent furniture.

avatar Matt

I must confess that my favorite chair is a little hot. I was just out of college and living in a duplex. I had just finished my final semester, in which I was forced to take a Music Appreciation class to get my COMPUTER SCIENCE degree, regardless of having plenty of credit hours.

So I came home one night and saw my neighbors sitting it on an immediately recognizable chair from one of the college lounges. I was like “is that from …” and they were like “yes it is, somebody had it out on the side walk”. They had taken it because they didn’t have a lawn chair. I happened to have plenty and arranged a trade.

So there I was accepting stolen goods, but in my mind the University did the same thing when they cashed my check for that Music Appreciation class I had to take. I’m sure the University, the law, and my priest might see it differently but I haven’t lost any sleep over it yet. Especially after my sister recovered it in a lovely, flashy red upholstery.

I hope an ill-gotten gain does not preclude one from the contest. :-)

avatar Jamie Willett

I’ve actually looked at these before and asked for one for Christmas last year…but Santa didn’t bring it…I got a Kitchenaid mixer instead. Makes great brownies, but not that comfy to sit on!

I’m 33 years old and we still have hand me down furniture in 85% of our house. The kids even use my old stuff from when I was young. I like to say we are a recycling family.

avatar kelli

Awesome chair. I’d love it in the playroom.

We’re slowly being more grownup about our furniture. I still have some stuff that I found on the street from my first apartment, but much of what’s in the house I actually paid money for! As we progress with our remodel I’m sure there will be some things that I just NEED to have for the new spaces and some of the old stuff will be passed on.

avatar Meg

The first piece of furniture I ever bought was a drafting table while in college.
3 years later I was able to purchase my second piece, the much coveted (by me) Noguchi coffee table.
I pick out furniture for others to purchase all the time. It saves me from wanting to redo my house every 3 months. My brother-in-law and wife, who would really appreciate this type of chair are just starting out and can’t afford it. My design services are their wedding present.
If I won, I would be so happy to visit the Omni Chair at their new house.

avatar Melissa

My first apartment had all included furniture (looked like hotel-type stuff) but my grandad did buy me a computer desk. Well, it was one of those put together ones, and my mom and grandad took 3 days to put it together, and just “no, no”ed me anytime I tried to volunteer to help. It stayed with me through 3 apartment moves. Now that computer desk is in my grandad’s house with my mom’s computer on it!

avatar Richelle F

We are in our first house so are slowly accumulating more furniture. This looks like a fun “chair”!

avatar JewelsHud

I’d have to say that after purchasing our new home three years ago we are still awaiting “good” furniture in our living room. I’d love to have something to add.

avatar bebemiqui

This is really embarrassing, but when we were first married All of our furniture came off of my hubby’s college campus! They were updating the furniture in the student lounge and we got all the castoffs. As soon as our daughter was born I realized how nasty that furniture probably was, so we bought some low end new stuff. After two kids, we’re still strapped and so we love any gentle used decor!

avatar babies mama

Furniture, well we started with none. Bought a nice bed which led to kids and now all of our furniture is kid friendly.

avatar Briggitte Cruz

this sumo lounge looks soooooooo dreamy and comfy. we’ve been looking for a chair for our son’s room and this would be perfect.
here’s my furniture story –
my mom gave us a sofa and rocker when we got our first house. i really liked it and it was comfortable. then a few years later we got a new sofa and loveseat so mom’s sofa and chair went downstairs to the basement for the kids to use when they had company over. it was really great until one fateful weekend. our daughter was a girl scout and we had an overnight camping venture. we had a dog and i set up a nice area for him downstairs with plenty of food and water and toys and blankies and we had him leashed to a pole so he wouldn’t tear up the basement. i asked my best friend to stop by a few times a day (we were only going to be away for a day and a half) to let him out and get some fresh air. well, when we got home we opened the basement door and up comes our dog. we were so happy to see him we forgot he was supposed to be leashed and then out of nowhere he began heaving like he was going to throw up. before we knew it, he threw up all over the place. we rushed him outside and when i started to clean it up i noticed it was greenish. i went downstairs to get some rags when i saw the carnage. the dog was left loose (because my friend thought it was inhumane to leave him tied up – mind you he had a 15 foot lead) and he ate – i mean literally ate the sofa cushions, pillows, and all kinds of other stuff. sadly both the sofa, chair and the dog had to go in the same day. (he had eaten other things in the past but my sofa and chair were the last straw)…

avatar Bobby

The Omni reminds me of the first piece of furniture I owned, a beanbag chair, when I was about 7.

I got it at Christmas, and I can still remember walking into the living room at my grandparent’s house and there were 8 boxes, each one holding a different bean bag for each of 8 kids/grandkids. I still don’t know where they found the paper to wrap all those boxes, but I had that chair for about 20 years…wish I still had it.

avatar 1 Day at a Time

Story of furniture for my apartment? That’s an easy one – I have none! I’ve been staying on a friend’s couch for the past months, and at the moment, I’m house sitting. However, just tonight I’ve found a place that is really appealing to me – I’ll have a new job, a new place to live, and a new piece of furniture would certainly be icing on the cake.

avatar April

At first I had my stuff that I brought with me from my parents home. Then when my Boyfriend and I wanted to change the look. We bought one piece at a time for the bedroom set and etc.. It took us about a year and a half to redo the place but we finally got some better looking furniture. I love this Omni chair, I really need a place to relax and unwind. We have a hammock which my now husband loves but I don’t like being in the cold so this chair would be the answer to my dreams. So PLEASE pick ME!!!

avatar Shannon

These bags look amazing! My family would love it (especially my daughter if she could pull me out of it). Pretty much all of the furniture in our house except our living room couch has been inherited from someone else who was getting rid of it. It would be great to have something NEW! :)

avatar Caryn

So my husband and I both brought furniture and other things into our marriage. The only thing we didn’t have was a couch. My parents decided to let us use their futon as a couch. That thing is horrible!!! It is hard and uncomfortable and so when we moved yet again we decided we wouldn’t take it with us. This was to motivate us to buy a couch. Well, here we are almost 2 months into our apartment and still no couch! (We also don’t have a dining room table but that’s another story). We are using an office chair and a rocking chair inthe living room until we can find the time to get a couch. I guess this isn’t funny except that our living room has turned into an extension of our baby’s room with a pack and play, swing, bouncer, and exersaucer all piled into the room with the TV. Who has room for a couch?

avatar Becca

My husband and I are both grad students, so much of the furniture we have is stuff we’ve made ourselves (a coffee table and a GIANT bookcase) or Craigslist finds. Our bed is new, however. I couldn’t go so far as to sleep on used mattresses. Scary!

avatar Meghann

All my furniture is hand me down and my dog just ate a hole in my sofa, so some new furniture would be great.

avatar lg

this thing would be great for a game room!

avatar Marcia

We love to check out the furniture online and sometimes purchase!! Would love to win this Sumo Lounge Omi Chair!!!

avatar Carrie Keith

I bought a futon in college and then left it when I was moving out b/c all the other furniture was furnished. I still regret not taking it with me! Would love this chair though!

avatar Jill H.

Love the giveaway!

My 1st apartment was furnished almost exculsively from a variety of thrift stores or throwaways, with a bit of Target thrown in.

Not all that much has changed…even though it’s 10 years later (and two kids) now it’s Ikea and Thriftstores…and a giant lay-z-boy that was a castoff….. :)

avatar twiezel

i currently have no furniture in my room, but i did ruin my ex-roommate’s comforter when i duck-taped her in while she was sleeping.

avatar Megan

THis would be great when playing the Xbox. I would love to be chosen.

avatar Melina

With two suitcases in hand, I entered the US as a foreign graduate student. I spent a week sleeping on my classmate’s bedroom floor while hunting for an apartment. During my 3rd week in Memphis, I saw an ad for a 2 bedroom apt. and answered it. It turns out that the roommate left town in a hurry and left a bed, a study table, chairs and a small cabinet. For the next two years of my life, I used his furniture and received more kitchen stuff from the Filipino families that “adopted” me. Not bad huh?

avatar Dee

My first apartment was pretty sad! LOL

I had a 7 ft couch that was an ugly green that weighed a ton to move around. It was given to me by a friend and it had belonged to their grama and had been stored for ages. They also gave me a winged back orange chair. Nice combination huh! Thank goodness for throws!

I bought a nice old coffee table with a drawer at a garage sale. Bought a rattan swag/swinging lamp with dark tan colors. Had an old trunk that I draped a square tablecloth on and set my TV on. I purchased a small stereo cabinet made of pine for my stereo and LP’s and 8 tracks. I’m trying to blink that image out of my head now.. LOL

That looks fun to lounge on…
Thanks for the giveaway :)

avatar Patti

This isn’t a story about furniture of mine, but if I am so lucky as to win, I am going to attempt to sit like the girl in the red omni chair for as long as possible- isn’t furniture suppose to be comfortable, she looks like she’s trying to invent a new yoga pose…

avatar jmrv

my grand idea during my senior year of college was to build up a pile of pillows big enough to function as a chair. i actually amassed enough and it was a hit with friends and random guests alike. i did some of my better writing from it, too. this sumo chair seems right up my alley…

avatar Tricia

For our first house, we received quite a hodge podge of “hand-me-down” furniture. We’re very thankful for it, as it’s met our needs. The chair looks really comfy! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

avatar Jo

Oh my gosh the furniture in my first place was just awful! The couch was this horrid black, red, and yellow striped thing and the dining table looked like something from a 1950′s diner! I think if I won this Omni Chair I would use it the same way you are. It looks so incredibly comfy!!

avatar Stacey

My husband and I got our first couch and chair (matching!) for free from an apartment landlord who was getting rid of them. Neither of them had legs so they were raised up on cinderblocks. Truly a young married couple’s furniture set. We stored canned foods underneath since they were up so high. They were comfortable, but I daresay this chair looks even more cozy.

avatar Arianne

I love to furnish our house with modern stuff mixed with some vintage, but my absolute favorite piece is a small table I got for $20 at the hospital thrift shop a few years ago. I think its from the 20′s.

avatar aBookworm

When we began our married life, we were not sure if we were going to stay in that city for long, so we decided not to buy any furniture. Instead we rented … and kept on renting as year followed year! I know – big rookie mistake. But we did it! Finally we bought a house, furnished it beautifully. And guess what? We’re moving! Murphy’s law never worked better :)

This chair looks like it’ll withstand the vigors of travel – so, count me in! Thanks,
~ abookworm

avatar Lisa W

My stuff was all donated by family members who were unloading stuff on me. Luckily, it was all pretty nice and not your typical “unload” stuff!

avatar Catherine

Believe it or not our first furnature was cardboard boxes that we used as tables and chairs for the first few weeks of my husband and I living in our apartment. We just had to wait a while till our actual furnature came in a moving van. It was pretty entertaining.

avatar Douglas Karr

Too cool! I’d love to have this in my apartment. Not just a lounge chair, but also something to talk about!

avatar tiffany

All of the couches that we have had in our house were handed down to us! The one that we currently have is very trendy, but very uncomfortable. I think that the only new furniture that we have in our house is my three years olds nursery furniture!

avatar Sarah @ Ordinary Days

We recently sold all our living room furniture knowing we would be buying all new furniture when we moved. Well, our house hasn’t sold yet and our living room is still empty.

avatar Meg

My house looks like a frat house do to all the mismatched, freebie furniture. There’s the wooden tables from my mom, the futon from Freecycle, the recliners from my mother-in-law, the couch from a friend, two bean bag chairs that my mom gave us for a wedding present… In short, the sumo lounge would fit in perfectly.

avatar paidtwice

When we moved into our house, we did not have a couch. I wanted a couch, but we couldn’t afford one. A few weeks later, our neighbors put a couch out to be picked up by the garbagemen. I have no pride. I walked over and asked if we could have the couch.

So we do. It is a little beat up but it works and I like it.

avatar Mary

I’ve never really had to purchase my own furniture, since I never had to live alone. So no funny stories from me. :(

I wrote about your contest here: link
The more, the merrier! I hope that gets me a double entry. ^^

Do you ship worldwide?

avatar April

We recently moved from Kentucky to Kansas. We brought no furniture with us. Our landlord, bless his heart, gave us an old couch and loveseat. I am not complaining but the loveseat is a 70′s floral print. I cannot sit on the couch for very long without a backache. We really NEED some new furniture!

avatar Erin

The first furniture we put in our first home was an cat-hair covered recliner from my boss (which we covered with a sheet), 1 tiny end table, 2 bar stools (which came with the place from the landlord) and a twin futon mattress. Yes, a twin. I got to sleep on the futon mattress (on the floor)and my husband slept next to me on a pile of comforters. After about a month we saved up and went to the Salvation Army and bought a used but sanitized full sized mattress. It sagged in the middle and we would both roll into the middle of the bed. Those first few months were a little tough, but fun.

avatar Cecilia

How about a not too funny story about furniture. My MIL would rearrange my living room furniture on a regular bassis. She thought her places for everything were better. So I would come home from work very tired, and woul have to put everything back. This happened on a very regular basis. Why would that woman never give up?

avatar Julia

When I moved out into my own apartment for the first time I had no furniture at all–only a mattress, bedside table, and stacking cubes. Dorm life works for gathering “stuff”, but that “stuff” needs a place to go.

So by complete chance, the first weekend in my new place was also the weekend my city allowed people to throw out large items without paying for them. So because of this I was able to get a recliner (that lasted a month), a dining room table, suitcase, and a desk chair all for free. “Trash to treasure” is a great way to get furniture. I’m hoping to add this Omni to my sparse quarters.

avatar k

When I lived in New York City, I furnished my apartment, as well as those of a couple of friends, with curbside finds. We all bought our own mattresses and couches, but tabels, bedframes, desks, mirrors, anything easy to sanitize or repair can be had for free, some of it very stylish.

avatar Kim

I had these really awful hunting duck throw pillows in my first apartment. My BFF and I had many giggles over those pillows…

avatar Amy A

All hand-me-downs for my first apartment, but nothing as miss-matched as my husband’s first apartment. None of that made it into our first home.

avatar jodieh

My first furniture was obtained through dumpster diving. We had this orange-floral couch that was so comfy, but so very ugly.

avatar Judy

My 7 year-old wicked stepdaughter wrote her name, “Zoe”, in black Sharpie on my favorite comfy red sofa. :(

avatar Brooke

I would LOVE this!!! My husband is so finicky about chairs that we don’t have any in our living room. Well, we do have one chair that’s not that comfortable, but it’s designer, and he gets on my case about how I get on and off the chair. We sit on the floor. I’ve sat on the floor throughout an entire pregnancy and nursing a child. I would like something comfortable to sit on, so please randomly select me!

avatar Jackie

This looks like the best piece of furniture. How fun!

Okay – first furniture story -
When we moved into our first apartment, we had nothing. My Dad’s ex-wife (not my mom) happened to live close to our new apartment and offered us her old dining room table and chairs. She eventually gave us her washer and dryer. Needless to say, we have a great relationship with my Dad’s first wife – even going over for Thanksgiving some years. Just proves that people can bond over furnishings.

avatar Melanie

My first place was a married-housing apartment at a small midwestern college campus. Think circa 1955. Anyway, we needed to bring our own furniture to compliment the piece provided by the school – a beautiful taupe vinyl couch with an odor that could be best described as ‘wet pet’. We had no money, of course, so we went to our families and aunts and uncles and asked if there was anything they could donate that would fit into a very very very small space.

By the time we were done – they had all taken pity – and coordinated their efforts. We were furnished….. :)

I love my family!!!

avatar Lisa Long

My first apartment was filled with hand me downs and garage sale finds. Twelve years later my home is still filled with hand me downs and garage sale finds, only “new to me” ones. This chair looks awesome!

avatar DebtKid

When I was probably in 3rd grade my parents had just moved our family into a new home where we all had our own rooms! (I had previously shared with my younger brother). I even got my own mattress, but had yet to get a headboard or bedset, so my bed was a mattress on the floor.

This was awesome. I could bounce and do flips and cartwheels and all kinds of sweet jumps and moves with my bed on the floor!

One day I decided to do a dive-leap into bed. I overshot a little bit and ended up smashing a nice foot sized hole into my brand new bedroom wall.

Needless to say I ended up with about a foot sized mark on my bum courtesy of my parents! I also learned everything about putty…(to fix the whole). Never would have happened if I had had a real bed. Or watched less teenage mutant ninja turtles

avatar Russ

I have a piece of furniture that I’m a sort of infamous for among my friends; my ‘grey steel shelves’. Years ago I bought a couple of packages of those assemble it yourself shelves that were probably meant for the garage. I use them in my living room where they hold my TV and stereo and other related stuff like tapes and DVDs. The assemble it yourself nature means I’ve been able to rearrange the shape of these shelves over the years as needed. Move shelves up/down, make it twice as wide or deep, no problem. A screw driver and pliers and its done in a few minutes. Lots of flexibility, cheap, and a talking point for my friends when they discuss my taste in furniture.

avatar CanCan

In my first apartment, I didn’t have a sofa, but after I got married I felt the need to “set up house”, so we put the word out that we needed any spare furniture friends might be getting rid of.
What we got was a 20-year-old sofa that looked like it was covered in orange and brown burlap. The reason it was up for grabs was because it belonged to our friend’s uncle, who had recently died. He actually had died while sitting on that sofa. As soon as it was brought into our house, our cat at the time went nuts and started clawing it all over the place, even though she had never done that sort of thing before. It made me wonder if she smelled some dead-ness or something.

avatar sor20

I am considering a getting this sumo bean bag. I would be cool if I can win one. Your reviews helped alot. Thanks.

avatar Jen

I am a 33 year old mother of 5 and I have NEVER had new furniture!!! This would be a great start!!! It looks so comfy and I am sure I would have to fight the kids off of it!

avatar Sestos

I am still looking for funiture for my apartment. So far still looking though Room and Board and Design within Reach. This chair stikes me either for someone extra to sit around the TV or for sitting down in to reach a book.

avatar Adamst

When my roommate and I moved into our first off campus apartment we were at a loss for how little we actually owned. Much to our surprise, and not a day after moving in, there was a bright pink goodwill furniture advertisement hanging on our front door.

Looking back this doesn’t make much sense, but we drove my truck down to the store deciding then and there not to return with out some sort of couch. We found this horribly tacky 70′s couch, just perfect for a hipsters first bachelor pad.

The hilarious thing about the entire goodwill furniture sale experience was the free knickknacks that they were “giving away” with every purchase. I can proudly say that for the last few months, our living room features one 70′s retro couch, and a porcelain pig dressed in a confederate civil war uniform and proudly saluting.

His name is Officer Porkins. Beyond that, don’t ask.

avatar Steve O.

I’m 19 and am moving out in the next few weeks. :) I need this.


avatar Ben E.

I don’t have any entertaining furniture stories, but I do have a 15 month old boy who would love a bean bag. Is it drool proof?

avatar Kris Williams

This chair is great! I made something similar in college using an XXXXXL pair of sweat pants, stuffing them with bean bag beans and sewing the waist and ankles shut! It looked really funny when someone was sitting on or against it.

avatar Melissa

When my husband and I started dating I noticed he had very “unusual” furniture. He said most it was from his college days when they just made do with what they had.

One of the weirdest pieces was the breakfast table. It was a painted door with PVC legs. Now THAT’s fine college living! :-) We still have most of his stuff but that had to go.


avatar Sarah

All the furniture in my apartment has been handed down to me. My couch and lazy boy was my grandparents, then my parents, and now mine. You can imagine how old and outdated they are! But free is free!

avatar kelly

In my first apartment I didn’t have enough money at first to buy a mattress, so I slept on a blow up with a slow leek. Every morning I’d wake up sunk in the middle of the mattress down to floor with the mattress that still had air in it surrounding me. I had a sore back for months.

avatar Amanda C

I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag in my first college apartment. I could have slept on the couch but I was pretty grossed out by the smells that still lingered from before my roommate rescued it from the side of the road…

avatar Jon

We just moved cross country into an apartment (compartment) about 1/4 the size of our old house (1100sq ft >300 sq ft). We had to ditch the couch, queen bed, chairs, DR table, and most of the kitchen items. This would be a welcome addition to our space, as there’s little in it except a goofy dog, an evil cat, and two adults with no place to sit.

We stand around in the evening eating ice cream from the container with our two spoons (the rest are in storage and the bowl is in the sink).

On the bright side we miss the stuff, but we’ve got more “space” than before…

avatar Joe Warden

Thankfully the first furniture I needed for my first “on my own” place came from my Dad. He pretty much gave me the furniture he hadn’t gotten rid of in the dozen or so furniture purchases he has made over the past decades. My room looked like a 1980′s Wheel of Fortune prize gallery (remember the rotating gifts that people had to choose from?). But it was furniture that worked so I was grateful!

avatar Mary Jo

We sold our couch and loveseat on craigslist over a month ago and have been sitting on the floor since then, while we look for new furniture. My back hurts so much! This chair looks so comfy and I think it would look great in our empty living room!

avatar jo

I have been married 35 years and have had the same furniture for 35 years. Boy, would I love this!!!!!

avatar Sarah

That is such a cool chair! So versatile and comfortable looking! It would be great to have – to be able to move around where ever you need it and use it in a variety of ways. With a few “yung’ens” around the house, it would be so fun to have around!

avatar Andy

My first apartment was furnished by the landlord. He seemed to believe that a dresser and a desk were the same thing because they both had flat surfaces.

avatar Naomi Hattaway

I LOVE this omni chair! WOW! I dont have a funny story about my first apartment furniture, but about the first time my cat decided to sit on my husband’s prized Italian leather chair. Too bad he hadn’t been declawed! Ok, maybe it was only funny to me?

avatar David

I am the tallest one in a family of 5 at 6’1. My parents and my 2 sisters are all below 5’6. However I am the only one with a twin sized bed still. Both my sisters have queen sized beds and of course the parents are on a King sized bed. They must dislike me (jk) :( haha I have just never seen the need for a larger bed yet.

avatar Maggie

The very first time I was to ever buy furniture, my boyfriend talked me into letting him pick it out. While I was at work, he went to a Consignment Store and got a puke-green velvet couch with matching chair! WHOA, was I surprised! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Now, years later, vows have been exchanged and I am stuck with the velvet couch. I am expecting our first child and new furniture is now a must, maybe a new chair will make my hubby reconsider buying all new things.

avatar tsvanacker

Furniture, ah what a concept. It’s meant to provide a nice comfortable appealing place for a person to sit down. As the mother of 4 small children, I have a different outlook on just what furniture is…It is a springboard for little boys, the wall of the castle for little girls, a dumping ground for lazy adults, a napkin for goey fingers and mouths of all little people, and a soft place to throw a tantrum. As for me, the Mom, it is a soft place to bury my head when the day has gotten to rough.

avatar James

Sweet chair!

As this is a personal finance blog, I just found $0.61 between the cushions of my couch. How do I record this? Unrealized funds?

avatar emily

This furniture is awesome, got a place in mind for it already. One of my pet peeves is inside furniture outside, for example, couches on front porches…you know what I mean…

avatar Angela

A furniture story? How about this one. I had a matching set of a couch, loveseat, and a chair and when I moved I let my boyfriend, at the time, keep the chair. He put it in the garage and left it there. I come to retrieve it weeks later and there was a dead bird on it…ugh! So the chair got thrown out! It was disgusting!!

avatar Adena

I love this in the fiery red!! My furniture comes from all kinds of places. One of my favorite bookcases was found on the curbside for trash. I grabbed it up, sanded it, and spray painted it. It held all my scrapbook stuff in our last house.

avatar Stephanie M

Hand me downs, Hand me downs, Hand me downs! This seems to be the way I get most of my furniture. So something new and nice would be awesome!

avatar PRIZEY

Living in SF in the late 90s in the Western Addition/North of Panhandle there was always furniture in the street. I lived in a shotgun apt. with three roommates and our community furniture was almost all street-furnished. There were two nasty couches in the living room when I moved in. Two years later we found another slightly better one on the street so we brought it up the flight of stairs to our apartment, brought one of our old ones down, went back up, came back down to get a last look at the one we’d taken outside, and it was gone.

avatar Living Off Dividends

When i bought my first home, i didn’t have any money left over for furniture. So we used the godawful college crap that i inherited from a roommate for 2.5 years.

I also refused to pay $1,000 for a bed frame, so our box-spring sits directly on the floor! but atleast i splurged on the mattress ;-0

avatar Catherine

I am such a furniture magpie. I think most of the pieces that I have are given or found….one day I may actually do the grown up thing and buy some, until then I have my hotch potch of stuff!

avatar Rachel

I remember my first couch, in fact I still have it. When I moved out of my mothers house I went to a Garage Sale and saw this brownish couch. I did not have one yet so I asked how much, only 20 bucks! I was sold on it!

That was over 5 years ago, I still have it and it has affectionately received the title of ‘The Butt Eater’, from me, my now husband and my son. It sinks so low lol but its so comfy.

avatar Lynn

In my current house, which is a great little hide-a-way guest house that I rent, the only couch and coffee table were both picked up off the street! The couch was on the lawn of a neighbor’s home to be trashed on the large item trash day (its practicallly new) and the coffee table was left for trash near a concert venue!

avatar Amy

My husband and I moved into our first tiny, one bedroom apartment with NOTHING. We sat on the floor eating cereal. We were pretty young. We went to the local Goodwill store and purchased a used couch and chair. Other furniture items were obtained from garage sales. Now, finally, 11 years later – we have all of our OWN furniture!

avatar Jenny

Please enter me! Here’s something about my furniture: My husband and I were at a yard sale and found this great coffee table you can store stuff in for $35. We were newlyweds and couldn’t believe our luck. Then later, some of his parents’ friends told us they had an entertainment center to get rid of and asked if we wanted it (they knew ours was particle board and falling apart). We said yes and went to pick it up. Guess what? It matched the coffee table like they were made for each other! It was great. They are still in our living room and are among our favorite pieces of furniture. Our couch, by the way, is the same one that was in my husband’s college dorm and we had our first kiss on it when we were dating. Then my mom recovered it for us and it’s like new! It has sentimental value :)

avatar Luke Landes

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