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Giving Away My Old Television

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About a year ago, I purchased a high definition television and began upgrading my in-home entertainment experience. I don’t regret it at all. When I purchased the TV, I moved my old 26-inch cathode ray tube (CRT) television to the bedroom.

The old TV is a monster. It remained on the floor in the corner of my bedroom because it was just too massive to lift to place on my dresser. It made viewing television from my bedroom uncomfortable, so I did not watch much from there, which is just as well.

televisionYesterday I decided to get rid of it. I looked into recycling the television but my options were limited. I could wait for an electronic recycling event hosted by Best Buy, for example. Office Depot also has a recycling program. If you bring televisions and computer monitors to the store, they will box it up and ship it to an appropriate recycling site for you.

I called ahead; apparently they did not have a box large enough for my television. Determined to get rid of it as quickly as possible, I decided to post an ad on Craigslist to see if I could get rid of the old television easily and quickly. I took a few snapshots and offered the television for free as long as the buyer would pick it up.

A response came within 20 minutes, and an hour later a student from the local university and her boyfriend were here to drag the television away. Next I’ll try to get rid of my old bed frame.

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avatar Colin

I can’t believe that you gave that away! I just got rid of mine; very similar. It was manufactured in 1990 but I still managed to get $43 on Craigslist! As long as it was working you should have managed to get SOMETHING out of it…

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avatar Luke Landes

I probably could have gotten something for it, but probably not much since there’s a big scratch on the screen. The person who picked it up was quite surprised I was willing to part with it for nothing in return. I was just happy to have someone take it away and perhaps I made someone else happy.

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avatar CJ

Some things are just not worth “selling”. I’ve had a few of those in my past.

I have a 65″ TV in my living room. It’s a High Def TV but it’s still an old CRT style TV (I bought it when LCD/Plasma was really expensive). I put my house up for sale and included the TV in the sale. I’m sure the buyer will consider it a perk, but I was just worried about where to put it when I move. Currently it’s built into the wall because I had the house built with this TV in consideration.

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avatar Derek

I can understand why you’d want to get rid of it, but come on…too heavy to lift onto a dresser? My main TV is a 36″ CRT and I can lift it onto a TV stand easily.

Anyway, glad someone followed through and came to pick it up. I’ve put up ads for free stuff on craigslist and people never show up.

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avatar Squawkfox

I’d be happy to give my TV away for free. Most places charge a recycling fee to “take” the tube.

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avatar Doobie

Hah! I had a 32″ Sharp TV that was only five years old that I just about *gave* away in February for $75. It’s amazing how almost worthless SD TVs have become…

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avatar H Lee D

You could also use Freecycle, if there is one in your area.

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avatar PMB

If you want to give away your tv’s and monitors email me and I will haul them away for you.

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avatar carmenchang

I have an very old tv 24″ but the body is too heavy for me to move. I want to give it

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avatar Dawa

If some one get rid a tv please give donate this . I need one . I will so thank you about that

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