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Good News for Mac Users: Quicken for Mac 2010 Coming Soon

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Adriel, the product manager for the new Quicken product for Apple Mac, has posted an update about the software’s development. There is good news for users of Quicken 2007 who have been anxiously awaiting an update for the software on par with the updates that Windows users receive each year.

First of all, the delayed product called “Quicken Financial Life for Mac” will not be released as planned. The new Quicken for Mac will be released in February 2010, incorporating some aspects of Financial Life, barring no further delays. According to Adriel, the programming team is incorporating user feedback during the testing phases for both the Quicken Financial Life for Mac and the new Quicken for Mac.

Mac users have an option to run a Windows version of Quicken in a “virtual computer” within OS X with the help of certain software, and the new Quicken for Mac should have a seamless upgrade option to migrate your data from the Windows version to Mac.

Quicken for Mac 2010 Update for August 2009, Adriel, August 11, 2009.

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avatar Chelsea

Hi Flexo,

We’re really excited about the new Quicken for Mac coming in February as well. Thanks for posting about it. To clarify, we’re not totally scrapping the progress we made with the Quicken Financial Life for Mac beta. Quicken for Mac 2010 will be a new makeover compared to Quicken for Mac 2007. Check out the post for more info.

- Chelsea, Quicken

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avatar Andrew

No MAC user should be excited at all about the “new” Quicken 2010 for MAC.

Go to the Quicken web site and read about all te features that are NOT going to be available that were available in the 2007 version. The Quicken folks actually recommend you using version 2007.

Can I track my investments?
It will not, however, track investment buys and sells, nor will it provide some advanced investment performance reports. If you need more more advanced investment features, try Quicken Mac 2007.

Can I export my data to TurboTax?
Quicken Essentials for Mac does not support that capability. If you’d like that functionality, we recommend trying Quicken Mac 2007.

Can I pay my bills within Quicken?
While you cannot pay bills within the product itself (“direct bill pay”), you can track your bills and make sure you have enough cash to pay them when they’re due. A few alternatives available include using Quicken Mac 2007 or using the bill pay functionality on Quicken Bill Pay.

So, all you MAC users who want to upgrade,, be sure to go to the Quicken site and read what you will NOT get by “upgrading” to the 2010 version.

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avatar Bob

Have used Quicken Deluxe for many years abd reasonably happy. Recently had to replace HD, Logic board and power supply; lost some data in the process, including the Quicken APPL and had no original disk to reinstall. Apple store Repair recommended Quicken 2007 for Mac. I’vBeen trying to find out if the 2007 is the right version compared to Quicken Deluxe. Getting a response from Quicken with their new phone system is much like having several root canals with no anesthesia.

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avatar kev

And support for Canadian banks in the Mac version should be ready by 2015.

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avatar Mehran

Considering the poor migration and support Quicken has provide the Mac version, I suggest you hold on to your money and lock your pocket and run Quicken under Windows. I really find Intuit unresponsive to Mac Users. I did the migration once and kept kicking myself for several weekends. The best thing to do is to get VMwares Fusion ($79) (which runs Windows flawlessly and seamlessly under Mac) and run it under Windows. (with better futures). The go to Ebay and find a 2008 or 2009 version of Quicken windows really cheap and install it. This is what I have done for the 5 years. Really, the recent changes to Quicken are minor and are not worth the money(You can read the reviews). I had 2007 version, and “upgraded” to 2009 (it really acts like a downgrade), and I feel sorry for doing it. Well, this is my take. I like to see what others think.

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avatar Bob

I have just recently purchased a Macbook and tried to convert Quicken to Mac and am very disappointed. Why can’t they convert the Window version to Mac? They have done that with QuickBooks.Quickbooks converted completely and all the features of Windows and works great.

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avatar EJ

To Mehran and others who use Quicken for Widows via virtualization with Boot Camp, Parallels, Fusion, or Crossover: How do you protect your computer from viruses, etc, without a security program for Win. when obtaining updates for your version of Quicken? Usually, they are downloaded from the Quicken website, directly into your program version.

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avatar Joe

“Good news for Mac users”? Hardly. More like a kick in the teeth.

For years, Mac users have been telling Intuit that they want feature parity with the Windows version and the ability to move files from one platform to the other. (don’t believe me? Check the Intuit forums-it has been an unending stream of messages asking for the same thing).

Instead, Intuit keeps dropping features in the Mac version (including dropping the ability to track stock buy and sell transactions!!!!???!!) to the point that the 2010 Mac version won’t do anything that the majority of financial users need. How the heck do you even use it to do your taxes if you can’t track your cost basis?

Every time Intuit gets a few thousand complaints in the forums, they come back with their arrogant, ‘we know better than you’ attitude and tell the commenters that no amount of complaining will ever make them release a good Mac version (that’s not quite right – Intuit seems to think that all Mac users need to do is track a checkbook register. They came right out and said “Mac users are different. They don’t need all the functions of the WIndows version”.

If their programmers were any good at all, they would have separated the core functionality from the UI years ago so it would be easy to simply use the same core functionality to create a Mac version with common file format and common feature set. In spite of years of requests for just that, Intuit refuses.

They won’t get another penny of my money. I’ll use something else – or stick with my 5 year old version of Quicken if that’s what it takes.

Their arrogance beats Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Dell, and the rest of the industry put together – by an order of magnitude.

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avatar clah

Flexo you have sold out the basis on which consumerism was founded, how much money did quicken put into your wallet for mis guiding us on this being a good product,

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avatar Luke Landes

I’ve been nothing but honest in my opinions about Quicken. I’ve never used the Mac version but I understand they have been major disappointments compared to the Windows version, which itself is far from perfect. This article was written before the latest Mac version was released. I don’t believe I’ve mislead a single person.

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