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Google AdSense Referral Program

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Today, Google introduced a referral program for AdSense. It works very simply: if John clicks on Jack’s referral button and signs up as a publisher, when John earns his first $100, Jack’s account will be credited $100.

Honestly, AdSense has been the most consistent performer for all of the websites I handle, although I wouldn’t call my payouts high. (I have yet to try BlogAds, but apparently I need an invitation from an existing participant to join.) I recommend Google’s AdSense for anyone who wants to monetize their web projects. So if you’d like to sign up, feel free to visit AdSense through my referral link below:

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avatar fivecentnickel.com

If you want to try BlogAds, drop me a line.

avatar jim

Haha, Nickel, I was the one who sent him an invitation. :)

avatar Luke Landes

Thanks, Nickel. I actually received an invitation the other day and added BlogAds to the site, but I have no takers yet. If anyone would like to buy an ad, here is where you can do so.