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Google At $575?

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Here’s one analyst who thinks Google [GOOG] should be at $575 sometime within the coming year.

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avatar Luke Landes

Wall Street was a little bitter about the way Google was executing its IPO, so analysts’ opinions may have been a little tinged (though I’m sure they would tell you that’s not true). Here’s an old valuation pre-IPO.

avatar Doobie

Didn’t this initially list at $100, a price at which the experts immeidately deemed overpriced?

avatar mbhunter

If it goes that high, I’m buying puts!

avatar Retireat30

It was initially valued at $100 before internet advetising became the next greatest thing. Internet advertising (which google is currently dominating) is projected to be a $65 billion industry within 5 years.

This isn’t an inconsistency on wallstreets part, nobody knew how big internet advertising was going to be or how quickly google was going to come to dominate the market.

The only reservation I have about the stock, is nobody knows how soon google is going to be usurped by two grad students at some technical college. They do have the coordination effect of millions of advertisers and publishers working as a slight barrier to entry, but I’m not convinced that they are invincible.