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Governor Jon Corzine Voluntarily Pays Ticket

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Jon Corzine, the governor of New Jersey, was in an accident a few weeks ago. He was badly hurt because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt at the time. He fractured his thigh, ribs, and other bones and spent some time in a hospital. He’ll be spending even more time rehabilitating.

He wasn’t issued a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, which is a law in New Jersey. What would be the point? The medical costs he paid and the damage to his body are surely more retribution than a silly $46 summons, which would normally be just a technicality. Besides, for a multimillionaire, $46 isn’t too much of a stretch — or deterrent.

But one could look at it as an issue of fairness. The governor isn’t above the law, and he should have to pay tickets when breaking the law like any other citizen.

Jon Corzine pays seat belt ticketCorzine decided to ask for a citation, and he wrote a personal check to pay the fine.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine never wore seat belts. She claimed that a relative was in an accident once, and if he had been wearing a seat belt, he would have died. I can’t claim to know the truth behind this assertion, but statistics show that those who have died in car accidents are more likely not to wear a seat belt.

Do you wear your seat belt when traveling in the front seat of a car?

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avatar Jeremiah

Always. Even in the back seat. Especially in the back seat, because that means i’m not driving, and i don’t always trust other people’s road skills.

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avatar Bobby

Almost always. It is law here also.

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avatar melissa

Front or back, my seatbelt is on, even if I’m going only a block. And when I’m driving, all passengers must be belted.

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avatar zen

The Wife is a paramedic, so yes, I wear my seatbelt – always. I’ve heard enough “on the job” stories.

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avatar Maynard G. Krebs

Only when someone else is driving…for what it’s worth, I always wear a helmet/gloves/body armor when on my motorcycle.

–M.G.K. (the G is for Nelson)

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avatar plonkee

Always. I’ve seen the crash test dummies.

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avatar tinyhands

The law in Texas is ‘Click It or Ticket’ but it’s second nature to me to wear it. My father, however, still hasn’t gotten into the habit despite having gotten a ticket 2 months ago.

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avatar Dan

I always, ALWAYS click it, and make my passengers as well. My dad used to pretend the car wouldn’t start without the seatbelts clicked when I was a kid, and I guess it stuck.

However, the bigger question is, what the heck was the state trooper doing driving 91 miles per hour with the emergency lights flashing? (Read the article) Was the governor late for a meeting or something? That seems like an awful risk to public safety unless it was an actual emergency.

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avatar Dus10

I wear a belt 99.9% of the time… not because it is the law (it certainly is the law, here), but because it is smart. He should be forced to do more than pay a silly ticket. He had the police officer speeding. They hit another vehicle! And they were “merciful” by not giving the other guy a citation for a hit and run when they were the one that hit him!

He certainly is a hypocrite, like most politicians. Paying a silly $46 fine is the absolute least he could have done… what if they would have injured or killed the other motorist?

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avatar Dus10


They were on their way to a meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team over Imus’s poor choice of words. How ridiculous. It wasn’t important at all. Heck, I don’t know why everyone didn’t just laugh at Don Imus. I mean, who the heck is he to call someone nappy-headed? Has he looked in a mirror lately?

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avatar Andi

Always regardless of seat position or being the driver or passenger.

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