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Great News Footage of Rats in New York KFC/Taco Bell

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This has been a hot story on the local news, and I don’t know if it’s reached the rest of the country. As people walked by the storefront of a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York City, they could clearly see the fast food place infested by rats. Rats are common in this area of New York, but they’re usually not roaming free in the areas where customers eat. This particular restaurant had been cited by the Health Department in the past for rat infestation.

On the news, they show the rats doing stunts, hanging from chairs, and jumping from table to table. Here’s a news clip from Fox 5 NY.

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avatar Wes

I’m a confirmed Taco Bell addict. The salmonella scare caused me to to question the sanity of eating at the chain… but I still go back for more. This on the other hand may be the end of it… though I will miss the seven layer taco.

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avatar Doobie

The first thing that came to mind was the restaurant Kermit worked at in “The Muppets Take Manhattan”. Was Rizzo available for comment?

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avatar Saving Advice

mmmmmm, makes you want to go out and eat ;)

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avatar YeOleImposter @ DogberryPatch

And to think that we used to worry if the help washed their hands after using the restroom.

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avatar tinyhands

No more Taco Bell for me. I’m sticking to hotdogs and Wendy’s chili from now on.

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avatar Marshall Middle

I’m addicted to Taco Bell as well. Even the bad publicity causes cravings. Personally I’m a fan of the Chili-cheese burrito but it is not always available

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avatar Will

I don’t know if I would call this video great, but understand how its both compelling and repulsive at the same time.

My name is Will Bortz and I work for KFC and Taco Bell. The issue at hand at the Greenwich Village restaurant is totally unacceptable and, as you may know, the restaurant has been closed until further notice.

Some construction in the building’s basement last Thursday temporarily escalated the situation, and we are correcting that. Everyone at KFC and Taco Bell is working hard to take care of the issues at this restaurant.

We want you to know we appreciate how you feel about our brand and we are committed to making sure we run safe restaurants. We have posted some information about this situation and will post future updates here: http://www.tacobell.com/default.asp?sec=press_releases


- Will Bortz

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