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How To Achieve 100,000 Visitors

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horse stolen from FMF

Free Money Finance is running an informative series on how to get your blog to 100,000 visitors and beyond. Unfortunately, so far he has neglected an important traffic grabber that was discovered by the Seattle Times. (This relates to personal finance because of the proliferation of “monetized” blogs — you know, with ads, like Consumerism Commentary.)

Apparently, according to Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat, the most popular (widely-read) story in that paper in the past 109 years is a story about a man who died from having sex with a horse. This article was not the only horse-sex article in the top 20. It’s what the people want.

Look for more horse-sex articles here, as I try to gain readership. Or… maybe not. (Apologies to FMF for stealing his horse picture.)

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avatar jim

I just hit reload 100,000 times just so I wouldn’t have to read horse-sex stories on your blog in the future.

If this comment isn’t moderated, I’d check your spam checker because horse-sex probably should be a spam keyword. :)

avatar FMF


A horse?

avatar Caitlin

Sex sells! LOL

avatar mmb

Good to know. Just wait till the new strip club opens down the road from me and boy will I have traffic-grabbing stories…

avatar personal finance advice

Shouldn’t the title for the post be “Horse Sex!!! – How To Achieve 100,000 visitors” ;)