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How to Feel a Little Richer

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How rich are you compared to the richest people in the world? Find out here where you fall on the scale. Here’s a little diagram found deep within the website to give you an idea of how this is calculated.

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

Nope. Didn’t make me feel any richer. Just made me realize how few of us are making decent salaries….

avatar Luke Landes

Considering a “decent” salary in the US would be considered a fortune in most of the world, I think you missed the point.

avatar Luke Landes

Okay, fair enough. But you can’t forget how lucky you are to have a huge home and the ability to own so many possessions. There is nothing that says you have to live like that. If you wanted to live like most of the people in the world live, the amount of money you earn would be (and is) considered a fortune. Your cost of living is so high only because you allow it to be.Most of those people making less money around the world wouldn’t consider themselves “impoverished.” They have a much lower cost of living, and don’t need to earn the fortunes that we need to make in order to sustain the conditions in which we are used to living.

avatar Darren R. Sussman

I suppose. I mean, I don’t consider myself “poor”, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself wealthy. I think their way of looking at it is somewhat skewed. It’s all relative to the person.