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How To Feel Rich

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Ben Stein has another good article in the New York Times. He tells a story of how his father taught him to feel rich rather than be rich. It’s a nice article with which to begin the work week. I’ll quote:

I was on my way to another job. I got to the next stop in my journey, Baltimore, and my driver could not recall where he had left the car. We had to have the airport police find it for us. He also did not know his way from Baltimore to Washington. (I am not kidding.) Exhausted as I was, I had to guide him all of the way. Never mind. I was grateful that I was in a car with a driver and on my way to a superimportant gig. This man was probably about where my father was in 1931. I decided not to pick on him.

This is a much more positive article than the one by the same author, Ben Stein, recently published about Deep Throat’s betrayal of Nixon and America for The American Spectator.

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avatar Justine

That is what I believe and try to tell others who will listen. Be grateful for what you have. I don’t have a job and need one but when I hear others complain I tell them to be grateful you have one or you’ll be in my situation. My Quote: I may not have the money to have the type of friends or property that comes with it, but I am fine with everything around me.