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HOWTO Become an eBay Millionaire

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If you’re considering opening up a shop to sell any kind of merchandise, you might want to skip the store rent expenses and sell out of your home. Hundreds of thousands of small business owners have created profitable businesses using eBay rather than their own storefront.

Would-be marketers have caught on to the craze and try to profit by selling ebooks, or downloadable instructions, for becoming an eBay powerseller. Here’s one example. The ebooks are generally nothing more than pamphlets and won’t contain much information. You can be sure they will contain a sales pitch for additional materials priced much higher.

The same information can usually be obtained for free. In fact, a recent CNN article provides eight tips to becoming an eBay millionaire, for the newcomer to the auction website.

1. Learn to buy before you sell.
2. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
3. Sell what you love.
4. It’s not only what you sell, but how you sell.
5. Hone your headlines.
6. A picture is worth a thousand words.
7. Get into the description.
8. Think big.

The CNN article provides more information if you’re so inclined to read in depth. I’ve used eBay occasionally, for both buying and selling, since 2000. I only have 5 eBay points, but I have 100% positive feedback.

The aution website is testing out a new eBay Wiki which looks like it will contain more tips for making money. I would check for articles here before buying any ebook on the topic.

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avatar Saving Advice

Having lived off of ebay income for several year and making it to an upper power seller level, I would also suggest finding a niche market – these can be quite profitable.

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avatar Tim MMF

I’ve done very well selling text links on my blog through eBay. I’ve also sold other things including my $1,600 mountain bike. :) Good article.

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avatar Phil

I’ve been buying all the ebooks from eBay that come with “resell rights”, then I give them all away at http://www.floodle.net/extra/ebayinfo/index.html
so now you can see how bad most of them really are.

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avatar Global Investor

Thanks for the link to eBay wiki. I’m just starting to get back into the eBay business. I’ve been absent for quite some time.

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