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I Gave My Money to Texas Hold ‘Em

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I was doing so well at first on Friday night. A few of my friends got together this weekend to play a little poker, Texas hold ‘em tournament style. I was the chip leader and feeling good for a while, then my friend S. called my bluff and left me destitute. Unfortunately, I never recovered and she went on to win the entire game.

That’s $5.00 down the drain. I guess you could say it was an inexpensive form of entertainment with my friends for several hours. For some reason, I thought we used to play with higher buy-ins, but it’s been a while since I’ve played.

After the poker game, we retired to the basement home theater to play a little of a Tiger Woods golf game on D.’s Xbox 360.

If I had one of these things, I’m afraid I’d spend too much time playing games.

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avatar LAMoneyGuy

I’m calling the cops on your little operation! :)

Maybe I’ll let you off with a warning this time. Seeing as I’m guilty myself. I also donated $5 to the party I went to this weekend. I never had the chip lead, but I was third on a table of 10 late in the game. But no one wants to hear my bad beat stories.

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avatar Doobie

As I mentioned Friday, that was a very un-Flexo-like bluff there too. Anyone who reads this site knew you wouldn’t seriously gamble that kind of fake cash away!

Ironically, I also recall you trying to negotiate deals with the banker and also providing us links to articles dealing with gambling on a budget. Your “tell” was when you gave us the link to Fox News. Once S. saw that, she knew you weren’t serious.

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avatar Luke Landes

Hehe. If we’re going to talk trash — er… trash TV — let’s not forget S. walked away with your hard-earned Lincoln as well, Doob…

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avatar Doobie

Sure, just go tell everyone that we lost to a girrrrlllll. LOL

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