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I Got The Job

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I’m happy to share my good news. After returning from Florida last week, I had an interview with another division of my company, in a location closer to my home. To my surprise and pleasure, I was offered the job yesterday. There are a number of benefits to taking this job. It’s closer to where I currently live, reducing my commute. I’ll be working on projects similar to my current job, but it’s different enough in order to keep me sufficiently interested. It’s two pay grades higher, and it keeps me moving forward in some direction while I still search for my true calling (if there is such a thing).

My efforts to negotiate higher compensation didn’t go over as well as I would have liked, but looking on the bright side, I effectively turned last month’s mediocre 2.77% raise into almost 8%. That’s good enough for now. Combined with the money I’ll be saving on the commute (tolls and wear and tear on my lovely Honda Civic), it works out well.

The culture in the new building will be quite different, as I understand from former coworkers who migrated to this office several years ago. I think this will be a good change for me financially and spiritually.

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avatar Bill

Congratulations! It never hurts to shift gears once in a while to stay fresh.

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avatar Dus10

Congratulations! Obviously, you are not exactly where you want to be, but moving in the right direction is always a plus. I had some mixed feelings when I switched jobs back in September. Sure, I got a great raise, better benefits, and a better work environment…. but, I still felt that something was missing. I want to run my own business, and I think that I will (as I already do have a business, but I am no where near replacing my current income with it). I need to get school completed first, however, so I can spend more time transitioning. Just keep your goals and try to make every step go in that direction.

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avatar Jonathan

Congrats! Good to hear.

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avatar Amy

Congrats! I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend.

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avatar Cap

Awesome, congrats on the new job. It sounds like it’ll be quite a good change overall.

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avatar raising4boys.com

Congratulations, that’s great news. You must be very happy.

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avatar SingleMom

CONGRATS! I didn’t read your linked post, but 8% when you were only expecting 2.7% is awesome!

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avatar FMF

You’re the man!!! Good going!!!

8% is pretty good for staying within a company — and you’re probably at the low end of the pay scale at your new level — plenty of room to grow!

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avatar savvy saver

Congrats and good luck in the new position!

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avatar Inchoate Random Abstractions

Congratulations! 2 pay grades. That’s pretty rare these days. Usually, you have to leave and join another company to get any siginifcant increase in pay. And I’m glad that the environment will be better in the new office building. In my book, that’s priceless.

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avatar ib

you prob already thought of this, but see if your car insurance can go down with the shorter commute. CONGRATS!

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avatar Luke Landes

Thanks everyone for the gracious comments! I’m excited about the move, even though it looks like I won’t be starting at the new place until I return for California about a month from now. Very frustrated about that.

Ib, I did think of the auto insurance discount. I think it may only be available if my commute is less than 5 miles (it’ll still be around 25) but I will definitely check.

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avatar Madame X

best wishes for the new job, sounds like a nice change for you.

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