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Income Statement, September 2005

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The table below reflects my personal income statement in conjunction with September’s balance sheet.

I mentioned last month that I’ve been accouting for my health and dental insurance incorrectly. I’ve started converting some of the entries, but not all. So the Employer Benefit income category now holds a health care reimbursement that my company offers, while the insurance is correctly reflected in the expense category. I’ve only fixed August and September, so at some point I’ll need to fix the entries year to date.

My auto expenses are higher this month due to maintenance, higher fuel and tolls due to some trips to New York, and a $40 radar detector. I’ve had bad luck in the past when volunteering for a certain organization and I don’t want to take any chances this fall. It was the least expensive in the store, though I could have probably found the same device on eBay for half the price. Also, every month I take a pretty big hit in depreciation for my car — about $200 a month according to edmunds.com. The expense is captured here.

The Miscellaneous, Bus account reflects a rather large tome I purchased to hone my skills with PHP as well as a few new internet domains (at about $8 per year). The Online Sales account represent fees and postage for sending books via Amazon.

October is going to be an expensive month.

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Thanks, Patrick!