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ING Direct Offers 1% Cash Back to Some Customers

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Perhaps you’re following the debacle in which ING Direct closed a large number of customers’ Electric Orange checking accounts due to bad credit, and then retracted many of the closings. Now, perhaps in a move to gain some public relations points after a major loss, they are offering cash back to what appears to be a limited number of customers. Here is the email some customers have received:

That’s right, from June 1, 2007 to July 31, 2007, when you use your Electric Orange MasterCard® Debit Card to make a signature-based purchase, you’ll get 1% Cash Back, up to $500, on what you spend, anywhere. It’s simple. Just use your Card for every-day purchases like, groceries, clothing, gas, or even to pay utility bills and insurance premiums. It all adds up to a Cash Back reward for you.

Even if this offer had been extended to me, it’s certainly not enough of a benefit for me to switch from using my Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card, although even that card has reduced its cash back recently.

I am curious as to which customers have received this new ING Direct cash back offer. If you have an Electric Orange checking account, leave a comment here to let me know if you (1) had your account revoked and reinstated and (2) have received the cash back offer.

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avatar Anonymous

My account was not revoked, however I received the cash back offer. The complete “FAQ” for the cash back offer is here: http://home.ingdirect.com/products/products.asp?s=EOCashBack

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avatar MsElaineous

My husband and I both have Electric Orange accounts…neither have been revoked and we both received this offer

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avatar John

I received the cashback offer yesterday, though I too was not tempted to switch from my Citi Dividend card either.

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avatar Save Money

I did not receive the 1% email but I did get the email saying my account would be closed. I contacted the credit bureau and two days later I got an email back saying my account would not be closed and my overdraft line was reinstated. I have never used the overdraft so that was not an issue for me.

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avatar Doug

I received the 1% cash back email, but my account was never revoked.

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avatar ib

the ing email sent to me said “up to $250 per month” instead of $500 as in flexo’s post.

i have no plans of changing what i have (3 accts). one ing direct savings acct and a nearby bank’s (not ing) no fee checking acct linked w/ same bank’s savings acct.

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avatar ib

addendum: oh, forgot to say with nearby bank, a joint acct with live-in paramour. 4 accts.

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avatar MissGoldBug


I don’t have the EO checking account, just the savings and they offered it (1% Cash Back EO Account) to me. After reading about people’s unhappy experiences with EO, I am not likely to use EO. Too much hassle to switch all the direct deposits from current checking. The 1% offer only lasts for a month anyway-that’s not worth my time.

For what its worth,


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avatar tmg

I received the offer, but I’ve never had the Electric Orange account, just the savings.

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avatar DB

My husband and I have joint account, opened recently and never closed by ING. He got and email about the offer and I didn’t, even though I’m the primary account holder.

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avatar Michael

I rec’d the email, but I’ve not yet opened an EO account. My wife and I both have the OSAs.

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avatar Cathy

My account was not revoked, and I did not receive the email.

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avatar AJ

I didn’t have my account closed (I was sweating that it might, though, as I just started a new job and just had them set up direct deposit into my EO account) and I received this offer.

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avatar MikeVx

As of just now I have received nothing from ING but routine stuff. Before trying to draw conclusions, give it a few days. Remember that in these spam-infested days, no legitimate organization dumps large quantities of nearly-identical announcements into the net at once for fear of getting tagged by some of the automated distributed spam traps. If this is an everyone-gets-it promotion, I expect that it will dribble in over the next several days.

If I don’t get anything by tuesday, I’ll call and ask about it.

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avatar MikeVx

Timing is everything. I just got pinged by my e-mail client. Under the circumstances, it should not be necessary to say what I found when I checked the inbox.

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avatar TF Miser

I received the offer and my account was not revoked.

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avatar FM

ING have been having problems in the UK, too – originally one of the market leaders in savings accounts, they’ve completly failed to match at least two interest rate rises from the Bank of England.

The results? Nearly 15% of their assets withdrawn because savers can get better rates elsewhere now.

Think ING have been caught sleeping.

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avatar munkydeaux

I rcvd the closeur notifcation. Then all of the sudeen “mistake” email saying my o/d was reinstated immediately, account not closed. Sure ‘nuf. Glad its not closed but now wouldn’t really trust them with my money. Taking my referrals back!

oh yes used o/d twice. no 1% offer.

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avatar David

I have Electric Orange Checking and Orange Savings. I Never heard anything about my accounts being revoked. Never had any problems. I did receive the e-mail about the 1% cash back. Never had any problems with them.

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avatar Elliot

Watch out! ING Direct cancelled my daughter’s account because they suspected that she gave her confidential information to someone else. Can you believe this? They “suspected” – had no proof and never even called her. Now she is on the “forbidden list” – can never open an account with ING Direct. Good riddance – our whole family is moving to EmigrantDirect

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avatar munkydeaux

I did not recieve the 1% offer but after looking around on their website (for something else) I found it – kinds hidden. It appears that everyone gets this – I guess they only emailed certain people.

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avatar ING Man

For those of you who have accounts with ING Direct and for individuals contemplating opening an account, I urge you to read the following.

When ING Direct began business in 2000 their model was simple – to provide a high interest rate with no minimums and free access through a checking account. At the time ING Direct was the only game in town. Their low-cost model meant that the less time they dealt with customers the better their time was utilized to bring in more deposits. Consequently, a culture was created that still exists today – too much time with a customer and they will cut you off. Comments like, “you’re account is not worth our trouble� or “please do not contact us again� are not uncommon.

In the last few years business at ING Direct has slowed. Competitors offering higher interest rates with similar products have entered the market. ING Direct is now moving away from their original simple model by offering products that traditional banks offer – like debit cards and a bill paying service. However, the culture remains the same and you will find some of the nastiest customer service people on the planet at ING Direct.

If you never have a problem with your account and you are happy earning a half an interest point less with an ING Direct account (compared to the newer products on the market today) then read no further. However, if you worry that you may have a problem or have had one, please pay attention.

NEVER THREATEN TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT! If you do, more than likely the ING Direct representative will do it for you – cutting you off from your statement history and moving your money back to your linked account.


1) As the previous reader wrote, contact Colleen at the ING Direct headquarters in Wilmington Delaware. Colleen’s number is 302-255-3152. It’s doubtful she can help as she has been known to be nasty. So, if you get no results from Colleen…

2) Call ING Direct’s main number, 302-255-3000. You will be prompted to an employee directory. Type in the last name of ING Direct’s CEO, Arkadi Kuhlmann…K-U-H-L-M-A-N-N and then the # sign. You will be then directed to his office. If you are in luck you might be connected to him. If not, then discuss your complaint with his assistant. If you still do not have your issue resolved then…

3) Contact Dick Harryvan. Mr. Harryvan is an executive board member of the ING Group and is responsible for ING Direct. He oversees the U.S. operation. Dick is located in Amsterdam. His number (from the U.S.) is 011-31-20-541-5411. (Time difference is +6 hours from the East Coast)

If you should even get to point one, you would be well advised to contact Emigrant Direct or HSBC among the many other high interest online savings vehicles. These are company’s that treat their customers with respect. You will definitely notice the difference. Good luck.

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avatar Anonymous

I have a EO Account … it was not revoked … and I got my Cash Back Rewards on the 1st!

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avatar jennifer

We have an EO and have used the OD a couple of months ago heavily until all our direct deposits were changed. We love ING. We have had it with brick and mortar companies…We received notice about the 1percent back late in the month of june. We received our 1% back on the 30th.

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avatar Guy

Got the 1% offer, never had any cancellation issues.

I like Electric Orange – I wonder how long it will be before other banks catch on?

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avatar Daisy

I got the 1% cashback offer and My husband and I have joint savings and EO account.

I never new about ING closing some people
s accounts. Why did they do that?

Sorry always late on the news…


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