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Capital One 360 Subaccounts: Here’s How

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Today, I received this question from Lindsey, a reader:

Hello! I have been reading through the archives that you have on your blog, and I see that when you had your ING Direct savings account you were able to set up subaccounts so that you personally could keep your money organized. I was wondering how you did this – I just started an account today because of what I read about ING on your site, and I would love to set up subaccounts as well! Thanks so much!

Here’s my response:

Update: As of February 2013, ING Direct is known as Capital One 360. Here is a review of Capital One 360. The same instructions for ING Direct apply to Capital One 360.

Setting up subaccounts is simple. Log into the ING Direct website with your account number and PIN, then on the left hand side, click on the button to open a new account. Select a savings account (or CD). Provide an account name, describing the subaccount, like “Vacation Fund.” You’ll be able to fund the new account from your ING account or your external bank account.

After funding, you’ll be able to view both subaccounts on the “My Accounts” tab. Do this as often as you’d like. I have 8 subaccounts, and I don’t think there is a limit, at least not a low limit.

When viewing the transaction details for any subaccount, you can click on the button “Change nickname” to change the name of the subaccount.

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avatar Lindsey

Thanks for the great response!

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avatar Tom

Interesting! I’m new to these online only savings accounts, so I’m wondering can you have subaccounts for other savings accounts such as HSBC or Emigrant Direct?

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avatar Luke Landes

You can open up multiple subaccounts on Emigrant Direct (if you can access their website in the first place) and the process is very similar. I’m not sure about HSBC Direct.

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avatar Daniel

ING obviously has some issues with race. They boast over 70,000 entries in their “Show Your Orange” contest and not one winning face was black or latino. What’s up with that? And some of the entries they picked were WEAK!!! ING SUCKS!!!

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avatar Bobb

I’m reading this in the future, the year 2010. I wonder if ING still offers this, four years after you wrote it. I do hope so. Because here in the future, things sure are dark, financially.

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avatar Doc


I’m writing this in the past, the year 1985. I wonder if you know where I could obtain some plutonium. I do hope so. Because I need to travel back to the future.

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avatar Jamie

I write to you even further into the future. Yes they do. I did it just now.

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avatar nancy
avatar Jamie

I have a question for Flexo. Do you know if splitting the accounts up changes the interest earned? Will it take the interest separately on each account, or will it treat both accounts as one lump sum? Because I’d rather earn more interest than organize my account. [Also now the interest is only 1.10%, so sad.]

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avatar Jamie

Sorry, you can just ignore this, I realize how stupid this was since it’s the same either way. I wasn’t thinking for some reason.

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