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Intuit Quicken 2008 is Here! And Here’s a Giveaway!

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I’ve been beta-testing Quicken Home and Business 2008 for the past few months. Despite common sense, I’ve been using this development version for managing my real, active financial data.

I have found the 2008 version to be an improvement over last year’s. I particularly like being able to download PayPal transactions for easy reconciliation, at least in theory. I also like some of the new categorization options.

There are new navigation options, and the locations of some functions have changed, so long-time Quicken users may find that it takes some time to adjust. Intuit calls the navigation “smarter,” but with more options in different places at the top of the window, I feel it’s more confusing.

Quicken Premier Giveaway

The company has provided me with five free copies of Quicken Premier 2008 in the form of secure download links. Quicken Premier is identical to the Home and Business edition, save for the functions necessary to track a business in addition to your personal finances. I will give away one copy at a time, the first to a lucky commenter who expresses interest in the software in the comments below (and the more creative, the better).

When it comes to the Quicken vs. Microsot Money battle, I switched from Money to Quicken in 2003 and miss the monthly reporting features, but I’m otherwise happy with the switch. In general, I’d have to say the two pieces of software are on equal footing. My past thoughts about Quicken are documented here on Consumerism Commentary, including reviews, tips, and hacks.

For a chance to win this new version, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Leave a valid email address; the winner will be contated by email and expected to respond within 2 business days. If there is no response, a new winner will be selected.

Update: The giveaway is now closed and winners are being notified.

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avatar David

I’ve used Quicken for many years. Have tried Money a couple of times, but always returned to Quicken, probably because of the long learning curve in using either of these financial management programs. They do seem to get better each year. Seem to have fewer problems and require less fine tuning.

avatar Eric

First off, thanks for this opportunity to win this software. I have been using Quicken for quite some time now after Money failed to have access to about half of my online accounts. Created a huge hassle for myself.

Anyways, thanks for the website, I read it through RSS feeds every single day.

avatar Eric

Enter me please

avatar Chris Murphy

Thanks for the great site and having the Quicken contest!

avatar wormbuff

mmm… windows version :)

avatar MoneyPhreek

I’m a quicken convertee after having fought with MS money for so many years. I’d love to try the new version!

avatar Tom

Would love to have Quicken 2008. I have Quicken 2005 and I need to upgrade…

avatar Holly Williams


I would love to receive a copy! I took your advise on a dishwasher, I begged my husband to replace and it is still going strong and a energy saver. Your awesome!

Thank you.

avatar James Trimble

I’d love to get the new quicken! Sign me up please! :)

avatar Kenny Jacob


avatar Di

I’ve been having a rough time with my personal finance software transition: I was using MSN Money until last year, and there were problems with it – especially when I started my own business and found it was completely unadaptable for situations like mine where work/home budgets are very closely intertwined. I’d be open to trying a new software, especially one that worked with PayPal, since that’s where the bulk of my funds flow through.

avatar Steve O.

A copy of Quicken sure would be nice. :D Maybe then I can manage my money well enough to buy some Laker tickets this upcoming season.

avatar Jon L

What’s more frugal than free?

avatar Jonathan

Okay, if I get this I will give a solid attempt at Quicken-izing my finances.

avatar Mike

Yikes! I’m #115 to leave a comment on this post. This is a live example of how when a situation permits arbitrage (making money without no risk), the whole system find a way to re-establish a stable environment. With more than 100 entries, you have much less chance to win. Therefore, you need to make more efforts and be creative in your comment if you want to have chance to win. So we went from a simple “Sounds interesting, could I get a copy??” to MS money or Quicken reviews.

I personally never used Quicken since I have MS Money. This could be very interesting to compare both of them.

avatar jnwcmr

Thanks for offering the products as gifts. I’ve been using Quicken since “Quicken for Windows v2.0″ ~circa 1993

I find that for general record-keeping, it is a very good product, although the reporting features are lacking. I use OpenOffice Calc to make my quarterly reports.

Thanks again for the chance to win!

avatar foolarch

pick me, randomizer.

and thank you.

avatar Dan

Here’s hoping I can win!

avatar Amy

Maybe it is time to graduate from Excel!

avatar Jason


It would be great to receive a copy of Quicken.

avatar PhantomMB

I have been using Quicken since 1993 and used to upgrade religiously till Quicken 2003 (or somewhere around that time frame – when the ‘features’ just weren’t worth the money). Currently, I am on Quicken 2007 Premier. I have never tried Money – for fear of how much time I would have to spend on ‘converting’ my data. Nice lock-in, eh?
I don’t see the value in upgrading to Quicken 2008 based on the reviews and feature lists. But ‘free’ is an unbeatable value – free market economy rules!
Thanks for all your great work and thanks for putting up the Quicken Copies.

avatar Brad

Great idea. would love to upgrade.

Keep up the good blog. I read every week.

avatar GeekMan

I’ve tried Quicken in the past and have never been able to even get it to work with my banks or finances. I’m willing to give it another try (this would make #4 over the last 10 years) but I’m doubtful it will ever help me.

Perhaps I’m just helpless…

avatar Kurt Moeller

First off great website and keep up the great work. I have been learning about personal finance since I got out of college in 2003 and have been constantly evolving, using newer (or many time just different) techniques for tracking my money. Since mid-2005 I’ve simplified my Excel tracking system 4.0 strictly to monthly balance sheets for my accounts with a aimed at budget forecast. I added an income statement in January of this year, though it does get tricky keeping track of everything and cross-referencing it with my 12 solo accounts (checking, savings, credit). And it got trickier getting married this year and adding my wife’s 9 accounts along with our 5 joint accounts. We have different incomes from 1 Rental Property, her Lia Sophia business, my occasional computer consulting business and both our full-time careers. It gets to be almost obsessive to constantly keep track of every penny and where it is going without totally turning her off to the process of financial management. I have tried Microsoft Money 2002, but was not disappointed by the lack of customization in the program for reporting. I love to see reports and analyze numbers, probably more than I care about the budgeting itself. I highly like your monthly process of both income statement and balance sheet and it seems simplified to just download all the info into one program and print out reports, spending more time analyzing and looking for new avenues of income than the busy work of cut and paste each statement into a report. Basically I am ready to give Quicken 2008 a chance after seeing your success with it.

avatar Justin

Boy, I’d love to win a copy- just started using quicken after several years of just checking my online balance and love being able to track income/expenses and net worth so quickly.

avatar Paul

I love your pf blog! You offer a lot of great advice.